“Hypnotic & Accelerated Learning Course, Dramatically Increase Your Learning and Study Capacity”

Unlock the power of unconscious learning

A two-day course about using hypnotic principles dramatically increase your learning speed.

Why should I go on this course?

If you, feel you could benefit from being able to:

Read faster

Be more creative

Improve your memory

Take in and understand more

Learn to model people with skills that you want

Dramatically increase the integration of new skills

Then this could be the course for you.

What is this course actually about?

There are three key areas to effective learning. These are:

  1. Your Emotional State, including motivation, negative baggage and positive emotions about learning.
  2. Your beliefs about your capabilities and how difficult the subject is.
  3. The tools and techniques you use to learn.

On this course we don’t just focus on giving you the latest leading edge learning, reading and memory techniques.

Hypnotic learning is about ensuring that you have the ability to get into the ideal emotional state to learn, you have let go of all the emotional baggage about learning and have taken on empowering beliefs about your capabilities.

Once you do this the use of learning techniques becomes suddenly much more powerful and dramatic results start to happen.

One delegate took a six month course and reduced it to four days.
Another delegate took her reading speed from less than 100 to over 4000 words per minute. All through less than an hour practice every day for three months.
Many delegates dramatically increase the amount of spare time that they have just by taking information in quickly and easily in one pass.

By the end of this programme you will have:

  • Developed a learning state that gives you unshakable confidence and ability
  • Installed at a deep unconscious level empowering and supportive beliefs about learning
  • Created a learning process that suits your personality and learning style that you can fit to studying any subject
  • Increased your reading speed, comprehension and retention dramatically and know how to develop it further
  • Learned basic modelling techniques used to rapidly develop key skills from others

How is the course delivered?

The number of delegates is restricted to ensure you get personal attention so you get to adapt the material to suit you personally. The course is very interactive and is designed for you to build your own learning processes using the principles taught on the course but adapted to your own personal needs.

The training includes instruction, demonstration and practice. Whilst this is an accelerated and intensive course, space is made for practice and feedback to develop each technique that is taught. Follow on training or coaching, can be arranged to ensure constant development of the skills.

All the techniques delivered on this course are used on the course to accelerate the learning of the delegates and as a conscious example of these techniques working.

How would I benefit from this course?

  • If you are on any programme of study, or want to learn any new skill then this programme will teach you the master keys of learning to learn.
  • If you ever get overwhelmed with information and wished you could just take it all in quickly and easily then this course can help.
  • If you ever suffer from exam nerves and don’t work well when being assessed then you will learn how to keep calm under pressure.

The materials and technology on this course can be suitable for certain forms of Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

If you are looking to:

  • Achieve more
  • Have fun doing it
  • Work smarter rather than harder
  • Committed to creating a better life for yourself

Then register right now for a programme that will create profound and long lasting results.

To book this course or further information

There are a restricted number of seats and they fill fast so register now. Check the course calender for the next course dates.

Then contact us at info@theNLPcompany.com or telephone on 0141 275 4841

Investment: Early Booking £300 Plus VAT

Standard £400 Plus VAT

This programme is ideally suited to people that want more out of life.

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