“NLP Presentation Skills, Unleash the Power of NLP and Hypnosis for Groups”

Using covert methods for creating lasting results for groups

A four-day course about using hypnotic principles in presentations.

Why Should I Go On This Course?

How would you feel if you were asked to fill in for a daylong presentation in front of hundreds of people at a moment’s notice and no preparation time?

After the course the delegates will be tested to see how much information they have taken in. If you can step up to this challenge confidently knowing you will succeed then this programme is not for you.

How would I benefit from this course?

  • Dramatically cut down your design and preparation time
  • Create memorable presentations gaining influence and credibility
  • Present with confidence under any circumstance
  • Speak unrehearsed to large groups knowing they will all understand and enjoy your presentation
  • Gain a level of group rapport that will draw small teams together and make all members of a large group feel included
  • Develop presentations that are dynamic, entertaining and powerful whilst still being uniquely your own style, and most importantly, impart the information in a clearly understood manner

What will I get from this course?

Speaking to groups is one of the greatest fears in this country. It is also one of the greatest opportunities to influence the opinions and buying decisions of large numbers of people in a short space of time. This could have direct financial benefits to you and your organisation. Yet surprisingly few presenters make effective use of that opportunity. Think of some of the really masterful presenters you have seen and notice just how much hypnotic influence they have over the audience. If you can think of the value in being able to deliver masterful presentations then just imagine how you will feel at the end of this course when you realise that you can.

Imagine how much more effective your presentations would be if you could:

  • Build an instant connection with everyone in the room
  • Change peoples states to anticipation, curiosity and excitement
  • Motivate groups to action by tapping into their unconscious desires
  • Speak in ways that touch them on a deep emotional level

These are just a few of the topics covered on this programme.

By the end of this programme you will have:

  • Developed a trainer state that gives you unshakable confidence
  • Created a presentation structure that grabs attention independent of content
  • Discovered how to covertly take control of groups and lead them in a direction
  • Learnt how to deliver charisma patterns that instantly increase your credibility and authority
  • Practiced all of this with your own material and been given high quality feedback on your delivery

What is covered on the course?

  • Presentation design for maximum effect with minimum effort
  • Maintaining a positive presenter state
  • Tailoring communications to reach different personality styles
  • Planning and pacing presentations to reach all members of the audience
  • Stage design that aids memory recall for your delegates
  • Having the sensory acuity to know what is happening to the audience
  • Developing charisma
  • Eliciting states of fascination and curiosity in the audience
  • Confidence with questions even when you don’t know the answers
  • Designing learning exercises
  • Unlocking the power of metaphors and jokes
  • Feedback for continuous development
  • Formats for specialist presentations such as sales or training
  • Knowing the audience have got the message

How is the course delivered?

The number of delegates is heavily restricted to ensure you get personal attention so you get to adapt the material to suit you personally. The course is very interactive and is designed for you to build your own presentations using the principles taught on the course.

A maximum of 12 delegates will be on the course as small groups are required. The training includes instruction, demonstration and practice presentations including high quality feedback. Whilst this is an accelerated and intensive course, space is made for short, practice presentations and feedback to develop each technique that is taught. Follow on training or coaching, can be arranged to ensure constant development of the skills.

How to Book on This Course:

Check the course calendar for the next course date and then secure your place by:

Phone: 0141 275 4841 or
E-mail: info@theNLPcompany.com

Your Investment: £1000 plus VAT Early Booking, £1200 plus VAT Standard

This programme is ideally suited to people that want to create results through motivating groups whether to impart new skills and knowledge or inspire, motivate and lead them to action.
There are a restricted number of seats. Register right now for a programme that will create profound and long lasting results.

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