NLP Job Hunting; No Experience, Get the Job Anyway

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I was interviewed by Lars Hellestrae the other day on skype. Lars runs a number of services for sales people. He asked me if we could discuss job hunting. He asked me some very specific questions and as a result I gave out a lot of information about job hunting techniques on these videos.

Your Results are Based on the Questions You Ask

The clever thing Lars did was to give me a few specific scenarios to discuss. That meant I could get into some detail about actual strategy. The four scenarios Lars gave me were:

  • A young person just leaving college and applying for their first role against stiff competition.
  • Applying for your first management position when you don’t have any management position.
  • Fielding those awkward questions when moving from being self-employed to full time employment
  • The final question was dealing with those awkward exercises that are sometimes sprung on unsuspecting interviewees and don’t necessarily have any bearing on the role.

Because Lar’s readership is predominantly sales professionals we discuss these situations from a sales perspective but my answers could apply for any type of job you might be going for.

Finally Lars negotiated me into giving his readership a discount to my job hunting download mega pack. You can read the article, watch the videos and see the deal here:




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