Warning: The best people don’t always get the job!

“Who Else Wants to Take the Pain Out of Job Hunting and Have Companies Begging You to Work for Them?”

Here’s A Foolproof Systematic Job Hunting Formula

that will have employers fighting over your CV whilst you ace every interview all the way to your dream job 

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From the desk of

Rintu Basu
International Best Selling Author
The Persuasion Skills Black Book


Dear Frustrated Job Seeker,

If you have ever been in the situation where you were knocked back for a job that you were quite clearly suited for or seen that promotion go to some guy who doesn’t have half your ability you already know [highlighter color=”red-mute” ]being the best is no guarantee of getting the job.[/highlighter]


Fact: The current economic climate has created the toughest job market for years. Competition is fierce.

Fact: Current estimates suggest 70% of CVs and resumes are not even looked at.

Fact: 95% of Interview Candidates fail the interview in the first ten minutes before they have even started answering questions


You may have experienced a lot of stress applying for jobs, seeking promotion and just trying to develop your career.

[box color=”white” type=”round” icon=”tick”]Take this quick quiz. 

How much of this applies to you? (Tick all those that apply)

I am worried about an interview that is coming up soon

I am constantly rejected for jobs, even when I thought I did well in interview

I don’t have the confidence to go for jobs even when I know I can do them

I feel like I am selling my soul and not being myself when answering interview questions

I get  flustered with difficult interview questions

I can’t talk about myself and don’t come across  well

I don’t even get past the CV and paper sift phase

I have no idea of what a good interview should be like

There are things I don’t want the interviewer to ask

My career looks all over the place on a CV / Resume

I don’t want to justify the decisions I’ve made in the past

I get nervous  even thinking about job interviews[/box]

And despite all this I bet you have seen those people that seem to get interviewed for everything they apply for and even worse they seem to breeze in to the interview automatically getting offered the job regardless of their ability or anyone else who has applied.

There are some common open lies and misconceptions that companies and recruiters like you to believe. Have you seen or heard any of these?

    • People are our best asset
    • The best person will get the job
    • We are invested in finding the best person for the role
    • The selection process is designed to find the best person

What is really going on is simply this:

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1. The best CVs and Resumes get called in for interview

2. The best interview candidate gets the job


If I can show you a system that:

  1. Turns a normal bland CV or Resume into a hypnotic sales document that has employers screaming to call you for interview
  2. Destroys interview nerves and gives you the confidence to present yourself as the best candidate for the job regardless
  3. Allows you to take covert control of the interview so the interviewers follow your lead
  4. Develops hypnotically compelling answers so that no matter what you are asked the interviewers are left thinking that you are the ideal candidate

What would this mean to you?


” …doubled my salary and now fly round the world doing a job that I love.”

Hi Rintu,

The present is just a big thank you for all you have done for me. I was flying back from Europe yesterday when it suddenly hit me.

A year ago I was bored and frustrated in a job I hated with a manager that had it in for me. I felt powerless to change the situation and didn’t feel I had the skills or experience to progress in my chosen career.

I can’t believe just how simple it was to apply your system. I have changed jobs twice, doubled my salary and now fly round the world doing a job that I love. All because of how you taught me to handle myself in interview.

The best part of it is knowing that now I have the skills and can do this again and again if I ever wanted to move on!





How would it be if you had the skills to apply for your ideal job, take charge of your career and constantly move your professional life forward despite the world economic situation?

Imagine knowing that you don’t have to suffer bullying and incompetent bosses because you can just find a better job at the drop of a hat.

Think about that HR representative giving you the company loyalty speech and you respond by sitting there saying loyalty works both ways and asking them what the company is doing to convince you to stay working for them.

Would you feel safer, more in control and free from the rat race if you knew you had the skills to get great jobs whenever you wanted them?


“In the space of a month I went from constant rejection to being offered two dream jobs”

“…I couldn’t believe it but I got offered both the others.

The interviews were fun and I still remember the look on the interviewer’s face when I explained how I could out perform all the other candidates because I lacked experience. They agreed with me.

When I told the one company that I would not be taking their offer they begged me to reconsider. In the space of a month I went from constant rejection to being offered two dream jobs.

The system works!!!”


-John Middleton






Before you look in the box let me clear up three questions that I am usually asked at this stage.

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Does this work with Resumes?

I use the words CV because I live in the UK. For our purposes Resumes and CVs are interchangeable and are just a hypnotic sales document designed to get employers desperate to have you come along to be interviewed.

What is NLP?

NLP is a package of advanced psychological and hypnotic tools that can be applied to any area of persuasion. In the NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Course we will apply leading edge psychological and hypnotic tools to every aspect of job hunting so that companies are begging you to work for them. You don’t need to know anything about NLP, Hypnosis or Pyschology to apply these methods. Often it is easier if you don’t know much as everything is explained completely in the course.

Does your system work in countries other than the UK?

I have coached and delivered this system to hundreds of people all over the world. Different industries, markets and countries might have local rules and you might have to tweak for them. But the principles that this system is built on work regardless no matter where in the world you are, what language you speak or what job you are going for.[/box]


“…I passed my first interview only one day after having bought your cours(e)…”

Hi Rintu,

This email is to thank you veeery much for your book, and for everything.

I have bought a cours from you The hypnontic persuation techniques applied to job interviews. I had been searching for a job for 2 years (or more), I was an engineer (well, I am!) with 10 years experience in my country of origin but I moved to Canada and passed some time far from work, first to learn better the language, then to validate my studies and then because I had a baby.

I had yet applied everywhere and I failed every interview, I even started to think that canadians were racists or sexists against me… (whatever!)

My case wasn,t as good as you tell in your recording, you say that some people succed in their 1st or 2nd interview, but I passed my first interview only one day after having bought your cours (I was desesperated in that moment!) so I only listen to everything and tried to do my best… for my 2nd I succeded the interview with the potential boss but not the one with her boss!

Although I was very excited about my partial success, I felt very bad, I thought your cours will have effect in everybody but me, but I also realized that I was better prepared for the boss than for her boss, so i thought that that could have made the difference…

Finally I succeded my 3rd interview! And right now I have 5 months in this new job.

Sorry for the delay writting you! Thank you again, the only thing that I regret from work is that I dont have the time to continue reading your emails as I did before!






“Miracles do happen! “

I was new to NLP when I decided to purchase NLP CV and Interview Skills and I have to say it did the job!

I had been unemployed for about two months and struggling with re-writing my cv and projecting myself at interviews. Between using my usual sources I devoted time to the course and started to use it to change my CV and interview techniques.

Miracles do happen! After about three weeks I found a position using the skills I was able to develop (it was my first interview useful NLP techniques).

For me, it was a excellent investment and continue to use it for different situations. I have recommended it to my family and friends.


Sales Manager

North London



What is in the Course?

You get over 6 hours of video detailing every step of the Job Hunting process including developing the mindset, writing a hypnotically magnetic CV, destroying pre-interview nerves, taking covert control of the interview, answering any question no matter how low ball or strange, how to put your interviewers under pressure and leave them with a lasting impression of you as the ideal candidate. But let’s look at this in some more detail. Here are some highlights you will get from the nine videos spanning over 6 hours:

Video One

Grabbing the Balance of Power

[box color=”grey-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”magnifier”]

 The misconceptions of job hunting

 How to swing the balance of power in your favour

 The job seeking attitude that will have employers begging you to work for them[/box]


“I just interviewed and got a position that I never even dreamed I could obtain.”

The interview techniques help me land the job of my dreams. It was so easy to apply these valuable tools. Even though I found the job of my dreams or so I thought, I’ve gained the confidence I never had before and I just interviewed and got a position that I never even dreamed I could obtain.

All I can say is Thank you! Thank you! thank you!


– Lake Mcalester

Engineer Manager

Houston Tx



Video Two

Developing a Job Winning Attitude

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 How to develop a job winning attitude

 Gathering the evidence that makes you the ideal candidate

 Drafting a CV or Resume that screams perfect candidate



“I don’t think I would have had the confidence…”

Hi Rintu,

I can’t believe I started looking for a job just three weeks ago. I’ve just handed my notice in and I start the new job at the beginning of the year…I can’t wait.

Thank you so much.

I don’t think I would have had the confidence to even go for this job let alone ask for the money I did. I still can’t believe they accepted it without comment. Maybe I should have asked for more.

I’ll recommend you to everyone.





Video Three

Looking Like You Were Born for the Job

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 Matching your expereince to the job description

 How to blend company trance words into your CV or Resume

 Live demonstration of finding trance words



” …the most systematic and confidence-boosting method I have found.”

I have been continually impressed by the breadth and depth of the NLP CV and Interview Skills system.

I have read many, many different books and online sources on resumes and job interviews. I am enthusiastic about Rintu’s system — it is truly the most systematic and confidence-boosting method I have found for reframing past achievements and presenting them in a way that catches the eye of hiring managers.

Thank you, Rintu!

-Andrew B.

Computer Programmer Madison,




Video Four

Putting it all together on the Hypnotic CV / Resume Template

[box color=”grey-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”magnifier”]

 The Hypnotic CV or Resume Template

 Hypnotic features of the CV / Resume that make your application virtually irresistible

 The key to cover letters that makes sure your CV / Resume is read



“I expected a few tricks, and what I got was a whole arsenal of skills (not tricks)”

I’m very sorry, Rintu, to be late with my comments. It’s because I’ve been practicing.

I was very impressed by the scope and breadth of the course and it made job hunting and interview skills come to life. I expected a few tricks, and what I got was a whole arsenal of skills (not tricks) that I can use in every area of interaction with people.

For example I was practicing just one skill to create deep rapport with people, and I got myself a client! How cool is that?

What I really liked about your system, Rintu, is that it treats job hunting in a holistic way. And because the skills are so powerful, you want to be careful what you use them for, because you may just get it.

You definitely over delivered, Rintu. The simple plug-and-play CV template, for example, is just brilliant. No more guessing, just fill in the spaces.

Again, I apologise for the delay in sending you the comments. I hope they will be helpful, because I think that anybody who wants to get that dream job should do your course and apply the skills, techniques and knowledge.

Many thanks for the opportunity to learn about the finer aspects of job hunting, interview skills, and human interactions.




Video Five

Walk, Talk and Think like the Winning Interview Candidate

[box color=”grey-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”magnifier”]

 Interview preparation

 Developing an interview winning mindset

 Blowing out pre interview nerves


Video Six

Winning the Job in the First Two Minutes

[box color=”grey-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”magnifier”]

 Taking covert control of the conversation

 Eliciting and using your interviewers’ personal trance words

 How to reframe any challenge into a perfect response



“…I could feel the interviewer begging me to take the job…”

Hi Rintu

Wow is probably the first thing that comes to mind with your Interview Skills system and worth every penny!

I’ve bought many books about how to answer difficult interview questions and preparing for interviews and they all failed to deliver.

After struggling with interviews I decided to get your interview pack as I always knew I can do the job but failed to get past the interview stage.

I remember using your system for my current job and wow the results were amazing, I kept on banging on about able to deliver fantasitc results and giving examples and towards the end of the interview I could feel the interviewer begging me to take the job as he said Will are you still interested in the job? and mentioning how he would see me fit in his organisation.

To cut a long story short the next day I recieved a call with an job offer and if I could start next week.

Will Tate


Newcastle Upon Tyne



Video Seven

The Hypnotic Answer Formula

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 Making your answers credible, believable and authoritative as well as connect directly to the job description

 How just one prepared answer could answer every conceivable question that you are asked

 How you can insert an image of being the best interview candidate in to the minds of your interviewers



“…after an hour practicing I was confident I could answer anything that was thrown at me.”

“I bought a book of good interview answers…what a complete waste of money. None of the answers fitted me and the thought of walking into an interview with hundreds of answers in my head just didn’t feel right.

Watching Rintu’s programme and realising all I need was a way of constructing a perfect answer that could fit any question was brilliant. It is so easy to do and and after an hour practising I was confident I could answer anything that was thrown at me.

Finally I got the job I wanted”

– Jon Hayden

Team Manager


Video Eight

Crushing Objections and Difficult Questions

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 Making the questions you don’t want to answer in to key strengths

 The 30 most difficult questions and how you can turn them into golden nuggets that are perfect answers

 What to do when you are asked inappropriate questions



“I knew right then that the job was mine.”

A few years ago I went for a job which I didn’t have the skills or experience for. Even my age and youthful looks were against me. Rintu coached me over a specific language pattern that is on the course to deal with this situation.

I can still remember the interviewer’s face when she asked the question about my age and experience…it was most strange…at first she went blank as if she was thinking very deeply and then she came back with a huge smile and nodded in agreement. I knew right then that the job was mine.

If you want the freedom to choose your career then you must buy this programme.

-David Ross




“I completely aced the interview..”

Hi Rintu,

You are such a sneaky man.

I am normally pretty good with interviews but I had been worried about a promotion interview for over a week. I knew I didn’t have the technical experience of some of the other applicants.

The night before the interview I downloaded you course in desperation. I just watched the section on Difficult Interview Situations and an hour later I had all my answers.

I completely aced the interview…

In the feedback I got told they took me for the job because I showed them the benefits of going with the “right man” and not just blindly on qualifications.


-Drew Morgan



Video Nine

Asking Questions

[box color=”grey-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”magnifier”]

 Making your interviewer work hard for you

 Letting your interviewer know that you are no pushover

 Leaving a lasting impression of you as the ideal job candidate



” They cancelled the rest of the interviews as I was the right person.”

I knew redundancy was on the cards within the next 6 months so I purchased an electronic copy “interview skills and CV techniques”. I applied for voluntary redundancy and on the same day I applied for another job.

I had an interview two days later. I got a call the next day from the agency, I wasn’t very hopefully at such a quick response, however they had called to offer me the job.

They cancelled the rest of the interviews as I was the right person.

So I collected my redundancy money and walked straight into another job. Cheers



What Qualifies You to Talk to Me About Job Hunting?

If you are sat reading this page on your screen you might have this question in your head. In fact I only want you to buy my courses with fully informed consent. Before you buy any of my products I want you to fully know that this is the right course for you and you will get a great result from it. So I insist that you should ask me the question.

Here are some brief highlights from my life that make me uniquely qualified to create a course in using NLP, Hypnosis and Advanced Psychological Persuasion Skills for Job Hunting.

I have been studying Accelerated Learning and Hypnosis since my early teens and I am known for my skills in being able to take complex knowledge and give it to you so you can easily apply it. I have been a teacher, trainer and coach for over twenty years.


Rintu’s masterful use of language is only surpassed by his very clever way of making the complex very easy to understand.

Romilla Ready
Lead Author
NLP for Dummies
NLP Workbook for Dummies




Rintu demonstrates by his writing that he walks what he talks…

what he demonstrates is actually his deep understanding and mastery of the mind rather than the use of language alone…

Liu Yui Kai
Hong Kong



I found the most value in the fact that Rintu actually demonstrates the patterns as you read, then describes several examples and finally reveals, step-by-step, how to create your own ‘short, snappy and usable’ language patterns that get you the persuasive results you want.

Colin G Smith
Master NLP Practitioner
Author of ‘The NLP ToolBox’ and ‘The Half Second Rule’



I am known for using covert persuasion skills to teach covert persuasion skills. The exact skill you will use to convince a recruiter that you are the best person for the job are the same skills I use to teach you how to use those skills. The reason this is really useful to you is because it means you get active demonstrations of how these skills are used, the impact that they have and you can assimilate the knowledge on several different levels.

My first book, The Persuasion Skills Black Book is a critically acclaimed international best seller 3d-book-persuasionbecause of my ability to show you how you can apply complex hypnotic language patterns in any persuasion context.

But these are not the most powerful reason for investing in this Job Hunting Course. A few years ago I had the privilege of being part of a team that were funded to research investigative interview techniques. For almost two years as part of this team we experimented with all forms of interviews from both sides of the desk.

I clocked up hundreds of hours as an interviewer, interviewee and as an observer.

I borrowed hundreds of CVs and was interviewed for jobs from front line staff right through to senior management. I’ve sat technical interviews where I had no technical knowledge (I was still offered a £60, 000 pa job and I explain exactly how I did that in the reframing objections part of the course) as well as formal and informal, panel and single person interviews.

I have observed hundreds of interviews as well as been the interviewer in hundreds more. I even videoed and deconstructed interviews from beginning to end to see where the critical decision points occurred and what caused them. And right through this as a team we experimented and learnt what worked. But the thing I added was the whole NLP, hypnosis and practical psychology, overlaying this material gave us a massive edge.

For years I coached and trained these skills to high value clients. But a few years after this research project I had another opportunity. At the time I was working with a large outsourcing call centre in Glasgow. Because of the nature of the business they were expanding and contracting all the time. I wanted to help the people that we seemed to constantly be making redundant.

I started running job hunting and promotion skills courses. I ran the course about twenty times constantly refining and honing the processes. I spent hours developing the material right down to some powerful skills that are easy to assimilate and can give you results right from the start.

[box color=”white” type=”round” icon=””]

In a nutshell


This course is not built just on theory, concepts or second hand knowledge. Everything you will learn on this course I have personally used several times over. Hundreds of my clients after me have put these skills to use.

I have spent hundreds of hours as an interviewer, as an interviewee and as an observer playing with NLP, hypnosis and covert persuasion skills finding out what works. And then I have honed and refined the material by delivering it to a live audience many times over and now I have developed it into this course and a bestselling book.

The skills you will discover in this course are not the usual predictable nonsense you can find all over the internet. This course is about applying powerful psychological and hypnotic principles to getting the job that you want.


There are usually a few common questions that I get asked about this course so let’s make our way through them.

Do I really need this course, I only need to get the next job?

Let me into one of my secrets. You will only buy what you need but I want to give you a lot more than just what you need. If you have an interview tomorrow then downloading this course and spending a couple of hours watching the relevant sections, working on your interview technique and practising answers out loud will help and may be enough to get the job.

But even though I don’t know you personally I think that you are worth much more than just the next job. Here are a few of the things this course offers you that I think you should have as well as the next job.

[box color=”white” type=”round” icon=”star”]

How good would you feel if you:

 Had the pleasure of choosing which companies or roles you work with

 Could deal with bullying managers and stupid policies without fear of reprisals

 Had the freedom to get promoted when you think you are ready for it

 Knew the fear of being sacked or made redundant only applied to other people

 Were in a job you found rewarding and had the power to change it once you felt you had had enough of it

 Had the confidence to command the salary that you want

 Were able to jump on job opportunities as they happen

 Had a sense of control and could take charge of your career steering it to where you want to go

 Could change direction despite any lack of experience or skills

 Were so self-assured that you attended interviews for the joy of it just to have fun with the interviewers and see how far you could push things

 Could just withdraw your services when a promised bonus, pay rise or promotion isn’t delivered

 Had the option to change whenever the job becomes boring or routine

 Knew you are getting paid what you are worth and had the ability to change it if you are not

 Had companies begging you to take their job and knowing that you can turn them down if you want.

The game has changed – this is how you win!

-Tom Hinchey, Office Manager, London

But ultimately what I want to offer you, as well as the next job, is the unbridled joy of going to a job that you care about, have great fun doing it and the security of knowing you can move on as soon as it stops being everything that you want it to be.[/box]

Will this work for me?

The system has been used by people around the world from all walks of life applying for roles from front line staff through to directors and senior managers. As you can see from the small amount of testimonials on this page the feedback has been amazing. The techniques on this course have been tried and tested hundreds of times over.

But the only way any of this will work is if you commit to taking the material and having a go. If you choose to use the material it will work for you. Developing the skills just takes some practice. But it is easy if you just follow the exercises.


“I Got the Job”

I had an interview looming for the next day. The last time I had an interview was ten years ago and I had no idea of what to expect.

I spent the evening studying the first two minutes and the hypnotic answer sections. I got the job.

Thank You




Can I implement the skills? Do I have the time?


“…I have secured my first ever job this week despite failing countless number of interviews before i learned your technique. “

Hi Rintu,

I am one of your customers who have purchased your hypnotic persuasion techniques for job interviews package.

I just want to thank you so much for this because you have changed my life I have secured my first ever job this week despite failing countless number of interviews before i learned your technique.

The most amazing thing is I did not even use and followed everything exactly in the formula you implemented just about half of it.

Had the interview on a wednesday, found your technique on a tuesday night and within only few hours of watching your videos i still managed to use what i’ve learned from you and secure the job. Thank you for changing my life. Regards

-Simon Phung



Let me be blunt. If you are expecting to watch a couple of videos and magically have the job of your dreams then watch some of the free videos on the internet. It’s cheaper and will have just as much impact. If you make the commitment to buy this course then also make a commitment to put these skills in to practice.

If you have read this far in to this web page it means that you are prepared to put a little effort in to getting the job you want. The great thing about that is that once you have the skills you can apply them as many times as you want.

If you have a couple of hours between when you download the course and your next interview you will need to go directly to the relevant sections and put together your hypnotic answer formulas and then practice them. You will get powerful results by just doing that.

Some people take a week or more revamping their CV and practising their new found skills. I recommend this. What is a week in the scale of the massive career development that you will gain for the rest of your life? You can see the testimonial from Sharon above. She is not the only one that has applied these skills several times in succession climbing the corporate ladder as she builds her experience.

Doesn’t everyone teach these skills?


“I thought I knew everything there was to know (about interviews) – but I was wrong!”

Dear Rintu,

I just wanted to write and thank you for your course NLP CV Writing and Interview Techniques. I have been for a lot of job interviews for someone my age (I’ll be 30 this year) so I thought I knew everything there was to know – but I was wrong!

Your course showed me loads of useful techniques for dealing with nerves (a problem I’ve always had) and great ways to answer those difficult questions. But, even more importantly, it made me rethink my whole attitude to job-hunting. I’d always thought that job interviews were all about me, but seeing them in terms of the company and fulfilling the criteria of what they are looking for really helped.

Shortly after taking the course, I spotted an advert for my dream job. The only catch was that they wanted to hire someone on a one-month-trial basis to begin with – something I couldn’t afford to risk. However, I applied anyway and went along for an interview. Using all your techniques (peripheral vision, five prepared examples, big and beaming, etc) I found that I could take covert control of the interview process. I felt relaxed, calm and as if every question was a breeze to answer – in short, it was the best interview I’ve ever had.

Sadly, I didn’t get the job, although I very nearly persuaded them to drop the one-month-trial stipulation for me! (If they had, I think you’ll agree that would have been amazing proof of my new persuasion skills.)

However, just half an hour after attending my interview, they did invite me – and one other person – along for a half-day trial, despite me making my reservations clear, so I think I stood a very good chance. In the end, it was easier for them to hire the other candidate due to their increased flexibility over the trial, but I truly believe that your course helped me come as close as I did to being offered the job.

I’ve never had anyone call me back within half an hour of interview before! I will definitely be using it in the future and will recommend it to others.

Hopefully next time it will nail me the job!

Best wishes,




A few years ago competency based interviews became the fashion of the moment. In response if interviewees were not schooled in how to prepare and answer these types of questions they were at a severe disadvantage. One day in the near future the skills taught on my course will become the base line for job interviews.

Already I have caught several people putting my material up for free on the internet and I am being quoted in the press and referred to in other books. I am regularly asked to train interviewers in using similar skills to be able to get better quality of information from job candidates.

But at the moment I can tell you that these skills are in the minority. Remember I have a unique combination of skills and experience to develop this course so I can say that at the moment there are very few people that know these skills. You can gain a significant advantage by learning them and getting ahead before this approach becomes well known.

How much is the course?

Certainly as a coach I tend to charge £500 per session and job hunting would typically take three to four sessions so my average charge is £1750 (currently around $2720).

The average UK salary at the time of writing is £26 500 ($41 000). If you used this course to gain a modest 10% increase you will earn an extra £2 650 ($4 100) in your first year and that is still more than my charge for face to face coaching. And you will be able to use the skills again and again constantly developing your career as you go.

Whilst I am all for charging the value of the course I also want to make this material accessible and I am not going to charge you my coaching fee which is based on my having to be there to coach you.

This course is purely video, you can download it on any Mac or PC. You can play it on any PC, Apple or Android device and I don’t need to be on hand for any of it. As such I can pass the savings on to you.

When I did the research for this course I found that many people were prepared to pay several hundred pounds for the information. It still stands to reason based on the numbers above. For most people just one career step pays for the course several times over in the first year.

To make the course accessible to everyone I am currently charging just $97 (at the current exchange rate that is approximately £63). But before you make any decision to buy let me tell you that below you can get a whole lot more for just two thirds of the price.

Free Bonus Material

I want you to succeed and get that job so I am prepared to put together a comprehensive package of bonuses that are geared to making sure you have everything you need to grab the job of your dreams.

[box color=”green-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”hand_point”]

Plug and Play CV / Resume Template

I will give you the template we discuss through the course as a word document. This template was painstakingly developed over the course of three years. Versions and variations were tested in numerous situations and over a thousand CVs were sent out.

Eventually my team and I distilled a bunch of factors that made a CV / Resume work. We fully discuss them on the videos but they are all incorporated in this template.

All you have to do is paste your information and experience in to this template and it is ready to go.[/box]


“It was less of an interview and more of a sales pitch on why I should work for them.”

Hi Rintu,

I purchased your program a while back and have been passively looking for a new opportunity since. I didn’t put much effort other than just putting the resume up on some job boards as I was still working full time and didn’t have time to make a career out of looking for a new job.

I am happy to tell you that after speaking with several companies that just didn’t fit the bill for what I was looking for, I was offered my dream job this week! The greatest thing about it is that the person interviewing me was completely sold on me before we even spoke on the phone! It was less of an interview and more of a sales pitch on why I should work for them. It was awesome and I am so excited for my future with this company.

Thank you so much for putting out your program. It’s a great product that was worth every penny.

I have attached the CV that I used to get the job in case you’d like to use it as an example (assuming I did it correctly hehe) and feel free to use my comments as a testimonial if you’d like.

-Jason Zimmerman



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Example CVs

In my years of coaching and training people in the job market I have noticed the thing that people sometimes find difficult to understand are key elements of a CV / Resume. So I have put together a collection of some good and bad sections of CVs.

When you compare the various elements both good and bad it become immediately obvious why my template works and what you should include in it. To round off this report I have given you several examples of profiles and key achievements as a model for you to follow when writing your own.[/box][box color=”green-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”hand_point”]

Accelerated Learning Package

I know people learn best by taking the information in from different sources and mediums. As such I have all the slides from the video presentations in a pdf document for you. I have the presentations in mp3 audio format so you can play them on your audio player when travelling  working out or reviewing the information.

I recommend watching the videos the first time round but after that you can review, take notes and leap for the bits that you are using in the moment via the written report or the audio if that is the way you learn best.[/box][box color=”green-vibrant” type=”round” icon=”hand_point”]

Over 500 Interview Questions

The key to my interview system is that you confidently know that you can answer any interview question spontaneously with an answer that is not only true but also believable, credible, authoritative and shows you as the ideal candidate for the job. As well as this your answer should give the interviewer a direct connection to why you are the best for the job or insert an image in their heads of you doing the job perfectly.

Some people don’t believe this is possible, even when they have been through the system and have developed the approach. So I have a report with over 500 typical interview questions including the thirty most difficult questions to answer. You can use this report to practice and just notice that you can answer all the questions perfectly. If fact after you have been through some practice you will notice that your answers are instinctive, natural and great interview answers without you thinking about it.[/box]

One of my favourite exercises to take people through the hypnotic answer formula with just one event from your life. You then use that to create answers for 20, 30 even up to 100 interview questions. You can imagine how much your confidence grows when you realise you can use just one piece of evidence to answer all of the 30 most difficult interview questions. Imagine what five or six well prepared pieces of evidence would do for you.

Order by 11am GMT on Monday 

and I will have an extra special bonus for you


This is a special one off promotion for you. Very simply I loved the look of these USB Data Cards and decided that I wanted some.

The only way I could think of getting them was to run a promotion that was so compelling that enough people would buy so I can put an order in for them.

[box color=”red-vibrant” type=”square” icon=”star”]The Data Card you see above will come preloaded with

  • every version of my Job Hunting System, including the new audio book version that has yet to be released.
  • a persuasion skills bootleg video from a presentation I delivered last year. This is also previously unseen footage.

Plus I will give you a third off the price of the download course and pay the post and packing of the card to anywhere in the world.[/box]

I am only doing this because I want a few of these cards for myself. This will not become part of my on going product line and the offer that I am making will never be repeated. I am currently selling the download course here for $97.

And because this is a physical product I end up with a lot more hassle and expense. I am prepared to do it for a one off, but won’t do it on an ongoing basis.



[highlighter color=”blue-mute” ]once the offer has gone it will be gone for ever[/highlighter]

Now that is out of the way let’s look at what you are actually getting when you buy this data card. The data card will contain my Job Hunting System in three different media;

  • the original NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills digital course
  • the best selling Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques in pdf format
  • and the new, previously unseen audio book version

The card will also contain all the bonus material including the plug and play CV / Resume Template, the most difficult interview questions and example CV profiles. On top of all this you will also get the Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Bootleg Video.

 Exclusive Deal Specifically for You

cd-dvdThe NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Course sell for $97 and that is just the download course. It doesn’t come on a data stick and it doesn’t include all the extra material we are talking about. You can see the course here.


As great as this is I want to give you a much more compelling offer than this course.

Here is what is contained on the Data Card

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The original digital course including:


Nine videos with six hours of presentation leading you through the job hunting system step by step

All of the bonus material including the CV / Resume Template and 500 common interview questions to test yourself



The best selling Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques in PDF format

The new audio version of the Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques in MP3 format
And the Bootleg Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Presentation


Here is some more information on the bootleg video 

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The best selling author of Brilliant Business Ideas – The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Profitable Creativity, Joseph Benn is a student, supporter and personal friend of mine.

Joseph asked me if I would present a small course for some of his students at his university. He told me not to hold anything back. Just before going in Joseph found a camera and microphone and he recorded the session.

It is a total bootleg production but I really didn’t hold anything back. Over the whole 85 minute I explained, demonstrated and taught these students:

  • The real secret to redirecting conversations
  • How to create mental images inside other people’s heads
  • About talking to people outside their conscious awareness
  • The basis of personality, how it drives your behaviour and how you can use it to motivate yourself as well as others
  • The one question that uncovers peoples deep unconscious motivators and how you can use them

We discuss these in several different contexts including job hunting. You will also see me covertly demonstrate a number of these patterns and skills on the students. Here is a little snippet from the video:



“…Rintu was on fire that night”

joeb I’ve seen him present many times. I’m glad we caught this one on film as Rintu was on fire that night. I am a little jealous of how much my students got from him in just one session.


-Joseph Benn

Order Now

Yes! Rintu, Please Send Me the Job Hunting Skills USB Data Card


I understand I’ll be getting every dirty, sneaky hypnotic persuasion skills tactic you have applied to job hunting including:

  • The original digital course
  • The Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting both as a pdf file and as an audio book
  • The CV / Resume Template
  • 500 test questions including then hardest and most difficult interview questions
  • The Bootleg Persuasion Skills Course

All loaded on to a unique USB Data Card.

It is a physical product so I know to allow four to five weeks for delivery

I understand that I can have all this for a tiny investment of $67 which is almost a third off half the price of just the digital course.

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 30 day money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied in any way.

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What guarantees can you give? 

Realistically I cannot guarantee any specific job in any specific company. I can’t even guarantee that you will get the same or better results than the people that have been kind enough to send me their results from using the system.

Ultimately you are in charge of your results and you will only get out of this system as much as you put in. What I can guarantee is that if you follow the instructions and put into place the ideas that I suggest through the course you will be significantly better off with your job hunting skills.

I think I have described everything that is on the data card, you can see what the card looks like above and you have heard samples from the video.

Within minutes of going through my system you will automatically recognise it as something unique and powerful to add to your job hunting arsenal. I am so confident in this I am willing to offer you a complete 100% no questions asked refund if you are not entirely satisfied in the first 30 days.


30 Day Iron-Clad 100%
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…
If you aren’t 100% happy just let me know within 30 days of receiving the data card and then just return it to me just as you received it.

And I will promptly refund your money.

RintuSig          No questions, no hassles

it’s that simple!




[highlighter color=”green-vibrant” ]Waiting Could be the Most Career Damaging Decision You Could Make[/highlighter]

You don’t need to worry about the course not being here tomorrow, the next day or next week. So you could take your time to decide if enhancing your career prospects is right for you.

But there are consequences involved in not acting right now. After 9 pm GMT on Monday 25 March you will pay a third more for just the downloads, you will not get the bonus material or the USB Data card.

Outside of that there here are a few more consequences of not acting now:


Job hunting, building your CV / Resume, attending interviews all takes time and effort. If you are not completely satisfied with your current position then taking action now means you are taking charge and this is an automatic morale booster.

redxOr you can just return to the same old same old and wait until the situation deteriorates and you have less time and energy to make the changes you want. Not taking action automatically drains your energy to take action later.

redxMotivation ebbs and flows. By the fact that you are reading this now means you are motivated to change. That won’t be the same tomorrow. If you don’t take action when you are motivated will you ever? Imagine the scenario where you don’t take action now.

redxWhere will you be next month, in six months or a year’s time? Same job or worse no job, still maintaining the status quo, being caught up in the whims of the economy, your company or your boss. This is a very real possibility if you don’t act when you are motivated.

redxCurrently my Job Hunting Techniques are not well known, but that is changing. My books are already best sellers and I am marketing my courses strongly. People are already trying to copy my information and sell it as their own. Over the next few years my approach to job hunting will become the norm and you will be competing against people that have been through the same training. Waiting even a few weeks would mean that there are more people applying my techniques and potentially applying for the same jobs.

redxEvery day you wait is another day not having the job you want, not commanding the salary you deserve or having a full and satisfied career

Smart people make quick decisions and act on them. The way that they do this is they set criteria for what they want first.

Only you can know what you need from the course. What you could do is decide your criteria for the course, check through the details and decide if your needs would be met. If they are then right now is the time to act.


“Shortly afterwards he said that the next step is for me to speak with his boss”

Hi Rintu,

Thought you might want to share this with you students as evidence your course is priceless.

Had an interview with the GM I would be reporting to this am – first face to face meeting after being screened carefully by a recruiting firm and a prior phone interview with him.

Of the several patterns I employed (including, “how do you imagine us working together, with you being based in Louisville and me in NY?”), this was my favorite: “Once you’ve selected the candidate and they have been in the position for a while, how do you envision success? I mean – what will I be doing and achieving, how will I be interacting within the organization, you know – how does it look and feel when it’s working?”

You could literally see the wheels spinning as he thought about it for a while smiling slightly…

Shortly afterwards he said that the next step is for me to speak with his boss and he initiated a discussion to figure out the soonest opportunity for that to happen.

I’ll be sure to ask him the same question!

Thanks for the virtual help!




How would you feel if you were in charge of your career instead of your boss, company or circumstances?

[box color=”white” type=”round” icon=”star”]I don’t like dwelling on the negative so let’s look at the flip side of the coin and what happens when you take action now.

You motivation is high so you are likely to start working through the course right now. For most people once they start the course they tend to stay with it. Here is typically what people go through:

  1. Once you download the course you scan through the documents and start watching the first video.
  2. Within twenty minutes you will understand the fallacies that companies want you to believe that keeps you trapped in the rat race.
  3. You then get to understand how you can switch the balance of power back to you.
  4. Within the first couple of videos you will have developed a new attitude towards job hunting and changed your idea of what sorts of jobs you can apply for
  5. Within a week you will have put together a hypnotically persuasive CV / Resume and started sending it out.
  6. Within seven days from now you could be pulling interviews for jobs that you want to do in companies that you want to work for.
  7. I can’t tell you how many interviews you will pull or will happen as a result. I don’t know you, your circumstances or your industry but there is usually a pause from sending out the CV / Resumes and getting the first interviews.
  8. You might spend a couple of hours practicing your interview answers until you realise that you are suddenly able to automatically answer any interview question with a powerful hypnotic pull and a benefit statement that forces your interviewer to imagine you being the perfect candidate.
  9. Sometimes people miss with the first interview – it is like the practice one – and then they start being offered jobs. All you have to do is decide which job offer you should take.
  10. And then you re apply the formula, but with much less effort when you think you have had enough of your current job.[/box]


“I used your interview skills course to great effect exactly two years ago”

Hi Rintu,

I hope you are good and I just thought I would drop you an email, firstly to thank you for all of your work and support.

As you might remember I used your interview skills book and course to great effect exactly two years ago.

Well to get you up to speed I got a call a few weeks ago from a “head hunting” agency re another position.

I really really didn’t think I would be thinking about possibly moving again so quickly but it interested me and also I have become a little disenchanted with my present company.

I have now been able to pin point it. Its that my top level values are mis matched with my bosses.

So, I have had one face to face and one telephone interview and am now going next week for a face to face with the company.

I have been spending as much time as poss. reviewing your fantastic material and preparing for it. Thanks for your support Rintu



Remember; this is a physical product, I am only getting a limited number made and once they are gone I will not be ordering any more. After that you will have to pay $97 just to download the digital course without any of the bonus material or the Bootleg Persuasion Skills Presentation and you will not be able to get the USB cards.

[highlighter color=”blue-mute” ]Once they are gone they are gone for ever.[/highlighter]




P.S. Because I know some people just skip straight here for the synopsis:

The offer is a printed USB Data Card with my Job Hunting System in every format (some not yet released) plus a never been seen before Bootleg Persuasion Skills Lecture.

I am having a limited number produced and I am offering you the whole lot for half the current price of of just the download course.

This is a time limited offer – Once the countdown reaches zero you will never be able to get the offer


Order Now

Yes! Rintu, Please Send Me the Job Hunting Skills USB Data Card


I understand I’ll be getting every dirty, sneaky hypnotic persuasion skills tactic you have applied to job hunting including:

  • The original digital course
  • The Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting both as a pdf file and as an audio book
  • The CV / Resume Template
  • 500 test questions including then hardest and most difficult interview questions
  • The Bootleg Persuasion Skills Course

All loaded on to a unique USB Data Card.

It is a physical product so I know to allow four to five weeks for delivery

I understand that I can have all this for a tiny investment of $67 which is almost a third off the price of just the digital course.

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 30 day money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied in any way.

Order Now button

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.


PPS. Once you have these skills you can apply them time and again. Many customers have changed jobs several times over climbing the corporate ladder quicker than anyone could have imagined.

PPPS. Once these ideas get out into the mainstream they will become the norm. Get on board now whilst you still have a competitive edge.