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Accelerated Success BreakThrough Coaching Session

  • Do you suffer from repeat patterns of behaviour that are not useful?
  • Perhaps you often get to the brink of success and fall at the final hurdle?
  • Or know what you want, know what to do and then never quite get going?

If you are impatient for big results quickly and have a mental block that is stopping you from completely achieving then an Accelerated Success BreakThrough Coaching will help you get the result.

Coaching Modelled on High Achievers

High achievers seem to expend very little effort to get what they want. That’s not to say they don’t work, just that the work seems fun, pleasurable and what they were born to achieve. They don’t seem to stress or worry about getting their goals, they just seem to assume it will happen and then it does. If you are looking to achieve in life without sweat, toil and trouble then an Accelerated Success BreakThrough is an option you want to explore.

Typical areas where you will achieve success through a BreakThrough Coaching Session include:

Career Change, Promotion or New Job

Often people don’t go for that step up simply even when they have the experience, skills and are ready for it. Sometimes the fear of failure or even fear of success stops you from stepping up to the challenge of a new and rewarding role. If you know your ideal role how do you need to change your thinking to go out and get it?

Business Success

Moving your business up a level can be fraught with difficulty. Often the difference between failure and success is a matter of how you think. All material success starts with thoughts and the mindset that carries this through action and then into results. Clearing out the negative emotions and creating a positive mindset is the one thing that will always have a direct impact on business growth. What disempowering beliefs could you clear out that would give you an instant change in your perception?

Leadership Challenges

Tough decisions in a real-time reactive environment can be difficult. Leadership can be a lonely place particularly in challenging times. Having empowering beliefs that support your decisions can make the difference between managing and visionary leadership. What beliefs would you have to have to get the results you want?

Peak Performance, Competitive Games and Sports

People performing at their best create a flow state where they seem to be doing all the right things at the right time and by the right amount. You will hear athletes, writers and performers talk about this often. Imagine the results of having a switch inside that you can just turn this state on and off as you need it. If you had a flow state you can turn on, where would you use it for the best results?

Personal motivation and self-doubt

A lot of martial arts talk about defeating the enemy within before you can defeat the enemy without. Everyone has limitations and boundaries…but they are often set far lower than they need to be simply through the way we think of ourselves, what we think is possible and our conditioning. If you broke through this how much more do you want to achieve?

Anywhere you are not achieving what you know is possible is an area where an Accelerated Success Session can help.

The Accelerated Success BreakThrough Coaching Session is a structured way to facilitate you letting go of negative emotions and beliefs and install powerful new ways of thinking. Having this in a specific context creates powerful long-term results very quickly. Doing a breakthrough session will give you:

Better clarity of vision
Stronger sense of purpose
More intuitive motivation
Great confidence in achieving

And this will lead to less stress and bigger, better results in a faster time.

These coaching sessions are not for everyone. They are designed for those people that already know that they can achieve and have a mental block around their specific context.

Hypnotic Coaching Results

Having delivered Accelerated Success BreakThrough Coaching Sessions for eight year and over three continents here are some of the results that have achieved:

An investment banker in Europe developed stronger relationships with his team creating more unity of purpose and increased profits in less than a week of his session.

A semi-professional poker player in Scotland letting go of his fear of failure went on to win three online games and over $1000 the very next day.

A general manager for a large multi-site national company in the UK increased her self-esteem and was promoted twice in less than six months.

A business consultant in Ireland broke the emotional attachment to a shop he owned that was making a loss and then sold it to make a profit.

A tennis player in India went on to win his next three games and the club league directly from his breakthrough session.

A marketing director in London put down his fear of presentations and generated £500 000 through the presentations he delivered over the next three months.

An insurance salesman in London rediscovered his passion and changed his career to become a storyboard artist in Los Angeles in less than six months.

A business woman in London finally conquered her exam fears and negative beliefs about her learning ability to apply for and successfully pass her Mba.

A manager in Scotland gained her professional confidence so much that in less than a year she change jobs twice in less than a year and is working for a large company as an executive, in a role she never thought she could reach or do.

A studio guitarist in Costa Mesa released his fear of performing live and three months later was performing with several bands.

Coaching Structure

The Accelerated Success Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are set up for very quick results. You will have an initial, free consultation to check your suitability for the programme. If accepted, you will have some homework to complete that we recommend you take at least an hour to complete. Once this is completed and returned we will arrange a suitable time and place to do the session.

The day will take somewhere between four to six hours. The front end will be all about exploring the various goals, challenges and blockages with a view to setting up interventions that will break through all you limiting beliefs, negative emotions and all the obstacles that are holding you back.

We use advanced psychological techniques including NLP and hypnosis in a structured way that we can guarantee success. In fact we are so confident in our approach that we can give you a cast-iron guarantee that you will get everything from the session that we agree from the initial meeting. If you don’t get the results on the day we will continue working with you for free until you do get the results. To date everyone that has been accepted for an Accelerated Success BreakThrough Coaching Session has got what they came for on the day.

Whilst there is sometimes a certain gravitas for the challenges you face we aim to have fun and everyone tends to enjoy your BreakThrough process.

A follow-up session arranged anywhere from a few days to a few months later is usual to conclude the process.

An Accelerated Success BreakThrough will give you all of this and more.

An Accelerated Success BreakThrough will give you all of this and more. Contact me to set up a no obligation consultation to check your suitability for BreakThrough Coaching.

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