More Uses of Hypnotic Language Patterns

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I had a great email in February and have not had a chance to post it up until today. Below is the email in full. What is great about this email is how much Madame Linda is getting from just the first two patterns.

Examples of Persuasion Patterns

I have left the email completely unedited so you can see that she is not a native English speaker and I am assuming that she is using these patterns in her own language rather than in English.

The issue is not the pattern but how it changes your approach to langauge. So these patterns work in any language once you understand the concept. Madame Linda clearly understands how this pattern works and therefore is using it in a natural way for her. Here is the email in full and unedited:

Name: Linda

Date: 24 February 2010 16:29



As many others out there, i have been reading the Persuasion Skills book and i must admit I am impressed.

I come from Eastern Europe amd many sales and motivation petterns are useless here, exopecially now with those bad bad economics, however the problem is not the patterns, problem is the difference in thinking, i cannot change that, but i can adjust the patterns. When I got Rintu’s book, i was happily suprised! Ok, i have read the first two patters only, but they work as a charm.

My daily work is dealing with young, inteligent women (18 – 30). Some of the ladies still have the puberty, some are mature, but each and everyone need advise and need to feel special. Sometimes the make terrible styling mistakes, fake nails, extention hair, extention mascra… Well terrible features you can put on your body nowdays and destroy the natural beaty. Them the patterns come into the game, i would say, that I agree it looks fantastic first 2 weeks and i would like to add, that it starts to look terrible right after that, so please get rid of them, because the issue is not that your nails look great with gel covered extentions, the issue is that they look terrible if you do not have very frequent profilactics, so as you are very busy girl, and we like it, get rid of them! Or… Well the issue is not that youlike artsy fartsy nail polish is 5 different colors, the issue is that i dont and i make you a rich girl, so lets talk about that, shall we?

Well i would still get what i want out of my employees, just saying strong enough or giving financial consequences, but this way its so much fun, people are much more happy, i dont waste so much energy and at the end – everybody is doing things the way I want and dont feel pushed into desitions!

I cannot wait to have next half an hour to read further!

Please accept my sincere appologies for my not-perfect English (Its only my 2. language) and typos, probably a dozen there.

Thank you so much for the book, i love it!


Kinda regards,

Madame Linda

If you want to know how to use simple but powerful hypnotic persuasion patterns in your everyday speech then you can buy the book on Amazon. But remember it is not just about being able to trott out a couple of fancy NLP language patterns, it is about understanding the concept so well that you can become a natural hypnotic persuader. Find out more in the book:

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One Comment on “More Uses of Hypnotic Language Patterns”

  1. Len Mackenzie

    These subjects are excellent, but when working with groups of people there are so many different points of view, and different thoughts with all of those people.
    Isn’t it difficult to get them all to follow your direction. I know that metaphor is helpful, but one still needs to be able to bring them all together in a group mentality.
    This is not talking about cults. I am thinking about those who are interested in spiritual instruction.
    Len Mackenzie.

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