What Use is NLP?

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Would you like to rediscover an incredibly powerful tool that can give you instant power or an edge in any situation? Would you be interested in learning the key to NLP that other people have paid thousands of pounds for? It is all in this article.

Covert NLP Trance Example

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Several people have recently asked for some examples of covert hypnotic trance. You can have a look at my YouTube Channel (NLP Training) or FaceBook Video Page (Persuasion Skills Black Book) for lots of examples applying covert trance. But I thought it would be good to show you one of my favourite trance presentations from someone else.

Applying Covert Hypnosis to NLP Coaching

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This article will show you how you can get your audience to shift limiting beliefs, install a desire to succeed and get people compliant for whatever you have in store for them. The techniques you will read in this article are ideally suited to coaches, counsellors, therapists, trainers and teachers.

Hypnotic Persuasion and Politicians

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This article deconstructs a political speech from Tony Blair in parliament. There are some very powerful language patterns throughout the speech that are easy to transplant to other situations and contexts. This article is the first of two showing you how to model persuasion patterns and move them to another context.

Tops Ways to Destroy Your Self Esteem

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The last few articles and videos have been about altering your perceptions of the world. This article is about why you should and how you can change your perceptions on a moment by moment basis. We even go as far as discussing how you can do this with other people as well.