How would you know if you have booked a high quality NLP Training Course?

“The Only NLP Practitioner Course Designed and Delivered by Rintu Basu the International Best Selling Author of The Persuasion Skills Black Book”

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From the Desk of:
Rintu Basu
Best Selling Author
The Persuasion Skills Black Book



You can only be on this page if you have read something about me, examined some of my articles, perhaps bought my books and course but most importantly want something more than just a standard NLP Practitioner Course.

I don’t want to just give you a normal Practitioner course (even though based on my 20 plus years of training and coaching experience I know it works brilliantly)…

I want to give you all that AND more material that will take you even further than you can imagine.

The foundations of NLP are based on modelling. Being able to deconstruct skills, processes and abilities and then install them in yourself and others. When I became an NLP Trainer I decided that I wanted students to graduate with skills that most Master Practitioners would be jealous of. For years I modelled the best content, the best trainers and the best results from both inside and outside the NLP community.

As a result every few years I run a one off NLP Practitioner Course that is designed to give you the skills to bring in more business, create better results for your clients and customers and help you build a better life for yourself and the people around you.

As this is a unique programme I’ve put together an FAQ page to answer some of the  questions about the Persuasion Skills Black Book NLP Practitioner course that I know will come up. If you don’t find your answer on this page feel free to ask any other questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Joseph Benn, Author of Brilliant Business Ideas and the creator of is a student of mine and attended my old practitioner course twelve years ago. When he first came on the course he was deeply unhappy working in a large company as a buyer and feeling unfulfilled.

He is now working in a prestige university developing entrepreneurship and creativity skills for lecturers and students alike. He is in the process of having his second book published and is already a bestselling author. This is what he has to say about my practitioner course.

 Joseph Benn, Author of Brilliant Business Ideas

“…each day was packed with incredible information… “

Rintu is a masterful trainer, each day was packed with incredible information most of which I use every day now without thinking about it.

Twelve years on as I look back I realised that the practitioner course was the start of a period of intense growth of confidence and skills which have led me in a totally unexpected direction. I’m loving it.

Joseph Benn, Author of Brilliant Business Ideas


And here are the views of Billy, a more recent graduate:

What is the Persuasion Skills Black Book NLP Practitioner Course about?

This nine day programme can be roughly split into three sections.

 Mind Management

This is about developing the skills of managing your emotions, creating the right state of mind and focus for what you want to achieve. You will learn to differentiate between states, for example your poker playing state would be wildly different to your working with customers state which again would be different to your exercising state. You will learn how to create and install appropriate states in yourself and in others.

 Unconscious Modelling and Accelerated Learning

You will learn the processes and tools to quickly pick up any skill you want. This would include everything from at least doubling your reading speed right through to learning a martial art or musical instrument all the way through to unconsciously modelling other people.

 Hypnotic Persuasion Skills

By the end of the course you will have all the tools to be able to talk any group or individual conversationally into a deep trance, reframe significant emotional events and bring them back with a completely different perspective. You will have all the tools to do this overtly, covertly, with groups and individuals as well as with yourself.

A more detailed breakdown of the specific topics is given below and these skills are trained for you to use on yourself, with individuals and groups. But ultimately this programme is about getting the results you want out of life. The overall theme is to teach you a process of modelling so you can learn and develop any skills you want in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

This video will give you the basics of modelling and how you can learn this powerful skill:


Tracy wrote this a few months after her NLP Practitioner course. Several years on she is now a director for Rock the Boat, a highly successful talent management company that has blue chip clients from all round the world.

Tracy McLeod, Rock the Boat Consulting

“… am now a successful training consultant”

Before I attended the NLP Practitioner course I had always had the desire to become a self-employed training consultant but lacked the confidence to take that leap.

A few months after attending the course I resigned from my job and am now a successful training consultant. Attending the course has led to significant and positive changes in my life. Thanks Rintu.

Tracy McLeod, Rock the Boat Consulting


And here is Joanna, a more recent graduate:

div03By the end of the course you will be able to use:

NLP techniques to create deep level belief and behavioural changes in yourself and others

Conversational Hypnosis overtly and covertly with individuals and groups taking them in and out of different trance states

Deep trance effects an access focus, clarity and motivation quickly

Timeline Reframing processes to destroy limiting belief systems for yourself and others

Enhanced creativity and intuition states

Hypnotic Learning Models to increase your learning skills by 50% or more

 Who is the Persuasion Skills Black Book NLP Practitioner course designed for?

This course is designed specifically for three types of people. People that are or want to be:

greentickLeaders in their chosen areas of interest

The tools on the course make you more effective and you will create better results in every area of your life that you choose to apply the skills to.

greentickTrainers, Coaches, Hypnotherapists and Change Workers

If you are already working in personal development all of the knowledge you will gain on this course can be taught to clients and customers overtly or covertly.

greentickSales and Business Development Professionals

My unique slant on NLP lends itself to strategies and processes for rapid and dramatic business development.

This material is designed so everyone, no matter at what level, will find it easy to assimilate the content. People familiar with NLP will find that the approach, the content and the way it is applied is subtly different from more traditional approaches.

This course has a lot of applications so here are a few ideas on how various people could benefit from this course:

Managers – Make your teams more productive by developing team beliefs, values and identity using the Results vs. Identity Model

Parents – Teach your kids to read at over 2000 words a minute using Peripheral Vision

Leaders – Drop groups into trance and sell them into your vision in minutes using just your tone of voice and a simple language pattern

Teachers – Delete negative beliefs using comfort zones and learning curve metaphors so students assimilate your lessons five times faster than normal

Trainers – Using anchoring to create your ideal trainer state and stay in your ideal state no matter how challenging your audience becomes

Marketers – Use thought binds to link your prospect’s imaginations to your products and services so they are screaming with the desire to buy

Coaches – Bypass conscious resistance with redefine patterns and leave your clients excited, motivated and rising to the challenge

Networkers – Open anticipation loops so people always remember you and keep coming back for more from you

Flirters, Daters and Seducers – Capture and lead the imagination to new emotional heights

Law and Policy Enforcers – Use sensory acuity and conversation management techniques to become a human lie detector

Project Managers – Preframe your project to automatically generate buy in, good will and a desire to help

Job Seekers – Use your body language to take covert control of the interview

Politicians – Reframe any question to one that you want to answer

Sales Professionals – Use conversation management techniques to covertly shift your prospects in to a buying trance

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Use anchoring to develop an irresistibly persuasive personality

Therapists and Counsellors – use timeline reframing with clients blowing out limiting beliefs, installing powerful new attitudes and states of mind

If you:

have the imagination to wonder what your life would be like with these new skills…

thirst for new knowledge and hunger to develop both personally and professionally…

desire to develop relationships that drive achievement for everyone involved…


…then the Persuasion Skills Black Book NLP Practitioner Course is right for you


Sue, attended my old NLP Practitioner course several years ago and her story is featured in The Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques. Here is what she had to say about her course:

 Sue, Head of Training, International Organisation

“…a significant and positive impact on my career and personal life.”

Rintu’s NLP Practitioner course has had a significant and positive impact on my career and personal life. Since attending the course I have been promoted twice. I now feel that I lead a far happier and healthier lifestyle as a direct result of the course.

Rintu is simply an exceptional trainer. His style of delivery is brilliant.


Sue, Head of Training, International Organisation

Dennis Cooke, Business Consultant

“After the course I managed to secure my biggest consultancy project ever!”

My expectations before the course were high to start with but by the end of the course they were, by far, exceeded. The new skills I had gained have proved to be very valuable in my job as a business consultant and I use them on a daily basis.

After the course I managed to secure my biggest consultancy project ever! Utilising these skills further whilst on the project returned some fantastic results.

Rintu was great. He offered a unique combination of knowledge and humour. I would recommend this course to anyone in a position where communication is a key influencing skill.


Dennis Cooke, Business Consultant


Some people can’t wait to put their skills into action. This is Tom after only three days.

Tom R, Poker Player

“I am enjoying the course and find it useful”

Thanks Rintu I am enjoying the course and find it useful – I’m watching for twitches and tells all the time now! I’ve already visited some of the training support, and, managed to win my local casino game last night (that’s two in a row now, so is there a pattern developing? – hope not – sounds like a tell!).


Tom R, Poker Player



 What makes the Persuasion Skills Black Book NLP Practitioner course different?

The course is designed for you to learn at multiple levels. Because it is hypnotically structured you will find yourself not only going through the content but you will also suddenly find yourself using tools, techniques and ideas without necessarily much conscious thought.

Throughout the course you are encouraged to keep specific applications in mind so you are always looking at how you are going to apply those specific skills. And often you will have a direct experience of applying each skill on the course. For example by the end of the course you will have doubled your reading speed and noticeably increased your comprehension and retention of written information.

On this programme you will learn the skills of NLP, Hypnosis, TimeLine Reframing and Hypnotic Learning at a deep and profound level. Blending these skills together for use in direct applications is the core of this programme. Having knowledge and understanding is only the first step. This programme is designed to take you from this into direct application and with a little practice straight into unconscious competence.

I am known as an innovator and for having a unique perspective on NLP and hypnosis. This course contains the latest of the last three years of my development of NLP tools. The programme is so full of content that it is two days longer than most accelerated NLP Practitioner courses.


Stuart Harris,

“… I walked away from the course with loads of new and fresh ideas and applications that I put into practice from Day 1.”

stuartI’ve observed a number of NLP Trainers in action and generally get disheartened by their ‘by the book’ approach – with little of themselves evident in what they are saying and even less focus on “what are you going to do with this?” … then there’s Rintu.

He’s the genuine article, he lives and breathes the stuff, gives you it warts and all and his training is based on practical benefits in the real world. Throughout my NLP Practitioner training with Rintu, I was constantly challenged with how I would use each of the tools & strategies in my day job. Because of this I walked away from the course with loads of new and fresh ideas and applications that I put into practice from Day 1.

I know many people that did their Practioners course with other NLP trainers who walked away not sure what to do with their new skills & knowledge.

What now makes me different from other Sales Training Consultants is that I have integrated many tools, tips and techniques from Rintu and blended them into my own style. My biggest clients keep asking me back year after year because they get results from my sales courses

-Stuart Harris,



Summary of Contents

The material will be delivered in segments and will include presentations, discussions, demonstrations and most importantly exercises and practice. Expect the course to be challenging, intense, life changing as well as huge amounts of fun.

 NLP Presuppositions – Framing Your View of the World

  • Empowering beliefs that allow you access to a greater amount of your unconscious resources
  • How to take the presuppositions of NLP and turn them into a compact model that you can install to change behaviour and even change how you see the world
  • The Key Communication Models that demonstrate how we can tweak our message to get the maximum impact both with ourselves and with others

 From Goals to Outcomes

  • When and how to set goals and why it is important to fail
  • The art of achieving goals without consciously setting them
  • Gaining clarity to your goals through presuppositional questions

 Reading people and leading them to rapport

  • Increasing your awareness of how others are feeling, long before they know themselves
  • Connecting people’s internal emotional states and their external actions to predict their behaviour
  • Building an unconscious rapport process and taking covert control without conscious effort
  • Create charisma patterns that have people desperate to be in your company
  • Pacing and leading people to where you want them to go

 Representational Systems – coming to your senses

  • How to concentrate on specific senses to enhance your ability to learn, communicate and experience the world
  • Pacing and leading people through different senses to change how they think
  • Eye pattern analysis; the route to training people to be super hypnotic learners

 Submodalities – encoding meaning to your experience

  • Learn the key behind how to create powerful NLP Techniques such as SWISH patterns and belief changes
  • Discover how you can use submodalities to quickly and dramatically modify unwanted feeling and behaviour

Hypnotic Language Patterns – Getting people to do what you want and thank you for the privilege

  • How to use presuppostional questioning for detailed information, set a direction of thought, create belief or behaviour change or to induce trance
  • Use the hierarchy of ideas to develop creativity, create agreement, explore the detail or use as leverage to create massive behavioural change
  • Use conversation management models to give people the illusion of choice whilst maintaining rigid control of the conversation
  • Learn to capture and lead the imagination

Anchoring – harness the power of the automatic stimulus response

  • Create mental and emotional resource states that kick in automatically when you need them
  • Discover how you can collapse bad feelings and past experiences into more positive and beneficial states
  • How to bind thoughts so people automatically switch emotional states at your command

 Unconscious Strategies and Modelling – the processes we use to generate our behaviour

  • Learn how to create, install and use a person’s strategy
  • Discover how to elicit and match a person’s strategy for maximum persuasive leverage
  • Utilise your personal strategies to suck up new knowledge and skills like a hoover

 Parts – Resolving inner conflict

  • Creating more congruence, focus and direction

TimeLine Reframing – Elegant Belief Change Models

  • How to reframe significant emotional events to:
  • Release negative emotions
  • Destroy limiting beliefs
  • Install empowering decisions

Conversational Hypnosis

  • Learn how to utilise the natural behaviour of the unconscious mind to induce trance
  • Use verbal and non-verbal suggestion
  • How to use metaphor to induce different trance states
  • Structure post-hypnotic suggestions for maximum impact

 Aren’t some of these skills manipulative?

Yes they are, all communication is manipulative. At the very least when you speak to another person don’t you want to be understood? The issue is not about manipulation, it is about intent.

I won’t be held up as the NLP thought police. I will teach you the parts other trainers can’t or won’t give you. I will also show you how you can create win/win scenarios, give you my thoughts about when to walk away and how to use this material to good intent for you, the people you are close to and the world in general. But ultimately it is for you to decide your boundaries on how you use these tools and techniques.

And on the other side only through full knowledge of these techniques can you truly know if they are being used against you in a harmful way. Only through full knowledge of these techniques can you make a decision to use them in supportive ways that help you and the people around you.

How can you get so much into just nine days?

It is true that the programme is intensive and there is a lot to go through. There is a lot of thinking involved and you will have homework, mainly consisting of interacting with people and noticing results.

So during the course would not be a good time to get married, move house or start a new business. That said you can expect to grow and develop in ways that you might not even imagine possible, you are likely to find lifelong friends and have fun every day of the course.

There is a lot of thinking involved and sometimes you will be challenged by the material or how you relate to it. I want to give you as much as I can in the time available. The list above is the minimum I have for you and if I can shoe horn more in then I will.

It is designed so that each section builds on the next. You learn to apply every part as you are learning the next. Each segment of the course is consolidated with trance integration and you are coached throughout the whole of the programme in integration of all the fundamental skills.


Andrea Ward the day after her NLP Practitioner course

“… the most impactful programme that I have ever been on”

Well what can one say about a week that has seemed to fly by in a flash of bright lights and intrigue? I say, it has been the most impactful programme that I have ever been on. Not only have I learnt lots, I have whet my appetite to learn more, my hearing has improved as I hear dogs barking, opera singing and alarm bells, as well as smelling some bacon mmmmm can you smell it?

Picture this, 8 people have walked into your life for the first time, and you leave like old friends at the end…is that rapport!

When I woke up this morning I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t coming to Glasgow as I was having so much fun, however as I stepped out of bed and into my circle of excellence I have achieved much more than normal today and have had better conversations with people when on the job hunt………

I wonder how the others have done today? Anyway it is very late now and I will go into sleep state! Talking of states, have a great time in USA and tells us all about it when we meet again. Many thanks for all your support, laughter and company….

I can’t wait until the reunion.

Regs Andrea

Andrea Ward, HR Executive


 What support will I get after the course?

It is in my best interests to see you succeed and as a trainer I like being involved with the successes of my students. As such I expect you to keep in touch. You will be given access to a unique internet forum where you can share your experiences with others, ask questions, debate and explore topics.

I have a commitment to spending a percentage of my time on the forum so you can have direct regular access to me through that vehicle. I am also available on an ad hoc basis both before and after the course if it is a brief one off discussion or question. Or if you need anything more substantial we can arrange routine coaching sessions.


What others are saying about my training


What results can I expect from this course?

I am not in the habit of creating magic bullets, anyone that is promising you complete mastery of NLP skills by just going on a course is lying to you. I can promise you that the course will give you huge amounts of material that you can apply immediately. But for this to truly work you need to practice.


The specific results will be dependent on what you want from the course. I recommend that you take some time picking through the list of content above. Deciding how you want to use it and the results you will get from mastering these skills. Write it all down and bring it with you on the course. I can’t do this for you. You have to be responsible for your results. All I can suggest is that in my experience the people that do this gain massive results within weeks of finishing the course.

If you want a magic bullet then this course is not for you. If you want to learn some of the most secret, powerful and applicable NLP and hypnosis skills in the world AND are prepared to spend ten minutes a day practising then this is a course that will keep giving you results for months.


Jess was a trainer when she went on her NLP Practitioner course ten years ago, she is now head of training for a large international organisation. Here is what she had to say shortly after her practitioner course:

Jess – Head of Training, Large International Organisation

“The course was truly amazing!”

Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for making sure I finally went on the course! I always wanted to do it, but “skintness” clouded my judgement somewhat!!

The course was truly amazing! I have never had that much fun in a training room (says something about my training!!) I also didn’t realise just what the mind is capable of!

I am trying to use little snippets of the techniques wherever possible and am having fun doing so, but I just wondered if you have any feedback/observations/advice for me based on what you saw last week?

Thanks a million!!



Jess, Head of Training, Large International Organisation

And then later the same day:
Jess, Head of Training, Large International Organisation

“Off to find more willing victims (and trying not to laugh and punch the air!!) “

Hi Rintu,

Thanks for that!!

BIG NEWS!! I just have cured someone’s headache!!

I started off thinking too hard about what I was doing, but then thought fffff….(Jane style) and just asked her what the pain was like, how she would know it was gone…

It was a stress headache so we had her looking at herself lying on a beach, smelling the coconut oil, listening to the waves and feeling the heat on her back as the pain began to melt away. I asked her to step into her body, turn the heat up and brought the vision closer to her. The pain disappeared and she nearly fainted (the shock of it working)!!

I’m having a chat with her this afternoon about how to get her new boss on side!!

This is exciting – my first official experiment worked!! Off to find more willing victims (and trying not to laugh and punch the air!!)

Thanks again!!



Jess, Head of Training, Large International Organisation



Is the Course Certified?

This course surpasses the common standards for most certifying bodies. I am an ABNLP certified trainer and the course will be certified by me under their standards.

Are there any bonuses?

When you book and pay for the course you will be given access to both Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed and Advanced Persuasion Patterns.

These two are my most powerful internet based NLP and hypnotic persuasion skills courses and they contain, video audio and written material that take most students six months or longer to complete. These two courses combined have a worth of £450 and are a perfect accompaniment to the Persuasion Skills Black Book NLP Practitioner course.

You can find out more about each through the pictures below, but remember you will get both courses free when you book on to the Persuasion Skills Black Book Practitioner Course.


Are there any guarantees?

I work pretty hard with people to support them to get the results they want and I’ve found that the ones who are willing to jump in and be committed from day one, always do amazingly well. If there’s any doubt that this might not be for you, then please do not book on the course because I can tell you, it’s not for you just yet. I will almost certainly do another one in the next three years.

I have deliberately put a huge amount of material on the internet so you can see my style, my delivery and my content. I only want to work with people that already know the value of my material and are prepared to invest the time and effort in themselves to get the results they want. I know my material is good and it will support you to get your goals and it will work if you are prepared to commit yourself.

Before booking this course go through some of my free material, get some great results and recognise how powerful my material is. Feel free to email or phone me and we can discuss your specific requirements. Check out some of the other NLP courses as well.

I don’t want you purchasing this course in a half-hearted way; I’ve worked too hard putting this material together for that. I want you to book this course because you have already tried some of my material, recognised how powerful it is and now you want the fast track to mastering my slant on NLP. When you are in that position you are ready for this course. That said:

Iron-Clad 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…
If you aren’t 100% happy by the end of the first day let me know…

And I will promptly refund your money.

No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!


 When and where is the course?

The Course will be held in Canterbury Christ Church University from Friday 23rd to Saturday 31st October 2015. We will start each day at 9.30 am and aim to be finished with each day by 6 pm. There will breaks during the day and light refreshments can be bought from the cafeteria and vending machines



What is the investment?

Whilst I love training people face to face my time is at a premium, for this reason I normally charge £1200 per session to train people. When you realise that included in the nine full days of training with me is; over £400 pounds of additional hypnotic persuasion skills courses and access to my Advanced Persuasion closed Facebook group where you will have the opportunity to air your views, discuss your progress and seek assistance to any problems you might have, I think a fair price would be £4000.

But I rarely have the opportunity to deliver a course like this. In fact the only reason I am doing so now is because my student and good friend Betty George at the British School of Applied Psychology has talked me in to it. I cannot deliver these courses on an on going basis and therefore we need to make this accessible to as many people as possible. For this reason I am prepared to offer this course for just £1500 but right now if you click through and pay the deposit of £600 you can start going through the download video courses in preparation.

I am not going to do this very often, the last time was three years ago, so I want a room full of well motivated, excited people that already know they are in to pick up some great skills, have lots of fun and do it all on a great deal. So if that suits you then take advantage of securing your place by paying the deposit now.

 So How do I Get on the Course?

  1. Go through this information page until you are certain that this is the best NLP course for you.
  2. Check that you can make the dates and the location.
  3. You can click through and pay a £600 deposit to secure your place right now (to be fully paid up by 1st October)… or if you choose to pay in full right now for a special discount.
  4. As soon as you can take a half hour to go through the course contents, make some notes about how, where and what results you would like to get from this material. It is fine to have private goals for the course but also make some notes to bring along to share with others so we can discuss them and use them for exercises and demonstrations.
  5. Think about a couple of things you would like to achieve over the next twelve months. These should be things that are important but are also challenging enough that you are unsure that you will achieve them. Write them down and bring them along to share on the course and again it is great to have some private stuff as well, just make sure you have a few things that you can share.
  6. Fully pay up the course four weeks before the start so we can use the money to get the manuals, workshop materials and secure all the things to make this a top notch course.
  7. Have a great time on the nine days, pick up great skills, meet new friends, grow, develop and expand your perceptions of what is personally possible.
  8. Over the following six months get some phenomenal results which you share with others on the forum whilst simultaneously supporting others from the group developing their own skills and results.


Instead of paying a deposit with the full amount due by 1st October

if you pay the full amount right now I will give you a huge £300 discount on the course.



 No Thanks, I would rather just pay the deposit and pay the full price the £1500 full price by 1st October


What if I have any more questions?

I’ve tried to cover all the typical questions that get asked about courses but if you have something that I have not covered feel free to email me directly through the contact form.

If you have questions about the venue, accommodation or travelling please contact the British School of Applied Psychology. You can contact them directly at their website right here.





Rintu Basu

Author: The Persuasion Skills Black Book