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I received an email from a guy studying the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. In the email he outlines a pretty cool anchoring exercise that got a great result. In addition there is a brilliant perceptual shift that Bill puts in his email that almost guarantees massive results from your persuasion related activities.

The True Secret Behind Hypnotic Persuasion Skills


Here is Bill’s email in full. In it you will find how he unconsciously altered his perception based on his current situation. He then talks about the benefits of being able to alter your perceptions and a great example of anchoring. Bill then rounds this off with a very powerful frame that guarantees that you will get results from applying your persuasion patterns.

From: Bill
Sent: 12 November 2011 18:46
To: Rintu
Subject: Just a Note on Your Course


I am about 1/3 of the way through your 6 month course and thought I might drop you a note about my experiences so far.

First I would like to say your material is great. I have found so many ways to use it from establishing rapport with random people to helping my tween daughter get through her anxiety (installed by her mother) in doing school work and many more.

Second I would like to say it is not at all what I was expecting. I figured it would primarily be a compilation of patterns sort of an extension of your Black Book. Instead what I discovered is the greatest benefit your course provides is awareness of what was already there that went unnoticed. Call it an “undelete”.

It reminds me of the days when I was an expectant father. It seemed everywhere I went I saw at least one pregnant woman. It was clear I was always crossing paths with them but never noticed before. Soon after I became a father they once again disappeared from my universe.

The takeaway is how many thousands of other things that I have not seen over the years that I am now recognizing on a daily basis that can help put sorely needed money into my pocket and perhaps some interesting women in my bed. And to get that all you have to do is to notice the endless opportunities that are always there and do the seemingly little things that make a difference.

An example that comes to mind is anchoring. Last year I took the mother of some of my kid’s friends sailing on a very windy day. As we sailed upwind the boat was heeling
tremendously and we were both having a lot of fun as the waves pounded the boat and we got drenched. I touched her elbow and she turned and looked at me with a smile. We ended up spending the night together.

From that point on the most casual touch of her elbow got a definite reaction out of her. A month later we went sailing again along with her young sons and I touched her elbow just to get her attention. She turned and gave me the nastiest look because she did not appreciate my eroticism in front of her kids. Her reaction surprised me as she was the only person in the world that would have thought it was erotic in any way. Ah but Pavlov and his dogs were right; our responses are often quite conditioned.

Do the techniques always work with everyone? Of course not!! The issue is not how many failures there will be but rather it only takes a few successes to be phenomenally successful. If one person is not receptive no big deal as opportunities are like buses, if you miss one wait a few minutes and another one will come by. You only need to recognize one when you see it.

My new business starts on Monday. From networking with others they tell me it is a tough business as only about 1% of the deals close. Since each deal brings a check big enough to raise eyebrows at the bank won’t it be worth spending a little time experimenting with eliciting values and processes and implanting a few? An extra ONE out of a hundred would more than double my income as the expenses are about the same whether a deal is made or not.

One final note I often set-up an email account for each person I deal with ie [Deleted for security] That makes it easy to see who sells my contact info to others. I really appreciate the fact that I have received absolutely nothing from anyone except for you in this account. From time to time you do send me info such as your upcoming seminar. Though I can’t attend I ended up checking out Marcus Oakey and found his material very interesting as well. So again thank you for respecting me and my time.

I will end this note lest I take too much of your time.



Advanced Persuasion Patterns


I created this course specifically to cater for the people that wanted the best of NLP and Hypnosis applied to Persuasion Skills. It is one of the most comprehensive Covert Persuasion Skills courses on the internet. It differs from many courses by being focused on getting you to use these techniques in the real world.

The course is primarily for impatient people that want to develop their persuasion skills to get immediate results. Each of the modules builds on the one before to help you create a powerful persuasive personality loaded with tools and techniques for you to get what you want. Click through and find out more.



3 Comments on “NLP Anchoring for Fun, Sex and Profit”

  1. Gary

    hi my name is Gary and i was just wondering does this really work? I have just got a job telemarketing and i have no idea what im doing i have been in construction my whole life and just got laid off, i stumbled across your site just on accident and was wondering would it help me with my new job? and how do i get started, i live in maine and i really cant travel are there any courses online?

    1. Rintu Basu

      Hi Gary,
      You will find hundreds of testimonials and people telling you how to use this stuff on this website. Here are a couple of things to get you going. Firstly you say you are new to the job. That should me you will get some training. The important thing to have is some sort of sales process. A step by step guide through the key parts of selling, they should give that to you. Once you have that then adding this material in will be a breeze and will ensure you are doing better than the rest of your team. You can also start learning this material regardless, so to do that firstly sign up in the top right hand corner for the course and the newsletter. Then use the search function on this page to look for sales specific articles (there are loads) that you can start to apply straight away and finally, go to the facebook page to see all the videos and complimentary material. Once you are certain that this is working for you invest in the courses.

      Hope that helps


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