What Use is NLP?

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Would you like to rediscover an incredibly powerful tool that can give you instant power or an edge in any situation? Would you be interested in learning the key to NLP that other people have paid thousands of pounds for? It is all in this article.

NLP and the Nature of Reality

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Due to my return to NLP Training I’ve been asked quite a few questions about my view on NLP. This article is about how you can use NLP to change the nature of reality.

What is trance?

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This is a question I am often asked and is article is about my personal ideas about it as well as a few thoughts on why this is useful.

New NLP Persuasive Techniques Video Uploaded

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I’ve just uploaded a new video. It’s a model that is not seen often in NLP Circles but is a powerful demonstration of communication as a system. The model goes further by showing you a variety of ways of being able to change and therefore control the system.