“Hypnotic Influencing & Persuasion Skills, Getting What You Want through Others”

Cutting Edge Persuasion and Influencing Tools for Personal and Professional Success

A three-day course about using hypnotic principles to draw people to your cause.

Why should I go on this course?

Have you noticed that some people just get whatever they want? They always win arguments, get noticed by the right people and win the best deals.

Some people are instantly noticed when they walk into the room, they attract attention and others just seem to hang on their every word.

You might think this just a natural talent that they were born with…and you are probably right. But using advanced modelling techniques all these skills can be learnt and put to use for you.

If you would like to be able to:

  • Build instant connections with anyone
  • Get behind how people are thinking on a moment by moment basis
  • Change people’s emotions with just a few words
  • Speak directly to the unconscious mind and change the direction of their thoughts

Then this is the course for you!

If you don’t think this is possible just notice some of the people in your life that do this right now. Imagine what your life would be like if you could do the same. If they can, so can you. You just need to pick up the skills.

There are natural, easy to learn processes that will allow you to influence people directly on a conscious and unconscious level.

Just suppose you could do this, what would your life be like then?

What will I get from this course?

Simply the ability to build instant connections with people, read their emotions and influence the direction of their thoughts on at a deep unconscious level.

But the benefits are far greater than simply this. Just imagine:

  • Getting your way more often than not
  • Negotiating better pay, deals, jobs
  • Always getting the best seats in the house
  • Attracting the best people whether in your personal or professional life

What changes about your life if you were a master influencer?

Are these skills manipulative?

These skills are used by many people all over the world. Some have good intent enriching their own and other people’s lives. Others have darker, more sinister uses.

Would you know the difference if you didn’t have knowledge of how these processes work?

This is the perfect course for:

  • Sales professionals
  • Trainers
  • Managers
  • Recruiters and Interviewers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Negotiators
  • Business Leaders
  • Coaches and Therapists

How is the course structured?

The three days takes you through all the building blocks of persuasion. Starting with reading people and building connections non verbally. You then move through how to talk directly to the unconscious mind to change emotions and finally move into patterns of persuasion. All NLP courses will tell you about language patterns and how to embed commands. Some courses will show you how to string these together into patterns that become almost irresistible. This course shows you the process to develop your own powerful hypnotic language for any context.

The core content includes:

  • Reading people
  • Building instant connections
  • Matching language to create responsiveness
  • Changing emotional states in self and others
  • Eliciting and attaching pleasure states
  • Covertly changing the emotions of unpleasant thoughts
  • Hypnotic language that gets agreement
  • Binding thoughts to future actions
  • Weasel phrases and language patterns that embed unconscious commands
  • Motivating by attaching actions to core values
  • Conversation management processes that allow your influencing skills to happen naturally

Other applications of Hypnotic Influence include:

  • Building relationships that are satisfying and rewarding
  • Attracting your ideal partner
  • Public speaking
  • Interviews
  • Creative writing and storytelling

How to Book on the Programme

There are a restricted number of seats and they fill fast so register now.

To book on the programme just check for the next course dates on the course calendar and then email us at info@theNLPcompany.com alternatively phone on 0141 275 4841


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