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Welcome, in a few moments you will download the powerful bonus, covert hypnotic conversation management. Using this simple tool you will be able to lead conversations to where you want them to go, integrate any hypnotic language patterns you know and build massive amounts of rapport.


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Before we explore the exciting world of NLP and Hypnotic Persuasive Techniques further I invite you to take a few minutes to discover how powerful these techniques can be. Join the FaceBook page for The Persuasion Skills Black Book for free access to videos, articles and discussions on NLP and Hypnotic Persuasion.

You are looking through this webpage for more information about NLP, what NLP can do for you and the various applications of NLP Techniques. So let’s get you to where you want to go fast. Below are a variety of quick links for various applications:

The Persuasion Skills Master Training Programme

You can buy the straight forward, no nonsense guide to some of the most powerful NLP Persuasion Langauge direct from Amazon. But for those of you that what something even more powerful have a look at the Persuasion Skills Master Training Programme…the book is just the start.

Advanced Persuasion Patterns Download Course

Find out how you can learn Advanced Persuasion Techniques that most NLP Practitioners don’t know in the comfort of your own home.

NLP for CV Writing and Interview Skills

Want to get the job? This download course will triple your chances of success however good you already are at CV Writing and Interviews. A great demonstration of using NLP Techniques for a specific application without the usual jargon and complications.

Go beyond basic NLP Practitioner Certification

Find details of how this course is made more powerful than the basic NLP Practitioner Courses.

NLP Coaching

Browse our variety of NLP Coaching for Results programmes

Understanding of Music, Songwriting and Singing Seminars

Find out about Duncan Lorien and the most effective accelerated learning of music courses in the world.

NLP Techniques and Articles

The following Links will take you various articles about specific NLP Applications and include many ideas, techniques and tools you can start using straight away even if you know nothing about NLP.

check markWhat is NLP?

check markWhy should I learn NLP?

check markFinding the right NLP Practitioner Course for you

check markHypnotic Persuasion and NLP Language Patterns

check markNLP Study Techniques

check markNLP Sales Applications

check markObjection handling and NLP

check markNLP Leadership Skills

check markNLP Business Applications

check markNLP Poker Ideas

check markSelf Hypnosis

check markFinding the right NLP Trainer

check markJob Interview Skills using NLP

check markNLP Role Models

check markNLP for Career Management

check markNLP for Trainers

check markNLP Coaching

check markGeneral Management Using NLP

check markNLP Case Studies and Testimonials

check markHow people are get results from NLP

check markNLP Accelerated Learning

check markCV Writing with NLP

check markNLP Questioning Skills

Or perhaps you just want to browse through our extensive range of articles in our NLP Techniques Section looking for examples of how to use specific NLP Techniques:

Could you imagine achieving more in the next 12 months than you have in the past 12 years?

If you are a:

  • Manager – Develop deep levels of team spirit and motivation as well as dealing with dissention in the ranks
  • Recruiter – Probe candidates to tell you more and ensure you get the best
  • HR Professional – Increase the potential and motivation of every member of your staff
  • Business Leader – Communicate in a way that promotes action
  • Entrepreneur – Influence, inspire and sell your vision
  • Negotiator – Set agreement frames that bring automatic success
  • Sales Professional – Unlock your prospect’s hidden desires
  • Trainer – Use language in a way that creates behaviour change
  • Coach – Ask process driven questions that create massive motivation
  • Therapist / Counsellor – Get your client to access huge resources that they never knew they had
  • Teacher – Build hypnotic learning patterns into your lessons
  • Student – Talk yourself into having a perfect memory
  • Musician or Performer – Draw your audience in adding more emotional impact
  • Poker Player – Control the betting action of your opponents

And I guarantee that you will get hundreds of other ideas as you go through the lessons in my 10 week course.

Take the opportunity to sign up for a free, no obligation eCourse on how to get people to do what you want and thank you for the privilege now.




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