Can You Slap the Stupid Out Using NLP?

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I’m not a violent man. But metaphorically some people really need to have the stupid slapped out of them. And I know that it wouldn’t work and that it would be wrong to try but I get a modicum of joy thinking about the process with certain types of people. Some people are just so seduced by hype that they … Read More

Covert NLP Trance Example

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Several people have recently asked for some examples of covert hypnotic trance. You can have a look at my YouTube Channel (NLP Training) or FaceBook Video Page (Persuasion Skills Black Book) for lots of examples applying covert trance. But I thought it would be good to show you one of my favourite trance presentations from someone else.

NLP Sensory Systems and Persuasion Skills

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Here is part of an email I received from Jeff last week. I love the stuff you sent me about peripheral vision, my presentations are getting better already. I have to give a talk to my board next week. I know my CEO and CFO are really visual but there are two or three people that I don’t know. Should … Read More

Dark Side Patterns, Belief Destroyer

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Six years ago I listened to a programme that had a deep and very profound impact on me. It was a course called the Dark Side by Kenrick Cleveland. Below is an extremely powerful covert belief destroying pattern that I use in training that is based on one of Kenrick’s Dark Side Patterns.