What is NLP?

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The issue is not really what NLP is but what it can do for you. But if you want a quick run down of what this NLP here is a couple of definitions that I like… The first is from Richard Bandler, the co founder of NLP. The definition of NLP he put forward is: An Attitude and A Methodology … Read More

Covert Hypnosis, Use and Abuse

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I’ve recently been asked about the ethics of using covert hypnotic persuasion skills. Some will tell you that covert hypnosis is questionable at best and usually outright wrong. I would agree that there are some really questionable uses of these tools and I would say that in the right context they can be valuable. This article sets out some ideas … Read More

How You can Find a Great NLP Trainer

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NLP Training Courses are a huge investment of time and money, picking the right trainer is essential. There are lots of NLP training courses and NLP trainers out there. Add in all the NLP practitioners and NLP master practitioners that are running courses and seminars and you have a whole range of choice.