Just How Far Can You Push Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques?

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This article demonstrates just how far and how fast you can push hypnotic phenomena. This is the story of what happened when Robin asked me to demonstrate some of the more powerful effects of hypnosis. And for those readers that are not into heavy duty hypnotic phenomena here is one of my sneakiest and most flexible language patterns for you. 

I am a little out of practice. I don’t really do this sort of thing anymore and this is probably the first time I have anything like this for about five or six years. I was so rusty that the speed Robin went under surprised even me. You will notice my surprised look and the fact that I had to catch him as he went. It is a shame we didn’t record the whole course. Here is the as much of the experience that we managed to capture on film. Sorry for the video and sound quality remember this was being filmed on a phone.



Here is a quick deconstruction of some of the intricacies of doing deep inductions quickly.

Setting up the Preconditions

My key point is that the best way to persuade people is to set up preconditions that mean that deciding to do what you want is the best, most logical and emotionally satisfying choice right from the start.

As is my usual manner I didn’t just teach them how to do this I demonstrated throughout the course. The technical NLP jargon junky term for this is preframing. So let me give you some of the ways that it was set up for this adlibbed demonstration of hypnotic phenomena.

Before we begin there are a couple of things worth recognising. The first thing you need to recognise is that Robin is already a skilled and experienced hypnotist. That means he already knows what trance is, how powerful it is and has consciously experienced it before.

The next thing you need to be aware of is that that this is happening right at the end of a two day course where Robin has been covertly been taken in and out of trance many times. This unconsciously increases his familiarity and trust with me leading him through this trance. Add on the fact that my frames include that it is fun and exciting stuff to be able to go in and out of trance all the time and that you are a better person for being able to do it.

Robin is great at all this sort of stuff so I suspect he had a lot of that embedded even before the weekend.

Before We Begin Deconstructing the Pattern

You don’t see or hear this bit on the video but before we start I give Robin an explanation of what we will do, how we will do it and what he can expect to experience as we do it. Just by understanding what I am saying to him means that Robin is trying on the experience that I want him to have.

For example I might have said something like, “We are doing a full body catalepsy so as you slip into trance you will feel the whole of your body tensing up and your legs, back and arms will just go stiff and rigid. Is it okay to feel your muscles start to tense up and still be relaxed and cool about it. Can you imagine it <pause> just being another type of trance?”

This “Before We Begin…” pattern works great and it allows me to install lots of things. I use it in sales, training, coaching and occasionally even with articles. In training I get to use it several times. So when Robin agreed to be a demonstration subject I started a before we begin pattern and installed everything I wanted him to experience.

I then turned to the audience and used a “Before We Begin” pattern on them. But the sneaky bit is it isn’t really for them. It gives me the opportunity to give it all to Robin again but from the perspective of watching from outside of his body and as a member of the audience.

So on the surface we have not started yet but Robin has been through two trance inductions from different perspectives. The third covert trance happens with another trance induction. I start another “Before We Begin” pattern. This time it is, “Before we begin I just want to test your trance responses…” I raise his arm just like you see in the video and as, “Can you see the lights in the palm of your hand?”

This is great for me because if he does see the forced suggestion I can just leave him hanging with some suggestions whilst I supposedly go and talk to the audience. If he doesn’t then remember this is before we start, so I can tell him what he should see and we can practice until he does give me the response I am looking for.

Typically I am not subtle in my approach. I throw everything and the kitchen sink at a challenge and in this circumstance I had no idea of just how much I had overcooked the trances. You can see from the video my surprise as Robin suddenly goes for it.

Now That You Have the Idea

As you might already be recognising you can help any persuasion technique along when you set up the frames so people want to comply with you. A good example for me is training. I have a process for delivering training that I have so ingrained in me that I do it automatically.

My training process is so solid that it doesn’t matter what I am training or who the students are I will know within moments how good or not the course will be. And my usual strike rate is high.

The best thing about that process is that you can use it for:

  • Parenting,
  • Coaching,
  • Sales,
  • Team Management

In fact once you have the idea worked out in your head you can start to apply the concept to almost any endeavour you like. So now that you have the idea imagine where you would get the best results from being able to apply a process like that.

Let me be a little more explicit. Now that you have the idea that you can learn a process where you set up preconditions that draw people in, get them motivated and set them up with specific instructions on how to do what you want them to do…well how would you use that process?

So, for example, I get asked to demonstrate some hypnotic phenomena, I haven’t done anything like this for at least five year, I was not expecting to do this and I am ill prepared. As you can see I am a bit ropey and Robin being a great hypnotist is fantastic at trance…so things almost get away from me for a moment but the reality is it worked well enough.

Would you like to have a persuasion process deconstructed so you can not only use it but you have installed it at an unconscious level so you use it instinctively. If this works for you here is the course were I explain it, demonstrate it and show you how you can ingrain it as an unconscious process.

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    Outstanding post but I was wondering if you could
    write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you
    could elaborate a little bit further. Thanks!

    1. Rintu Basu

      I am currently putting up an article for tomorrow that is about using this specifically in a sales environment.

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