Covert Hypnotic Seduction and NLP Language Examples

Below are three examples of specific NLP language patterns in three different contexts. The first is an example of using covert hypnosis to start a training course, the second is about hypnotic seduction and the third is for networking in a business context.

Each example is about getting your subject to keep thinking about the benefits of doing what you want them to do. For those of you that are into NLP jargon this is about future pacing, anchoring the benefits and linguistically binding the subject to your outcomes.

Usual quick words on ethics…please use this sort of thing in a way that enriches yours and other people’s lives. Hypnotic manipulation is great when you are moving your subject towards a win / win situation and if this is not the case they will eventually notice and come after you. Do this in a way that makes them feel good and you create friends for life.

Any good NLP Training Course will show you how the benefits of a VAdK strategy for persuasion, how to install it and how to fire it off. You will also learn how to linguistically bind, future pace and amplify thoughts in the direction you want. That is what these examples really demonstrate in these three contexts. If it doesn’t make complete sense contact my office or talk to any good NLP Practitioner as they will be able to talk you through the intricacies of these three examples.

I have put some notes in brackets, but there is a lot more going on than just the bits I point out. Some of the embedded commands are in bold. So for those of you that have been on your NLP practitioner course feel free to contact me with all the rest that I have not pointed out.

If you have completed your NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner Course and want to study the use of NLP Covert Language Patterns for business or personal use feel free to have a look through A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Language Patterns.

I use these patterns every day, but not in the very condensed forms they are in here. These examples are written very tightly and written as a monologue. In a live environment I would be building all of these scripts in to a flow through a conversation with more padding and some interaction with the subject. The biggest example being the hypnotic seduction script. This might take me 30 to 40 minutes to get through.

Finally consider tone, pace and pitch. Advancing on your subject with a weedy, high pitched voice running at light speed will not get them to access states let alone future pace or bind them. A good hypnotic voice is slower than normal, deeper and gravely. On a good NLP practitioner programme you will learn about charisma patterns and how to draw people in to a trance with just your pace and tone of voice. But for the moment just consider delivering these phrases in a voice that is deeper and slower than normal.

There are examples of using Hypnotic Language in written form on this website.

Covert Hypnosis, a Training Example.

At the beginning of a course:

Imagine for a moment that this was a great course and you have learnt all the things you need to. Sometime out in the future you might look back towards now and see this as the start of something great, perhaps you have (obviously you would be padding this out with some of the results they can expect perhaps stretching this to the extreme if it is the right sort of course and you are that sort of trainer).

When I think back on some of the course that I have been on that have given you great results (notice the switch in referential index), I invite you to notice how much you have changed by taking on board these key concepts (notice the switch in tense). Key concepts like…(list the key ideas from your course).

You might not understand how these concepts can be used right now, but suppose for a moment you can see yourself (list more benefits from the course in the present tense), logically you might get a sense of the good feelings you will have. Now, I don’t want you to think of these results as something that happens magically just because you are focused, keen and getting involved in this course. I want you to realise that it will happen only because you have already started the process of imagining how you are using the material. ( there is so much going on in this paragraph that I wouldn’t know where to begin to explain it. Call my office for the analysis if you are really that curious about it).

So, this is not a course in trying to learn (x), but just doing (y) and the more you do the more (x) will happen naturally. Anyway, if you can see the results you want, have understood the benefits for you perhaps you can already get excited about moving on to the first session (more binds and layering in a VAdK strategy).

But, just before we start can I get you to open your work books. You can obviously see some sense in keeping notes on all the bits that feel right for you (there is the VAdK strategy again). So can we start that process now by listing all the benefits you will get from this course on page 4 (give them some time to get their personal objectives, perhaps even discuss it with each other and if you want to go for the bolts and braces approach group tasks around this until they have one flip chart that has all their personal stake in the course written on it).

We will put the flip chart up at the front of the room so it keeps us on track with why we are here, so every time you look at the flipchart you are reminded of what you are gaining from the course and can feel good about the fact that you are moving towards it. Now, is this a good time to start talking about…(good solid anchor of the benefits, firing off the strategy you have been layering in).

(A little later as they are starting to get some content you might suggest a stronger future paced bind)…Let us go back to the flipchart for a second and I would invite you to notice that you have started to get some of the content you need for these results. So keep coming back to the chart because every time you look at the chart you will notice you have a little more of what you need and can feel even better about looking back from the future towards now and realising this course as the beginning of all these results you have got. (Often when I have got this totally right the delegates have asked to keep the chart after the course has ended.)

Hypnotic Seduction, an example of NLP persuasion

So you are into the conversation, built some rapport and have your subject nicely going into a powerfully erratic state (I know it should be erotic, but you haven’t seen my love life), and you are now looking to future pace, amplify and bind that to you.

You …Like Me probably see look back from the future to see the start of the great things in your life (if you are up for it at this point be pointing at your groin…remember the anchoring).

What I mean is, when you look back on your past to certain events you can realise that this is the start of a great new adventure (notice the change in tenses and the ambiguity here am I talking about now, this event, a past event or what?)

This happens to me often, when you do this (switching referential index) it’s funny how much the more you try to let go of the event they more you keep going back to it, getting more and more excited about what you are starting now… (more do (x) then more (y) happens pattern…a great cause and effect bind).

…Starting now with me I meet someone that you just want to spend time with, get to know more closely and just know you are having a great time with (run on sentence, switching referential index, and embedded command galore).

When I do this, you find yourself thinking of that person (pointing to yourself of course) at odd moments of the day, like every time you step into the shower, or whenever you switch on a light switch (here is the bind…suggesting that they think of you every time they do a very common action…you sneaky people…but let’s amplify this a little).

When I have met someone I really like this feels really good because every time you picture them and realise all the things you like about them you just get that great feeling deep inside and it just gets stronger and stronger every time you take the step or flick the switch.

Now I wouldn’t be so presumptuous to suggest that is happening to us now…but wouldn’t it be fun if you could look back from the future and see yourself as having this as the start of a great new adventure?

Covert NLP Persuasion for a Networking Event

After you have built some rapport and decided that this person is someone you want to develop more of a relationship with you might say something like this:

I have had a good time speaking with you and I hope you are seeing the benefits of us doing some work together (The VAdK strategy being layered in right from the start).

(As you hand over your card you might say something like) I don’t know when will be a good time for you to call me. Whether that is next month, next week or even sooner (notice the time frame getting shorter), but when the time is right you will see my name on this card, remember the benefits of our discussion today and feel good about phoning (there is that strategy again).

Anyway, we need to go and network with other people so just keep in mind that we should meet up to discuss some future ventures. Wouldn’t it be great if we were to sometime in the future look back to now having completed a couple of successful projects and just feel good about this being the start of that process.

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