Secret Stash of Hidden Goodies Unearthed

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Okay I’ve been cleaning out the office and I’ve found a small pile of USB Data cards that I didn’t know that I had. I think they are really cool and they have lots of content on them including audio versions of the books and bootleg footage from some courses that I’ve delivered.

Just What is Possible with Hypnosis?

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This article is about a specific incident involving some incredibly dark and nasty sides to hypnosis. If you are squeamish about these things, or don’t want to know just how dangerous hypnosis can be you might be better off not reading on.

What could you get from an NLP Practitioner Course?

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I don’t believe in instant successes and magic bullets. I do believe a little application in the right direction can produce dramatic results. Think about the little snowball that gathers mass and momentum as it rolls downhill. A NLP Practitioner Course could help get that snowball rolling

Essential Skills to Transform Your Life

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I spoke to Tom Vizzini from Essential Skill the other week about personal development and what makes the biggest difference. The answer he gave me was so interesting that it turned into an article for him and I asked if I could publish it here for you.

Persuasion Skills 101, Using Emotions

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Any reader of my articles will have heard me banging on about the power of emotions and how persuasive they are. This article actively demonstrates just how much more persuasive you can be with only a couple of little tweaks to the way you approach people.