Accelerated Learning and NLP Techniques

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I am running an NLP Practitioner Course in September and have been asked what makes this course so special. In this article we will look at some of the Accelerated Learning Techniques I have developed specifically for this course.

NLP and the Nature of Reality

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Due to my return to NLP Training I’ve been asked quite a few questions about my view on NLP. This article is about how you can use NLP to change the nature of reality.

Dealing with Objection in Interviews

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I have been emailed some great questions that come up in interview and asked how you can deal with them. So this article is about using NLP Language Patterns to deflect questions from what you don’t want to talk about towards the points you want to make.

NLP Training Going Beyond Positive Thinking

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There is a lot propagated in the personal development field about positive thinking. This article is about how dangerous taking a simplistic idea of positive thinking can be, how you can actually use the concept and some practical application for restructuring the basis of your entire reality.

NLP Practitioner Training Applications

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I’ve been asked why my Practitioner course is nine days long when most NLP courses are five or seven days. In this article you will find a couple of accelerated learning concepts that can increase your learning of skills as well as what the extra couple of days are for.

NLP Trainers, Lies, Bullies and Metaphor

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I hadn’t planned to write an article on New Year’s Day but a FaceBook friend gave me a great opportunity to unpack some really powerful material and I couldn’t resist. In this article you will discover techniques to get what you deserve even when bullies stand against you. As an added bonus you get some covert strategies on building self-esteem and ideas … Read More