Using NLP Techniques to Reinvent Yourself

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Tracy McLeod is a graduate of an NLP practitioner course that I ran a few years ago.  Tracy is an excellent training consultant with the huge amount of skills, experience and expertise. Here are a few things she has got up to since.

tracyCreating Self Belief through a NLP Practitioner Course

Tracy has done a brilliant job of integrating the NLP knowledge that she gained from her course into her profession.

Belief Changes from and NLP Practitioner Course

You can read Tracy’s story in her own words below.  Tracy is an excellent illustration of how a small change in your beliefs can set you on to a great new opportunity.  Prior to Tracy’s NLP Practitioner Course she was easily capable of being a training consultant.  During the course Tracy developed the belief in herself and the confidence to do it as well as extra knowledge and skills.

Results from NLP Training

Since then she has worked with several consultant firms and gone into many large organisations consulting at every level.  She has been developing a unique leadership development programme integrating traditional leadership concepts with some very advanced NLP Techniques and Concepts.  You can find out more about Tracy at Rock the Boat Consulting where she is a Director. Here is her story.

“I worked in the retail industry within the Learning & Development function for 6 months when I begun the Certificate in Training Practice. This is where I was first introduced to NLP, albeit a brief overview. At this point my aim was to work as an L&D consultant but didn’t have any thoughts on going out on my own at that time.

NLP was put on the back burner and I continued to work for another retail organisation for a further 5 years, continuing to have the ambition of working as a consultant. The longer I worked within the organisation the more frustrated I became, but lacked the confidence to do anything about it.

At the beginning of 2006 I began to seek alternative employment, never considering that I had the ability to go out on my own, although thinking more and more that I’d love to be able to do it having met people who had done exactly that. At that time I thought the best I could achieve would be moving possibly into a more senior position with another organisation.

I attended an NLP practitioner course delivered by Rintu Basu in October 2006 and by January 2007 had resigned from my post as a Senior Recruitment & Development Manager after making the decision to go out on my own, and offer my L&D expertise to various consultancies. The course was a huge turning point for me in many ways, the most notable being a new found belief that I could do this and succeed. Having this new belief itself was highly motivating and from January I made efforts to network and secure work with consultancies.

I ended my full time employment on 6th April 2007 and began working with a consultancy on 9th April on a particular project and have since worked continuously, securing work with a variety of consultancies and in doing so have had the opportunity to work with clients from a range of industry sectors. “

 Confidence Building with NLP

The important thing to remember here is that life is not plain sailing for Tracy or anyone else for that matter.  Tracy has taken a big risk, has lots to learn about sales and marketing as well as working as a consultant.  The great thing though is that she has the confidence in her ability to see this through. Tracy is on a route to true self empowerment she has always had the ability to go this way but until her NLP Practitioner Course she didn’t quite have the belief in herself to take the risk.  The question I would ask anyone is, “Are your self imposed limitations stopping you from taking the risk of living your dreams?” If you answer is yes then perhaps you should book on a good NLP Practitioner Course. Since then Tracy has gone on to more bigger and better things.

What People Don’t Tell You About NLP Practitioner Courses

A good personal development course won’t make your life easier. In fact the chances are it will give you the opportunity to screw up more comprehensively than you have ever screwed up before. Think about it if you had the confidence to take bigger steps, do more things and make more powerful decisions the chances are you will screw up in more serious ways than you have before. A good NLP course will not only give you the ability to do that, it will give you the ability to bounce back quicker and learn more from it. But anything less than screwing up on a larger playing field wouldn’t be developing. So if you want to learn how to make a serious mess of your life click through and find out more about my latest NLP Practitioner Course:

Human Brain

6 Comments on “Using NLP Techniques to Reinvent Yourself”

  1. Cristina

    hi Rintu,
    I know your products sinceseveral years and do not hezitate to read almost all your articles.

    Every time i feel infused of energy and I like especial
    ths article regarding self growth area.

    I also read tones pf books, every day meditatation and
    my brain feel sufocated with to much informations.

    As long as I press myself to be positive, to think positive all the time I feel like I contrl my thoughts.

    Before I was natural optimist, full of life and joy and
    now I lose my energy step by step.

    NLP I guess it is the best language which can subtle
    make a shift in everyone mind , quick and effortless.

    I wish I could talk to you right now to have an infusion
    of self confidence again.

    Sunny greetings,

    1. Rintu Basu

      Feel free to arrange a skype call if you wish. My guess on the little information you have given me it seems like you are trying to hard to be positive. Stop pressing yourself into being anything. Just allow yourself to be who you are and pay attention to that. If you are being less than positive then there will be a reason for that…exploring that will give you some insight and it will allow you to just be positive when that is right for you.

      I’m not sure how much sense that made but let me know if it didn’t and we can have another shot at it.



  2. Andreas

    Great description of what you are doing. Too many NLP Courses are overpromising and than don’t deliver. They (who is they?) say that life is easier after their course and everything can be achieved. But as how you described it beautifully: you can mess up more after NLP, because you have the confidence to take more risks. And, of course, the ability to bounce back. love the frame!!!!

  3. Rintu Basu

    Thanks for your comments. I can’t endorse your products because I have no personal experience of you or what you do. The reason I have put your comments up is because it is a great example on how you can create a better response through nlp language patterns.
    If you had phrased the last part of your comment in this way:
    “Agree with you fully and we have our own view on confidence building…” you would have a more persuasive response.
    The use of “I agree” statements and connections such as “and”, “but” and “however” are fully explored in the first three lessons of the free hypnotic persuasion skills course along with how to use them to get a better response rate.
    Thanks for your comment, it has given us a great example of how a small change can make a big difference.

  4. confidence

    Great and interesting post on confidence building. Agree with you fully. However we have our own view on confidence building too. You can find out more at (edit)

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