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A two day course in getting more out of the next 12 months than you have out of the last twelve years.

Why should I go on this course?

The beginning of the year is when people evaluate what they have achieved and where they want to go for the next year. But you could do this at any time.

If you, when you evaluate your life and set out your future have the feeling that:

  • New Year Resolutions will turn out to be the same empty rhetoric of past years?
  • Nothing has changed and you have not moved forward with your dreams?
  • Next year will be more of the same?

Then this is the course for you!

Time is passing. It’s time to take your life in hand and get on track!

If this is the case how would it be if you could do more in the next twelve months than you have in the last twelve years?

  • What new projects would you start on?
  • What would you aspire to achieve?
  • What results would you create?

What if all the things you are thinking of are all possible and all you had to do was change the way you think to achieve it all? Let me go even further and say, what if in two days you could not only change your thinking, but also learn the key secrets to keep making the changes you want for the rest of your life? Is it worth spending a few minutes finding out how this is possible?

What will I get from this course?

Over a two day workshop you will learn the key elements that successful people use to run their minds, not as some theoretical concept, not just how they do it…but exactly how you can use and apply the same structures to recreate your life exactly the way that you want it.

Here are some of the results that delegates typical want and get quickly and easily:

  • A new job
  • The partner of their dreams
  • New social circles and friends
  • Doubling or even tripling their income
  • Complete lifestyle change spending more time with the people that matter

Changing the way you think can give you all of this and more…and you can learn how in just two days. Let me explain how…

Self Hypnosis, NLP and Image Streaming – a Route to Personal Excellence

Three things stop you from achieving more of what you want from life: –

  1. Limiting beliefs about your ability
  2. Negative emotions and stress
  3. Not being aligned to your results

Limiting Beliefs

What you believe is what you will draw to yourself. For example if you believe money is the root of all evil or that you are not deserving of good things you will not be able to create large amounts of wealth for yourself. If you were to believe you not a good learner or have a bad memory how hard do you thing any programme of study would be for you?

All of these limiting beliefs are only as real as you think them to be. On this workshop you will learn powerful techniques to blow out limiting believe and install new, positive and empowering beliefs to drive you forward to your goals.

Negative Emotions

People link the things that have happened in the past to their current situation and then make decisions based on the past and not what is really happening.

For example say you were bullied at school by someone who has a passing resemblance to your current boss. Or you went through a long and painful divorce and you have to deal with a client who has exactly the same mannerisms as your ex partner. You might not even know where those feeling of anger, fear, sadness or guilty are coming from because they are buried deep in your unconscious past, but if they come up then they are having impact on you.

Using a unique blend of NLP techniques and self hypnosis you can, without even knowing where these emotions are coming from let them go. Once the process is learnt it quickly becomes habit so you do it automatically without even thinking. Imagine the decrease in stress, the ability to think big without fear and the potential to aim for the things you want instead of what you think you can achieve.

Aligning Yourself with Your Goals

Many people are unclear as to why they want the things they want. Many people set themselves up to fail because of faulty goals setting systems. Have you experienced or seen people working hard and moving towards their goals only to suddenly fail just when it looked like they would get everything?

This happens because if you do not set goals in a way that is in harmony with your inner self and let go of the neediness you will create thoughts and feelings that are unhelpful and potentially fail.

Some anglers will pull hard and fight fish on a line to pull it out of the water. Sometimes that fight is strong enough to break the line and the fish goes free. An exceptional angler will play the fish and instead of pulling the fish towards them will move towards the fish. The line gets shorter and stronger and the fish more tired. A much easier way to reel the result in and a way of thinking that attracts your goals instead of you having to fight for them.

Using special, little known self hypnosis goal setting techniques you can align yourself with your goals as well set your mind to attract goals easily.

On this course you will: –

  • Create your ultimate success plan
  • Learn many stress busting strategies
  • Clear out any unwanted and negative emotions
  • Move forward confident and secure that you can create the life you want
  • Change your beliefs about what you think is possible for you to achieve

Personal Development the Easy Way

By using a blend of the most powerful psychological tools in existence through a tried and tested process you can achieve huge amounts quickly and easily. On this  workshop you will not only learn these tools but also use them on your goals for a concrete example of how this applies directly to you and how you specifically can use the tools.

Self Hypnosis and NLP Techniques You Will Learn on this Workshop

You will learn how to:

  • to change your beliefs to being more empowered.
  • let go of negative emotions so you have more energy and fun.
  • let go of negative stress and are more relaxed about getting what you want.
  • set goals deep in your unconscious so everything you do moves you towards the results you want.

Results through Hypnotic Techniques and NLP Tools

Simply put as a result of this workshop you will:

  • Be more relaxed and therefore be more confident and powerful. This will result in more influence with others, more friends and social success.
  • Set goals for the things you want and achieve more than you ever have. This means you will have more money, more time and spend less effort in getting these results.
  • Be more in control, confident and have more self esteem. This will result in you not only achieving more but also going for the things you want rather than the things you think you can get.

Just imagine for a moment that you have decided not to go on this workshop. True you have not risked anything and nothing will have changed, where will you be next year? How about in five years time? If normality and stability is what you are looking for then stop and don’t read any further. But, what if…

You can achieve more in the next twelve months than you have in the last twelve years?

Do you not have a right to have all you want from your life? In fact think about all the important people in your life, do you not owe it to them to be the best you can be…and through that help them as well? But this is a bold claim, what if only 10% of it were achievable…

If you were performing only 10% better than ever before

  • where would you go?
  • what would you achieve?
  • what results would you be looking for?

Imagine then end of next year, how much would you have done, what fun would you have had and how would people be treating you? How about five years time? If you can imagine great results for the future then you might consider booking on this course even if only a small part of it were achivable.

After this course you will have: –

  • The Plan
  • The Belief
  • The Confidence

To get more of what you want out of life.

To book this course or further information

Check the the course calender for course dates then contact us via:

Tel: 0141 275 4841

Investment: £400 Early Booking, £600 Standard

The weekend takes you through a process that starts with you daring to dream of all the things you would want to be, to do and have. Being led to your own mental blocks, you will discover the self-imposed limits that stop you from achieving all that you desire. From here you will clear all these limitations through a blend of cutting edge mind technologies such as hypnosis, NLP, gestalt theory, EFT, image streaming and then set meaningful goals in a powerful way that will drive you forward. The weekend will end with you have a direct and conscious experience of having let go of all your self imposed blocks to success.

This programme is ideally suited to people that want more out of life.

If you are looking to:

  • Achieve more
  • Have fun doing it
  • Work smarter rather than harder
  • Committed to creating a better life for yourself

Then register right now for a programme that will create profound and long lasting results.


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