Learn the Hypnotic Mind Control Techniques of an Evil Hypnotist

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The techniques you will see demonstrated in the video accompanying this article are incredibly powerful. This article deconstructs a speech from a complete hypnotic master. It is just a shame he was one of the most monstrous men in history. I would suggest that if you are of a sensitive disposition, are easily offended or rather stay on the more … Read More

NLP Values, Trance Words and Politics

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There is a simple but very neat trance trick that powerfully brings people to your side. It is a really versatile technique that can be used in many different ways. Imagine my surprise when I saw a Scottish politician using it on the audience during a live televised debate.

Using NLP to Spot a Liar

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Yesterday I published an article about the body language of politicians in a UK debate. Today we will examine another political debate and body language where what they believe and what they say are two different things. This is a complex subject but in this article you will see one of the ways people give away the fact that they don’t believe what they … Read More

UK Leaders, Liars and Cheats

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The UK is gearing up for what is going to be a fractious and hard fought election. In the first of several leaders’ debates these politicians are desperate to use covert persuasion skills to push the vote their way. Discover their dirty tricks right here.