Why NLP Coaches should Learn Covert Persuasion

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This article is about how we can unconsciously install new behaviour, thoughts and ideas into other people. By the end of this article you will have a good idea on some of the techniques hypnotist use to bypass you conscious faculties and install particular thoughts, ideas and behaviour.

The Secret to Good NLP Coaching

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I received an email last week with an interesting structure to a problem. It gives me the opportunity to unpack some material about belief changes and some general ideas you can use when covertly changing beliefs.

NLP Language Patterns and Coaching

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I’ve just been sent an email from a trainee life coach who has had a dramatic personal breakthrough by just using a simple technique. This article uses that email as the foundation to give you a flexible and powerful personal development tool you can use with yourself and others.

NLP Timelines and Spatial Anchors

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A couple of days ago I put out a video showing how I often set up spatial anchors. A question I have been emailed several times is do I set up timelines in the same way. So today I have a video showing you how I do that.

How to Completely Fail as an NLP Coach

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I only take on a few coaching clients every year and have dramatically scaled down my coaching practice over the years. The truth of the matter is I am not very good at it. This article is why I suck at coaching and how you can avoid the problems that I have.

Applying Covert Hypnosis to NLP Coaching

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This article will show you how you can get your audience to shift limiting beliefs, install a desire to succeed and get people compliant for whatever you have in store for them. The techniques you will read in this article are ideally suited to coaches, counsellors, therapists, trainers and teachers.

Every Decent Coach needs to do Trance

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I have self-coaching in my head today as I am delivering a presentation on how to overcome your limiting beliefs and get ahead through self-coaching today. This article talks about the importance of trance in blowing out limiting beliefs and installing empowering beliefs whether this is for yourself or for your clients.