“A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Language Patterns”

Real Hypnotic and NLP Influencing Skills

The three day course for all those NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners that want to get the most from their language skills.

Why go on this course?

As a practitioner or master practitioner of NLP you already know the power of language. Some of you will be wondering how best to utilise trance states, how to structure the internal representations you are forcing and how best to get people to do what you want.

NLP courses are great at getting people to understand how powerful language can be. But… did you leave your course knowing specifically how to create changes to people in your environment? For example, did your practitioner course show you specifically how to:

  • As a trainer: Covertly preframe a belief change so that your delegates think they have always had that belief?
  • As a coach: Install a learning strategy in your client so that they automatically pick up new ideas and integrate them?
  • As a manager: Use process language to get your team excited about the most odious tasks?
  • As a sales professional: Create specific process to get a prospect to fall in love with your product or service?
  • As a presenter: Trance your audience into believing you are the most charismatic leader on the planet?
  • As a parent: Install a video game mentality to doing their homework?
  • As an investigator: Making sure that your interviewee would feel huge amounts of guilt if they even thought about lying.
  • As a copy writer: Installing a buying strategy into the reader and then firing it off when you present your product?

If your NLP courses didn’t give enough for you to be able to do all of these things quickly, simply and easily then you need these three days.

You will leave this course with:

  1. At least five ways of locking thoughts to anything you want a subject to be thinking of.
  2. Three different scramble patterns that break up any decisions a person might have made.
  3. A values bind that is so powerful you could start a cult with just this one pattern.
  4. The structure of attraction and how to attach that to anything you want the person to fall in love with.
  5. Four key questions, which if asked in the right order, will break the most deeply held beliefs.
  6. A time distortion pattern that will leave your subject totally regressed or progressed depending on your choice.
  7. A charisma pattern that will leave people panting with desire.
  8. How to install a strategy and fire it off so your subject just automatically does what you say.
  9. Using and spinning trance words to send people into profound altered states.
  10. A conversation management process that lets you install persuasive patterns at a deep and unconscious level.
  11. A process for accelerating emotions into such peak states, that your subject may wet themselves with excitement.
  12. At least two pages of language scripts that are all ready to be used in your unique application.
  13. A minimum of three different persuasion processes that, with practice, you can use to put all these patterns into without having to think any of it through.
  14. The confidence to practice your language patterns with real people in real situations.

As you might have noticed, most of the usual NLP jargon doesn’t appear. The issue isn’t how well you can spew out the labels, but whether you can you use language easily, powerfully and flexibly…in any given context. This course is about giving you the confidence, knowledge and practice to be able to do just that.

So as well as all of the points above you will leave the course with:

  • A deeper understanding of persuasion patterns.
  • A model of linguistic excellence that you have elicited and integrated within yourself.
  • At least one context where you are more fluent in using influencing language.
  • Confidence in developing and utilising deep trance states in yourself and others, covertly.
  • The preframes that, if you put in place, will allow anyone to accept any beliefs, however bizarre.
  • An NLP Sales process that allows you to sell all your skills, services ideas and products to your prospects, your boss and even to the most sceptical people.
  • More fluency in using language but also the techniques that will allow you to move away from using individual language patterns and start controlling the process.
  • A process for installing dreams and even nightmares covertly.
  • A ten minute a day practice routine that will take your language skills beyond mastery within three months.

Is this about developing the “standard” NLP practitioner material or is there any new content?

Some of this material is covered on my current practitioner course, although not to this depth. Most practitioner and master practitioner courses do not cover this material at all. In fact, a certified trainer of NLP at my local NLP practice group recently confessed that nowhere in any of his training was language covered to such a depth and in such a useable format as my two hour improvised presentation.

Most NLP practitioners have never heard of Cialdini, or Leiberman let alone read any of their books and incorporated the science into their workshops. Some practitioner courses shy away from language because either their previous trainers are not that confident or their trainers have their own baggage about influencing language and haven’t covered it in any detail.

This is a course about how to get anyone to do anything so I am not holding anything back here. We will find the nasty stuff, including suicide patterns, how to strip someone of their values completely and installing nightmares. For all of these negative patterns there are positive uses. Installing nightmares is the same as installing dreams… just different content.

In short, even my recent practitioners will find new content on this course.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Before you are accepted on this course you will be:

  1. At least an NLP Practitioner, having been certified from a suitable training provider (please just ask a few simple questions this will allow us to make an informed decision).
  2. Able to demonstrate integrating NLP skills into some application.
  3. Comfortable with NLP labels and jargon (at a level where, for example you are familiar with linguistic or meta model labels…although there is no need for you to memorise them).
  4. Happy that you work within you own personal ethical framework and facilitating change with individuals for mutual benefit is an acceptable practice within that framework.
  5. Comfortable with trance, hypnosis, self hypnosis or meditation on a personal level.

You will also be asked to sign up to a code of ethics because of the power and nature of this material.

To get the most from this course you will need to come with a defined context and some specific scenarios that you would like to build patterns into.

Is there anything else I need to know about the course before I book?

The course is over just three days. It is intense, the content is huge and you will work hard. If you have a passion for influencing language, recognise the contribution NLP can make and love learning, you are guaranteed to have a fabulous time in terms of fun, development and return on investment.

Please expect to be challenged, to laugh a lot, learn new things, relearn old things in new ways, step out of your comfort zone, support others doing the same and leave the course having made significant changes both personally and professionally.

To book now or for further information:

Simply check for the next course dates on the Course Calendar and then email us at info@theNLPcompany.com or phone on 0141 275 4841

We will then arrange your initial interview and answer any further questions that you may have.


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