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A little while ago I put up a web page about a man I am really privileged to know. I would argue that Tom Paterson is one of the best NLPers in the world. I say this simply because of the results he has created for himself and others through his use of NLP Techniques.

Astounding Results with NLP Training

Tom was in a serious car accident a few years ago that left him in a coma for six weeks. When he awoke he was told he would never walk or talk properly again, he had suffered head injuries that have left him with stroke-like symptoms and had broken his pelvis in six different places. I have written about Tom in the past and what he has taught me about applying NLP Techniques in adversity, but even knowing and seeing Tom did not prepare me for the things he has done since.

NLP Practitioner Course

littletomWhen I was regularly running NLP courses I discussed with Tom some input he might do for my students. I asked him a question of and the answer just blew me away. The question I asked him was, “I know the big stuff you have achieved since your accident but can you give me a brief run down of some of some of the other things you have been up to over the last couple of years?

Here is the list Tom sent me:

  • Learned to do the basics in the kitchen again
  • Adjusted my speech to suit the pace, speed, tone and pace of hypnosis
  • Had to learn to write again because of the stroke like symptoms
  • Was slow writing, now I write at a normal pace. I had to support my left hand when writing but not any more.
  • I had a short-term memory problem. NLP learning and coaching created a solution for me to recall things easily.
  • Learning and studying generally and getting a focus. Using trance to suit my applications and take away any anxiety

Tom then followed this with another list of accomplishments:

  • Learning to walk again, Learn to run again. The most I have run is 16 miles, heading towards a marathon.
  • My left hand functioning due to exercises daily,
  • My speaking legibly again to suit hypnosis to a high level,
  • Learning to drive again and sit a driving test again,
  • Learning to study again: ways to remember, systems for learning: what learning position I am coming from and what way suits me the best,
  • Team building, class representative for 2 years, student of the year 2003-4.
  • Finalist of achiever of the year from Headway in London 2003,
  • Learned to swim again properly. The most I have done now is 2 miles.
  • I learned how to use the computer efficiently.
  • My reading went from a few pages in a book to whole books in one session,
  • Improved my co ordination with my body for juggling dancing, singing.
  • I have a very attuned sensory awareness. Mainly in the massages I do, I can pick up how the person is by touch, how much pressure, speed and pace to work at. My senses pick up more about people and situations, to give me great clarity of situations.
  • I have the strength to look after myself.
  • I found voluntary work.
  • I started up my company,
  • I am networked to all of Glasgow’s stress management centres. Got work at 4 centres, I do work for athletic massage treatments at athletic events in Scotland.
  • I mountain walked in 3 areas of the Pyrenees during 3 weeks of camping.
  • Provided life coaching with therapies in Grenoble in France on 4 occasions. I know very little French and I still achieved this. Later, I life coached with therapies in Paris.

Just in case you are not completely amazed with this list of accomplishments yet let me reiterate following Tom’s accident he lost his job, his home and his relationship. He broke his pelvis in six places and was in a coma for six weeks which left him with stroke like symptoms. Medical experts were telling Tom that he would not be able to walk or talk normally again. Now have a read of those two lists again.

NLP Practitioner Training Courses

Would you like to understand how Tom Patterson has managed to create such great results through so much adversity?

If you could would you like to be able to have some of whatever Tom has got?

In truth, Tom’s results say more about him as a person than just great use of NLP (although his has taken a lot of NLP and made it his own). But if you could use NLP Modelling Techniques to find out some of how Tom uses his mind to create these results and then were able to implant these strategies in your own head. Or for you coaches and trainers out there, to be able to offer some of this to other people.

NLP Practitioner Courses are generally great events, but consider a course where you learn to model people’s mindsets. Imagine if you could take someone like Tom, understand how they run their mind and then be able to deconstruct that as a process that you could learn or teach to others. This is the key theme of my latest version of my NLP Practitioner Course.


After writing the above article I obviously sent it to Tom for his approval. Here is the email he replied with:

Hi Rintu

Those attachments were brilliant, although it may paint a picture to some of being in the category of disabled severely and still am. As you know I am far from that. Maybe categorising them in segments to make it more catching.

I am also in an advanced swimming class called the masters and I also coach the local amateur swimming team. I am big at coaching athletics which I do a lot of myself.

I am in for the Glasgow half marathon and I just missed the Triathlon in Greenock.

I also am good a sports massage connected with physio.

Also, as you have probably guessed, I am good with female attraction and covert hypnosis. That’s a winner.

I am certified Cognitive and behavioural therapist on my way to a diploma.

If we can get together to go over interview procedure for myself to see it from another angle, that would be great. I can get to hear what your direction is with this training.

For an interview I done recently I had to do a presentation, it was received very well and was highly motivational. Your training has paid off really well with that.



If you think you might have something to learn about how to use NLP to improve your life then consider how much benefit you could get from learning how to model a mindset. And you can find out more about Tom and his mindset by reading his book The Journey We Travel


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