“NLP Master Practitioner Course – Giving Trainers and Coaches the Tools for Powerful Professional Development”

Unlock the true potential of NLP and Hypnosis in a Coaching and Training Environment

The Worlds Only NLP Master Practitioner Course designed specifically for Trainers and Coaches.

As a trainer you will leave the course with:

  • Three new trainer states that you can slip into automatically ensuring you are in the most appropriate state for your delivery.
  • At least two new courses that you could run immediately that are guaranteed to make money plus 47 more that would need less than a day to get to a delivery standard.
  • Five new ways to covertly install or change beliefs with a group.
  • At least 196 new linguistic persuasion patterns that specifically relate to training and are ready to use.
  • The process to linguistically bind values to course objective thereby eliminating any resistance from your delegates.
  • A personality profiling system that takes 7 minutes to elicit and can be applied directly to a group that easily triples your influence with them. You can also go and sell the profiling section as a stand alone course or team facilitation event from the day you have your certificate.
  • The skill to use every NLP technique covertly and with a group…including the process to generate this automatically.
  • The one page question sheet that makes both needs analysis and evaluation a joy to do instead of the burden most trainers think.
  • The process to get the budget holder upset because they are sending people on the course and not going themselves.
  • A modelling process that allows you to turn any skill, any knowledge or any talent into a workable course within hours whether you have a model of excellence, you are reading it from a book or just inventing a new process.
  • The secret to using influencing language fluently.
  • The 16 patterns that crush any objection and how to set up a course so never to have to use them.

In short at the end of this course you will have the ability to create and design courses that you already know will work, you will have the influencing skills to sell them and the delivery skills to be given a standing ovation for them for any subject, skill or objective. But not only this, for any subject area you have the knowledge in you could structure weeks worth of courses almost instantly.

As a coach you will leave this course with:

  • A coaching formula that you will stop using because it makes coaching to simple, powerful and easy, leaving you with no challenge.
  • How to stay focused, calmed and in rapport however difficult the client or situation.
  • A process to covertly install empowering beliefs in your client that often means they don’t need to be coached.
  • The five preframes that if you and your client take on board will guarantee astounding results.
  • How to elicit and change deep personal values in either team or individual coaching sessions.
  • A personality profiling system that takes minutes to elicit and would give your clients a rich understanding of themselves.
  • A process to spontaneously generated powerful new NLP techniques in the middle of your coaching sessions.
  • A profound personality change technique that uses your client’s personal metaphors to drive the changes they want outside of their conscious awareness.
  • How to reframe a client’s strengths to apply to areas of change.
  • A modelling process that will allow you to scramble problem strategies to mean your client cannot access their problem states ever again.
  • 5 persuasion patterns that are so powerful you can get your client to do anything you want them to (please note I am only willing to release this information to trainer’s and coaches that have a personal code of ethics because it is too easy to abuse people with it).
  • Seven niche coaching programmes that you can market immediately from collecting your certificate.

In short by the end of this course you will have added a quantum step to your evolution as a coach. Imagine the impact of taking a small fraction of the time to create twice the result for your clients because this is an inevitable result from this course.

As well as all of the above you will leave the course with:

  • A deep understanding of accelerated learning through modelling.
  • A model of excellence that you have elicited and integrated within yourself.
  • At least one context where you are fluent in using NLP influencing language.
  • Confidence in developing and utilising deep trance states in yourself and others covertly.
  • The preframes that if you put in place will allow anyone to accept a hypnotic approach.
  • An NLP Sales process that allows you to sell all your new skills, services and products to your prospects, your boss and even to the most sceptical people.
  • The ability to take your NLP skills and apply them to any area including those you know nothing about.
  • The ability to read people at a more profound level than ever before as well as the tools to influence them in ways that will totally amaze you.
  • Not only a huge number of new NLP techniques but having practiced them in your own specific area of expertise.
  • More fluency in using language but also the techniques that will allow you to move away from using individual language patterns and start controlling the process.
  • A process for installing dreams and even nightmares covertly.
  • A ten minute a day practice routine that will take your NLP skills beyond mastery within three months.

Is this course about developing the NLP Practitioner Training Course material or is this new content?

My “standard” NLP Practitioner training course already contains a lot of Master Practitioner content which, due to time constraints in the 9 day practitioner course, is not developed fully. Also because this Master Practitioner course is about some very specific contexts it means we can get right underneath a subject and really deepen the applications.

For example: On my practitioner course you will have discussed the value of preframes and perhaps gone through some of the preframes I use to set up a particular segment of the course. On the Master Prac I would expect you to leave the course with at least three scripts worth of preframes that you would use to set up the beginning of particular programmes that you are delivering plus a process for developing preframes on the fly for answering questions as well as a full understanding of how they can work in any of your given contexts.

In addition to developing the entire practitioner material in this way there is a huge amount of new content. I have listed some of it below and our approach to the subjects.

The section in italics is the part you would get on any standard Master Practitoner course; the rest is how we will develop it on our course.

Advanced Linguistics Patterns

Setting up and delivering any NLP technique linguistically for an individual or group completely covertly and within the body of any presentation, speech or conversation

Quantum Linguistics

Blowing out beliefs, emotional issues and trapping clients into linguistic binds that force change…all in a formulaic way where you don’t even need to know what the presenting problem is. (Great therapy tool, but could you imagine being on my Master Practitioner Course and developing your ability do this to a large group completely outside their conscious awareness? )

Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Win any argument. Okay, how about processes for setting these sleight of mouth patterns up in your preframes so it is impossible for the argument to come up in the first place, or in a group have others support and argue your point for you?


How they are formed, how to elicit and use them with a client or group. On your course you’ll discover a process for creating linguistic binds that are impossible to detract from. You’ll also be changing people’s values overtly, covertly, with individuals or groups.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Before you are accepted on this course you will be:

  • Coaching, training or delivering presentations as a substantial part of your vocation.
  • A NLP Practitioner having passed from a suitable training provider (please just ask a few simple questions this will allow us to make an informed decision).
  • Able to demonstrate integrating NLP skills into some area of coaching, training or presenting.
  • Comfortable with NLP labels and jargon (at a level where, for example you are familiar with linguistic or meta model labels…although there is no need for you to memorise them).
  • Happy that you work within you own personal ethical framework and facilitating change with individuals for mutual benefit is an acceptable practice within that framework.
  • Comfortable with trance, hypnosis, self hypnosis or meditation on a personal level.

You will also be able to describe experiences where you have:

  • Built rapport through an NLP process
  • Anchored yourself or someone else to create a state change
  • Used a sub modality shift to create change with yourself or another
  • Delivered several language patterns to influence a series of internal representations

Do I need to bring anything with me to the course?

You will need to bring:

  1. At least 30 minutes of content that you can already present but would like to integrate more NLP into. The more content you bring the more options you will have with various exercises.
  2. A book (preferably that you have not read) that you think would make a good coaching programme or training course. We will demonstrate how easily you can take the material and design a course around the material from the book from start to finish (if you didn’t learn accelerated reading and study techniques on your practitioner course then a book you have already read would be acceptable. For those practitioners that have attended my practitioner course but have not kept up their study skills, you will be fully supported if you chose a book you have not yet read).
  3. Books, dvds, cds and any other material you can find on a particular model of excellence you would like to study. As part of the course you will be asked to model aspects of a person or subject and take those findings and turn it into a training course or presentation or coaching programme that installs the model into a client or group.

Is there anything else I need to know about the course before I book?

The course is 15 days long, from Saturday through to the following Sunday. It is intense, the content is huge and you will work hard. If you have a passion for training and / or coaching, recognise the contribution NLP can make and love learning you are guaranteed to have a fabulous time in terms of fun, development and return of investment.

Please expect to be challenged, to laugh a lot, learn new things, relearn old things in new ways, step out of your comfort zone, support others doing the same and leave the course having made significant changes both personally and professionally.

How to book on the programme

The full investment to attend this programme including:

  • Initial assessment interview
  • Fifteen days training
  • Coaching support throughout
  • Complete supporting materials including manuals and handouts

Is £3497, payable in advance

To book on the programme or for further information just check for the next course dates on the course calendar and then email us at info@theNLPcompany.com or phone on 0141 275 4841

We will then arrange your initial interview and answer any further questions that you may have.


This programme is only for people that want the best out of life.

Only if you are committed to having fun whilst creating amazing results for yourself and those around you is it worth your time and effort to come on this programme.

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