Tops Ways to Destroy Your Self Esteem

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The last few articles and videos have been about altering your perceptions of the world. This article is about why you should and how you can change your perceptions on a moment by moment basis. We even go as far as discussing how you can do this with other people as well.

NLP Anchoring for Fun, Sex and Profit

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I received an email from a guy studying the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. In the email he outlines a pretty cool anchoring exercise that got a great result. In addition there is a brilliant perceptual shift that Bill puts in his email that almost guarantees massive results from your persuasion related activities.

Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Deconstructed

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This article deconstructs one of my most favourite patterns. The presuppositions inherent in the pattern mean that if the recipient takes on board the statement they will accept everything you have to say as the absolute truth. The pattern is flexible enough for you to use in any situation where you want an audience to totally accept what you have … Read More