Why Learn NLP for Study Skills?

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The master keys to reading and learning that academics don’t want you to know…

How to triple your reading speed,
double your comprehension
and increase your understanding by 50% or more

Just imagine being able to look through a book once and be able to recall everything. What would that do for you?

  • No exam stress
  • More play and less study time
  • Confidence in your new knowledge


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If you could see a way of dumping whole text books of knowledge into your head quickly and easily it would make sense to learn how, wouldn’t it? How good would you feel if you knew the secret to:

  • Decreasing your study time by more then 50%
  • Increasing your retention to 70% or more
  • Taking your comprehension to new heights

If you are on a programme of study you have probably experienced:

  1. Avoiding coursework until the last minute because of the amount of work and learning involved.
  2. A sinking feeling when you look at the growing pile of text books you have to get through.
  3. That rising sense of frustration when you are spending more and more time looking at the same page of a book and it feels like nothing is going in.
  4. Some books making the subject more complicated than you know it should be.
  5. The panic of waking up after a night of intensive studying and thinking you have forgotten everything.
  6. Impatience at having to take hours going through books just to find the one key piece that makes everything fall into place.
  7. Anger at authors that don’t seem to follow any logical order.
  8. A sense that study periods are taking longer and longer until you feel that you don’t have a life.
  9. Envy at some people that just seem to stare at a book for a few minutes and come away with what seems like photographic knowledge of the content.

When you read through that list, I imagine some of it made sense to you. But how good would you feel if you had a quick, simple process that could take away all of that study hassle?

Thanks for this…I really didn’t think it would work, but it really does. I’ve been using your system for a couple of months and now it is like second nature. You have not only saved my degree but also given me back life outside university.

I went through the lecture and started using it right away on a text book I was having difficulty with. I know you say it takes a week for the effects to really show, but I was totally amazed the very next day. It was like I could not only remember everything, but it made sense and I really felt like I knew the book inside out.

A week later I felt like I knew the subject better than the author. And incredibly I spent less time with that book than I have with anything else I had been studying.

They ought to teach this stuff in schools.

Stu Henderson
St Andrews

Having a process that works this easily may seem too good to be true. But the reality is that learning, understanding and retaining information is quick and easy to do if you have the right tools. Just imagine your life with:

  • Better grades
  • Extra free time
  • More energy
  • Greater clarity and focus
  • Stress free studying

All of this is possible right now using little known, easy but powerful study techniques – a simple click and watch solution to this frustrating and complex problem.


I have trained hundreds of people in these skills; they are effective and work really well. But…In the space of a couple of hours you can have the key ingredients to how to read faster, understand more and remember all of it…But I bet it won’t completely work…and here is why

Simply there are three elements to learning study skills:

  1. Emotions
  2. Beliefs
  3. Tools and Techniques

Most programmes concentrate on just point three and they are doomed to fail because the first two are more powerful.


If we take the first, let me give you a common set of circumstances that I have met. Let’s say that at the age of 7 you were forced by your teacher to stand up in class and read. You hesitantly stand and falteringly start, knowing that if you don’t do a good job you will be ridiculed by your class mates at lunchtime. You make a brave job of it but it isn’t good enough for the teacher and she takes you through the whole ritual humiliation thing that teachers are so good at. You sit down, tears welling up, knowing you will get worse at lunchtime from your friends.

Imagine how you would feel the next time you were asked to stand up and read and what that might do to your performance. For most people that cite negative school experiences they can remember these sorts of circumstances, I hear it often. The result though is carrying unwanted negative emotions about learning, studying and exams. As an adult this affects the way you approach any study programme.

Imagine how much more powerfully you would approach any learning if all of your negative emotions have been replaced with ones that are, for example excitement, curiosity and fun. NLP has lots of tools associated with changing states, anchoring emotions and generally attaching good feelings with the things that get you results.


If we go back to our 7 year old story again and add a little bit. Let us hypothesise that in your heightened emotional state your teacher told you were stupid or that you would never learn to read or some form of rubbish like that. When you are in a heightened emotional state your unconscious mind is more responsive and if a figure of authority makes a statement it is more likely that you would take it on as a belief.

How well you can take in, process and retain information is directly linked to your beliefs about yourself, learning and the world. If you don’t have beliefs that support your study programme then you are at best hindering the process and at worse being self defeating.

NLP has a huge amount of techniques directly to do with changing unhelpful beliefs.

Tools and Techniques

NLP is about how our mind works and how we relate to the world around us. You would expect there is a lot in this body of knowledge about how to take in information quickly and easily…and there is.

But I hope you are already understanding that no amount of tools and techniques will work well until you deal with the first two points. In fact often through my coaching practice I have noticed when you deal with the first two you don’t have to deal with the third.

Hi Rintu,
I’ve read lots about accelerated learning, speeding reading and the like. I thought I would be spending yet many more hours learning to learn instead of just getting on with my college course. What I loved about this lecture was that it is so short, precise and to the point. Just a straight forward process that worked immediately and suddenly I was reading three time as fast. I know it works, I didn’t on the course, I’m still doing three weeks on and I think my reading speed is getting faster still. If it hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t believe it could happen…perhaps another believe I should change now I know how.


Sandra Hickson

Finding a way of magically transferring all the knowledge in a book into your head has been the dream of many students. There are many different techniques to increase your study skills. Each of these techniques is effective, but they need to be learnt and practised. Soon you could be spending more time studying hypnotic reading techniques than you are getting on with your life.

In the space of an afternoon you can have a simple process that will let you speed up your reading. You might want to tweak the process a little to suit your style, but there is no learning involved. Do the steps and learn more effectively. Think of the implications:

  • Get coursework done with enough time to spare to go out with your friends.
  • Be excited about the mound of text books that you can zip through in hours instead of days.
  • Feel a sense of fulfilment at only having to look through a text book once and have all you need from it.
  • See the simplicity in a subject however complicated the author tries to make it.
  • Wake up after a night of intensive studying and knowing you can remember everything you need.
  • Enjoy finding the one key piece that makes everything fall into place in a matter of minutes.
  • Laugh at authors that don’t seem to follow any logic because you can create your own.
  • See study periods getting shorter and shorter until you feel that you are barely studying at all.
  • Be the envy of some people because you can just seem to stare at a book for a few minutes and come away with what seems like photographic knowledge of the content.

Something that most people don’t consider is how much time they can save in the long run. Just suppose it takes you four hours to get through the average text book and that you have a 75% recall of all the facts that you need to take from it. This would mean a total of five hours spent to get what you want. With this system you will be able to halve the reading time and get a 100% recall of the salient information. This would mean you would complete the same book in two hours or less. This would mean you could have an hour off and still double your study rate. Over the course of a week this could mean an extra day of free time. Just imagine what you could do with an extra day of free time each week.

You may be thinking that this system is too good to be true, so before going any further let me tell you what this system is not and what it won’t do for you.

This is not a way of reading for pleasure – It is a way of getting information from a book into your head as fast as possible.

It does not work for everybody – If you are under 12 or don’t have a clear purpose for your studying then the effectiveness of these techniques would be limited.

The process works immediately but – Like any process the more comfortable you are in using it the more you will get from it. Elements of the process have a cumulative effect so maximum benefit can come after a week of using the process…but just by starting to think in this way will mean you will already be getting more effective.

This is not a system without effort – This system works quickly and easily, but you still need to follow the system.

I believe that you will be able to just latch on to this quick, simple and easy process to:

  1. Improve your grades
  2. Spend less time studying
  3. Remember more

So if you are just looking for an immediate boost there are a range of solutions but easily the most effective is the Learning to Learn Hypnotic Modelling course. You can click through and find out more right here:

Human Brain

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  1. Rintu Basu

    There are lots of ideas around learning languages and some great accelerated learning tools that help including deep trance idenitification, memory techniques as well as getting the process right. Often one of the best ways of looking at language training is to train it the same way as children learn language. But I will go through that in some more detail in a specific article. For the moment the best language learning material I have seen is Michel Thomas’ material. Here is a link for Michel Thomas’ French Course, but he does many European Languages.


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