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How to integrate the most powerful psychological, hypnotic and NLP techniques into any sales presentation to double your sales… or more

The NLP secrets that every great sales professional needs to know

Just imagine being able to:

  • Tap into the unconscious desires of your prospects
  • Fire off a client’s buying strategy every time they think of your product or service
  • Stay focused, motivated and selling even after the 100th rejection of the day

Like me, you have experienced some, if not all of the following:

  • Knowing the prospect has a need but confusion over their refusal to buy the product.
  • Frustration at not knowing how best to present the service so your prospect understands how much they would get from it.
  • Overwhelmed and disillusioned at the amount of rejections you are getting.
  • Anger at having a brilliant product or service turned down because the client doesn’t understand their needs.
  • Apathy at having to deliver the same sales presentation time and time again.
  • Anxiety from knowing you have to deal with strong objections and not knowing how.
  • Fear of rejection, failure or even success just before the all important sales meeting.
  • Nerves at not knowing your material even though you spent the whole night revising it all for the tenth time.
  • Hostile towards objectors rejecting the need for your service even though the benefits seem blatantly obvious.
  • Frightened because you have suddenly forgotten where you are in your own sales process.
  • Embarrassment at having to keep referring to your notes for the simplest things.
  • Hysterical when you have tried every which way but the prospect still doesn’t get it.
  • Paranoia because they are simply not interested in what you have to say.
  • Panic when the low ball question suddenly gets asked.
  • Annoyed with yourself because your results are not always consistent.

Trust me, having worked with a number of sales organisations and having to sell my own products and services I have experienced all of the above many times over. I’ve seen many a great sales professional buckle under the strain of increased targets, constant rejections and lack of confidence in themselves.

But what if there was a course out there that could demonstrate how to deal with every one of these issues and then give you even greater results?

I don’t know how much value you are putting on a course like that, but when I started my own business I would have killed to get these skills. Being a great sales person is an art and a science. Being great with people is not enough, having a great sales process is not enough. Only when you blend the two together are you getting close to become great at selling.

Hi Rintu,
Thought I would drop you a note to say I’ve been back at work a week and have already beaten my monthly target. Get this…sold more in a week than I am expected to in a month.

I was worried about the course because I thought I already had a good sales process and knew how to use it. What you showed me was a whole bunch of things I could add and just do it my way. And I think I’ve proved it works.

When you said ten times the value of the course…I just thought it was marketing speak, but at my current rate I will have made back ten times the value of the course in less than three months…and that’s just the money.

Great course, great result.

Thanks again.

Mark Parks
B2B Sales Consultant

Many sales courses will give you a step by step guide to how to sell a product or service. Many other courses will give you an insight into human psychology. If you look up NLP or hypnosis courses you will find a great range of tools on how to influence human behaviour. Not many places will give you both in a coherent process that you would find quick, easy and simple to apply.

How does the Hypnotic Sales Process give me this detailed sales knowledge?

Take a minute to stop and consider having been on a course and come back knowing confidently that you can

  1. Understand the rapport process so well you can link it to your product as well as take it away from your competitors.
  2. Link your product or service to deep unconscious desires.
  3. Bind your prospect’s thoughts to you and your product alone.
  4. Hypnotically future pace a client to completely eliminate any buyer’s remorse.

All of this might seem a little amazing, but to be blunt the range of tools you get makes all of the above really simple when you know the process. The key here is not just learning the tools but how to use them in a fluent, flexible process that means you are always driving toward your outcomes. That is what is important, once you have a solid process the tools become straightforward to integrate.

This is an intensive course with a huge amount of content. And the reality is that all the techniques that you will learn on the course are being used throughout by me to help you to accelerate your learning. Very early in the course you will reassess what you think is achievable and how much you can learn in a short space of time. Here are just some of the things we cover.

  • Reframe any objection into a need for the product.
  • Pitch your product or service directly to your prospect’s unconscious desires.
  • Ask sequences of questions that take a client to recognise their needs and attach solutions to your products and services.
  • Preframe your sale meetings to virtually eliminate all objections before you have even started.
  • Use state management tools to always be in the right emotional state even if the whole world is collapsing around your ears.
  • Utilise hundreds of different ways of explaining your product or service based on different personality styles.
  • Hook people in so they are always interested in what you have to say.
  • Laugh at the low ball question because you can use it as a vehicle to make the sale.

But also remember having a process is what really makes this work. Once we build the process then all the techniques are easy to learn and integrate.

If you are confident that these benefits are worth the value of the course click through to find out more here:

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