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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve put together an FAQ page to answer the common questions about the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. If you don’t find your answer on this page feel free to ask any other questions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

What is Advanced Persuasion Patterns about?

The Advanced Persuasion Patterns course is a downloadable internet based course that is designed to make you an expert at covert hypnotic persuasion. The course is part video, part audio and part written and deals primarily about face to face persuasion skills although much of it can be used on the phone and also in written form.

Who is Advanced Persuasion Patterns designed for?

This material is designed so everyone, no matter what level, will find it easy to assimilate the content. People familiar with NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques will find that the approach, the content and the way it is applied is subtly different from more traditional approaches. For beginners this is an ideal structure because you can learn advanced material without the need for a steep learning curve.

This course has a lot of applications so to give you an idea of the many different ways you can use this material, here is a snapshot of various different possibilities:

greentick Managers – Make your team more cohesive, resourceful and high performing by matching their personality profiles to their roles

greentickParents – Anchor your kids to feeling good about completing homework and chores

greentick Leaders – Sequence emotions through your talks to sell the vision and create buy-in for your projects

greentick Teachers – Tell trance inducing stories to covertly pre-teach knowledge

greentick Trainers – Use preframes to excite and motivate your delegates no matter how dry the subject

greentick Marketers – Profile your ideal customer and use their values, beliefs and language to draw them in

greentick Coaches – Use metaphors to covertly eliminate limiting beliefs and install an empowering mind set

greentick Networkers – Open anticipation loops so people are desperate to speak with you

greentick Flirters, Daters and Seducers – Capture and lead the imagination to new emotional heights

greentick Interviewers – Use non-verbal tactics to open up your interviewees making them more responsive

greentick Lecturers and Presenters – Structure hypnotic presentations so people not only take it in but are left desperate for more

greentick Therapists and Counsellors – Ask presuppostional questions that blow out unhelpful patterns of behaviour

greentick Law and Policy Enforcers – Use sensory acuity and conversation management techniques to become a human lie detector

greentick Project Managers – Preframe your project to automatically generate buy in, good will and a desire to help

greentick Couples – Use anchors to reconnect to the excitement, energy and fun of your first every date together every time your eyes meet.

greentick Singles – Use charisma patterns to speak to anyone and have them attracted to you in seconds

greentick Employees – Chain emotional states so your boss is always feeling good about your performance

greentick Customers – Ask sequences of questions that cut through the hype and properly match your need to their product

greentick Job Seekers – Use your body language to take covert control of the interview

greentick Politicians – Reframe any question to one that you want to answer

greentick Sales Professionals – Anchor positive emotions to your products and negative emotions to your competitors

greentick Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Use hypnotic presentation techniques to sell your teams into your vision

What makes the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course different?

All the material is used on the student covertly as they go through the course. In this way the material is pre-taught, covertly demonstrated and used with the student before you consciously learn how to use it. The course is designed to work on the conscious and unconscious level and as a result students assimilate the content and start using the skills quicker than most.

Summary of Contents


Why do you want to learn hypnotic persuasion skills? How will you use these skills to make your life better? The importance of having an outcome in mind.
Lesson 1

Concepts and ideas to make learning hypnotic language quick and easy

Using the communications model to bypass conscious thought

Language patterns to seal commitment from others

star_PNG1597Lesson 2

Modelling the basis of personality to find leverage and create massive shifts in behaviour

How to use your voice, pitch, tone and tempo to draw people into a persuasive trance

Moving people in a direction using a next steps pattern


Lesson 3

Using personal trance states to be a more effective persuader

Deep trance identification model and change behaviour

Sensory acuity, becoming the human lie detector


Lesson 4

Build responsiveness instead of just rapport

Making embedded commands a natural part of your conversations


Lesson 5

Sneaky ways to change how people are processing their thoughts

Developing charisma patterns that turn you into a magnetic personality


Lesson 6

Installing behaviours and thought patterns for push-button responses

Using deep unconscious values to motivate people


Lesson 7

Words that automatically drop your audience into trance

star_PNG1597 Lesson 8

Creating metaphors from real life situations to use as persuasion tools


Lesson 9

Hiding powerful persuasion patterns in metaphors


Lesson 10

Covert belief changes using metaphors

star_PNG1597 Lesson 11

Drawing people in and holding their attention using anticipation loops


Lesson 12

An anchoring exercise to create a charismatic persuasive personality

Spotting and using towards / away from motivation

star_PNG1597 Lesson 13

Changing behaviour by covertly chaining emotional responses

How to use toward and away from language to create motivation

star_PNG1597 Lesson 14

Spotting and using simple personality profiles to motivate people


Lesson 15

Another nine personality profile indicators that create massive leverage


Lesson 16

A worked example: a personality profile interview in depth and how you can use language to match and motivate people


Lesson 17

How to chunk and sequence information so your audience not only completely understand but are screaming for more


Lesson 18

Combining and integrating the powerful persuasion tools from the previous lessons

Lesson 19

How to use questions to create complex changes in behaviour


Lesson 20

Taking the assumptions inherent in questions to build huge motivational and change patterns


Lesson 21

Various conversational and covert belief change systems


Lesson 22

Using time-based language to set up pre-frames and covertly change beliefs


Lesson 23

Changing your own mindset and beliefs to get results


Lesson 24

Integrating all the tools and patterns

How long is the course and how is it delivered?

Hi Rintu. Josh here. How is everything? Wanted to tell you I started going through the course again as a refresher and am amazed how many more nuances I am picking up now. Now that I have allowed the material to integrate for a while. Really unbelievable. I am as excited to go through it again as i was originally!

I see on the site that apparently you added material to the course. Should I re-download all the lessons to get it?

– Josh R

There are 24 modules; each one contains written, audio and visual material. There are action points, tasks and homework for each module. Many people go through the course several times over and still find new things within it because of the way that it is structured. There are several layers of material and new insights are gained as you progress through each lesson making previous lessons new learning ground.

The course is designed for you to get quick wins at every stage and the intention is for you to use the material in each module as you go along. Physically there is over 15 hours of material in the course but it is designed for you to get much more than that from it.

The whole 24 module course is available to download straight away. If you went for one lesson a week it would be a good pace to learn, integrate and see results from each new concept, skill or idea. And of course since you have the whole programme in your hands you can speed up or slow down as you want.

What have others said about the course?

“…An extra ONE out of a hundred would more than double my income…”

Rintu I am about 1/3 of the way through your 6 month course and thought I might drop you a note about my experiences so far.

First I would like to say your material is great. I have found so many ways to use it from establishing rapport with random people to helping my tween daughter get through her anxiety (installed by her mother) in doing school work and many more.

Second I would like to say it is not at all what I was expecting. I figured it would primarily be a compilation of patterns sort of an extension of your Black Book. Instead what I discovered is the greatest benefit your course provides is awareness of what was already there that went unnoticed. Call it an “undelete”.

My new business starts on Monday. From networking with others they tell me it is a tough business as only about 1% of the deals close. Since each deal brings a check big enough to raise eyebrows at the bank won’t it be worth spending a little time experimenting with eliciting values and processes and implanting a few?

An extra ONE out of a hundred would more than double my income as the expenses are about the same whether a deal is made or not.

One final note I often setup an email account for each person I deal with ie rintu@###.com That makes it easy to see who sells my contact info to others. I really appreciate the fact that I have received absolutely nothing from anyone except for you in this account. So again thank you for respecting me and my time. I will end this note lest I take too much of your time.




– Bernie


I am using the reframe: “It really isn’t about me booking an appointment with you, however your ability to increase your data storage utilization by 35-50% is key.”

“And yes I agree that now is a bad time for you to speak with me, and that is why I have my calendar open to October, would the first Monday in October in the morning work for you”

My colleagues are booking 2 appointments a week, I am booking 4 a day and booked 2 this morning before 9:00AM.




– Pete R

And when I asked permission to put Pete’s email on the website Pete replied with:

No problem Rintu

of course you can use it on your website: You are among the best in our profession and one of the very few who actually responds to emails.

Now thanks to you: my desk is crowded with co-workers who want to listen in on my calls to see how I do it… really.


– Pete

“honestly you blow them away.”

Hi Rintu.

How is everything?

Sorry to keep flattering you but I just finished the whole course again and am thinking about going through it again. I figure if I picked up so much more from 2nd time around, third time should really cement the stuff in.

By the way I have had some time recently to sample other peoples stuff- in all honesty you blow them away. Enough flattery (though true!). I was wondering if you had time can you shoot me a short answer. I am asked a lot to speak by wedding celebrations and engagement parties where the focus is less on presenting information people don’t know, than to say nice things about the bride and groom spiced with humor. I have been practising 4mat and was wondering how you would structure it for such occasions.

By the way I naturally use charisma patterns everywhere! I spoke at a wedding celebration recently and used the charisma pattern and a few sensory based language patterns. The bride came over afterwards and gushed that it was magnificent, as did many other guests!

A great feeling!

All the best John


– John

“I feel that the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course was a turning point in my life.”

Hi Rintu, I know you are very busy, and that you have not heard from me in a while. I will keep this as short as possible.

I have just listened/watched Lesson 21 of Advanced Persuasion Patterns for the second time. I want to tell you that I have always felt there were things (emotions, feelings, and some past experiences, that have led me to feel that “I wasn’t good enough”. I am a Hypnotist (and Chiropractor), and have tried over the years to find one I could trust to help me find, and bring to the surface, experiences that were holding me back from being successful. After reviewing this lesson, I no longer feel that need.

As I was watching and listening, many of these issues/experiences came to the surface. I feel that the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course was a turning point in my life. I value it, more than I can put into words. To have some of the positive experiences I’ve had while learning and practicing these lessons was a very proud moment for me.

The reason I am just now reviewing lesson 21, is because I listen to the MP3’s daily, and write and practice in a Journal. It takes time to really master and understand and apply the information you have written, and it is far too easy to slip back into unproductive patterns of response. I am in the process of sorting things out, and lesson 21 could not have been viewed at a more appropriate time, so “Thank You”. I am sure, you see many people come and go, but believe me, I have learned many remarkable skills from you, and continue to have many successes.


– Dr Tom

What support will I get?

There are over four years of articles on the website and more coming out every month. Whilst they are for public consumption I often write lots of new patterns into them that I set up specifically for the Advanced Persuasion Patterns graduates to discover, learn and play with. Leave a comment on any of the articles with what hidden patterns and techniques you noticed in the article and I will always come round and confirm / deny / using it as a springboard to demonstrate lots more ideas.

I have a commitment to everyone on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course to help them get the best from the material. Obviously if it is taking too much of my time we might have to look for a coaching solution but I love hearing about how you are getting on and helping you tweak things to get an even better result.

I have set up public channels like the Facebook page and the twitter account so that members can benefit from the questions of others and my answers and as a member you have webinars and conference calls with me so have more channels of communication. And there is a private FaceBook group that you can gain access to where there are many skilful persuasion practitioners. It is a place to ask questions, learn, share and make new friends.


I am currently offering free one-off 20 minute internet based coaching session. The spaces for these are obviously limited and they are only available on a first come first served basis. As soon as I am up to capacity I will have to withdraw this bonus.

Are there any other bonuses?

You get free upgrades for the life of this course. There have been several upgrades to the course and when that happens all the previous graduates get notified. In fact I often use the Advanced Persuasion Patterns graduates as the test bed for new material so you will get access to this first and therefore you would even be helping to generate new content for current and future students.

I have recently added transcriptions of all the video lessons. Now you can follow along or look up sections to see what covert patterns was using with the audience. I have upgraded all the video modules to MP4 which means they will play easily on phones, tablets and laptops.

And there is a lot more but let me explain why I am prepared to add in these two bonus courses. The Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course is the most advanced and comprehensive course that I have. You can launch straight in from a standing start and I have found from feedback over the years that some students need a bit of a leg up to get up to speed. For that reason I have included two other courses that you can start on if you are completely new to the NLP / Hypnotic Persuasion World.

master-trainingThe Black Book Master Training Programme

This course contains a pdf copy of the international best selling Persuasion Skills Black Book, several written, audio and video recordings developing the lessons from the book into a powerful persuasion skills package. This is the best place to start to develop that rock solid foundation in hypnotic persuasion skills.



lancsimgThe Lancaster University Persuasion Lecture Deconstructed 

One common issue that students of NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion have is that they don’t get the opportunity to see these skills in operation and the impact it has on the people that it is being used with. On this course you get a bootleg recoding of the whole of a Persuasion Skills Lecture I did at Lancaster University. But more importantly you a full transcription of the lecture including my notes of the tools and techniques I was covertly using with the student, why I chose them, what impact it had and how you can learn use similar techniques for your life.

Once you are comfortable with the Master Training Programme move onto this recording and you will quickly find yourself naturally more persuasive.

If you go through these two courses first you will find the material in the Advanced Persuasion Patters course easier to assimilate and you will get the information at a much deeper level. And for that reason I have included them as exclusive bonuses to the APP course.

What is the guarantee?

badge_guarantee-150x150I want to let you know that I don’t expect to refund people from this course. I say this because I work people pretty hard to get the results they need and I’ve found that the ones who are willing to jump in and be committed from day one, always do amazingly well.

I have deliberately put a huge amount of content on the internet so you can see my style, my delivery and my content. If there’s any doubt that this might not be for you, then I can tell you, it’s not for you just yet. If so, I hope to see you on one of my future courses when it is the right time for you!

That said I am fully compliant with distant selling regulations, PayPal and Clickbank Terms of Service which includes a sixty day full money back gurantee.

How can I get on the course?

Well right now is absolutely the best time to get on the course. I have just upgraded all the material and added some valuable bonuses. Unfortunately due to EU law I have had to change how I sell the course. I have removed the monthly paid option and it is now on ClickBank for the standard recommended retail price of £250.

All in One Download

Yes! Rintu, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To The Entire Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course

I understand I’ll be downloading the entire Advanced Persuasion Patterns for a one-time investment of just £250 ( approximately $390 plus local sales tax) when I act now!

Get It HereOrder-Now-buttonOrder with confidence on 100% secure servers

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11 Comments on “Advanced Persuasion Patterns FAQ”

  1. Jack

    Hi Rintu,

    Does the bonus of this Advanced Persuasion Patterns contain “Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed” ?



  2. krishna

    Hi I was really not getting preframes got frustrated then I heard it for 20 times non stop than it stuck with ur friends story u refered in the course I changed my friends belif for not so good public speaker to good public speaker now I have generated some more stories like this myself like the story of a bee its a motivational story once the bee want to go out goes out with closed window pannel it hit and hits again and again but the window is closed it doesn’t recognises the window biside it is opened if it can take a turn it can get what she wants another one is a man carrying a lentern in dark he is afraid of dark but has lantern he can only see four steps before him bit his fear of dark don’t let him move forward but he fails to recognise that if he walks four steps he will see next four steps from then on I have changed many beliefs thank u u have made me a guru

  3. Adrian

    Just fab APP is fab great skills not to long 24 recordings and great content Rintu is a great teacher I have most if not all his products .I have paid big money in the past for courses no where near as good as rintu stuff don’t buy this course in fact take it off market now it’s to good

  4. Daniel

    Hi Rintu,

    Yes your efforts to produce a complete FAQ has resulted in the answering of all my current questions but really, I do believe I obtained all necessary understanding from your previous communications. Once again I would like the show appreciation for your treatment of the subject matter which came through by way of your particular credentials (Science and Engineering etc.). I don’t suppose I can express sufficiently enough just how pleased I am that you are out there doing this for people and I fully support and agree with your chosen method of effect. I am very excited to be on early notification for the APPc. And can not wait to start.


  5. Rintu Basu

    I was sent a great question by email and through the response would be useful here. So here is the email and my response:


    I have a quick question about the APP course.  I got a little excited about it and just bought the full thing yesterday but I have yet to complete the black book and smaller persuasion course I have already purchased.  I just wondered if it is best to completely go through all that material before starting on the APP stuff.


    Hi EP,
    It is a quick question but needs a big answer. 

    The original version of the APP was delivered in weekly chunks and people did not have the opportunity to leap ahead. I deliberately overloaded the weekly chunks so people would not be able to keep up. This was for several reasons, I wanted to over deliver on my promise, make sure people had enough to study and never go hungry during the week. 

    As people “fell behind” I found that they were jumping backwards and forwards through the content rather than following the delicately balanced structured process I had carefully designed. And they were also going through in order at the same time. This based on the feedback I get is a remarkably great way of studying the material.

    I am a firm believer of chaotic structures. Both The Persuasion Skills Black Book and the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course have a carefully designed structure that is designed to help you install the information. In both I (over)use patterns in lots of different ways to encourage the reader to notice them and to seduce people in to going back, spotting and laughing about the patterns they missed and are now learning about. 

    So the short answer to your question is follow the process for both / either and have the joy of reading ahead, behind and generally all around. I talk about learning these skills as a systematic, linear process because the teaching process has to start somewhere and finish somewhere else. The learning process on the other hand is about integrating things in much more multi-dimensional level. As such reading around the subject is vital.  

    I hope that answers your question. If it doesn’t wait until you have been through the metaphor section of the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course and come back to it.



    1. EP

      Thank you for your reply. I agree with your unique way of inserting seemingly random sections in your Black Book and would add how that aided in both learning and using the material.  It also helped to create a mood where you can continuously go back to sections and deepen your understanding of them and how they relate to other skills. That creates an almost endless learning environment from even a small amount of contact.Great work and thank you very much!EP

  6. Rintu Basu

    Absolutely not. I am upgrading this course all the time and when I have finished the next lot I am putting the price up to reflect all the new content.

    One of the bonuses for the Advanced Persuasion Patterns is free upgrades for life. So by buying now you will lock yourself in to the lower price point and get the new version of the course when it comes out.

  7. Rintu Basu

    Yes Fiona,
    You have several route to talk to me. I prefer talking to you on the Facebook page so others can learn from the situation, the same is true of comments on specific articles, much as you are doing now.

    You can email me directly and I am prepared to have conversations on skype so long as not too much of my time is involved. If you need more we can discuss coaching solutions, if the problem is not too private I reserve a few free coaching sessions that are recorded and sent out as bonuses to everyone on the course.

    Finally there is a range of conference calls and webinars on topics where you can talk to me directly as well.



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