“Advanced Study Skills Course”

Practical Hypnotic and NLP Study Techniques

A one-day course that will double your reading, comprehension and learning ability

If you:

  • Panic at the thought of exams
  • Are struggling with studying
  • Have difficulty keeping your focus and motivation
  • Want to get more from your learning but don’t know how
  • Would like to double your reading speed, retention and comprehension

Then this is a course that will show you how study with little effort and apply new knowledge quickly and easily.

In this introduction to Advanced Accelerated Learning you will learn study techniques that will take your learning to new heights.

On This Course You will learn:

  • How to perform well in exams.
  • A system that will double your reading speed as a minimum.
  • Three master keys that, when in place makes learning as easy as watching your favourite TV Programmes.
  • Memory techniques that you can use to memorise huge quantities of information in seconds.
  • A methodology that that keeps you focussed, motivated and learning at an accelerated rate.

To Book on this Course or for Further Information:

Check the course calendar for the course dates then:

Telephone: 0141 275 4841 or
Email: info@theNLPcompany.com

Price £150 or £125 early Booking plus vat

This course is ideal for anyone on any study programme including Standard, Higher and Degree Level Programmes.

The materials and technology on this course can be suitable for certain forms of Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements .


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