Effective Learning using NLP

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Accelerated Learning involves three key parts. The first is emotional or state control, secondly, there are beliefs and the third is the tools and techniques. Mostly accelerated learning concentrates on tools and techniques. NLP is great with changing beliefs and controlling emotions for you and your students.

NLP and Accelerated Learning Techniques…a Powerful Package

The tools and techniques are only really useful if you let go of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs. NeuroLinguistic Programming can help deal with these challenges. This article will discuss the first of these challenges and show how a dramatic difference can be made to your learning skills.

NLP Techniques – State Control for Accelerated Learning

State control in a study context is about two overall elements. Firstly it is about being in the ideal studying state. Secondly it is about releasing the emotional baggage left from less than perfect schooling.

A number of people are left with emotional baggage from their school days. For example being humiliated at the age of nine in front your classmates and the teacher about reading out loud could appear as different problems in later years. This could include a fear  of giving lectures, fear of going on training courses, or just being uncomfortable about reading new books.

Often schooling has an emphasis on getting things right or wrong with only one answer being the ‘right’ answer. There is a right way to do sciences and if you don’t follow that system exactly you have the wrong answer. In a competitive environment there are winners and losers, perhaps some children may have lost at the time and after they have grown up, they are still holding on to the emotional charge. It is useful when embarking on a programme of study that you let go of all of the negative emotions that you may have experienced at school.

Having too much enthusiasm, excitement and energy can take your concentration away from the job at hand. This can be another challenge.

It is vital to get the perfect state for your practice and study situations. The state you need to practice stage routines for your comedy act would be completely different to writing history essays as an example.

NLP Techniques – Letting Go of Negative Emotions

As you might already be recognising getting the ideal state is vital for learning. Neuro-Linguistic Programming has a whole collection of tools that can help you let go of any unwanted emotions that you have. When you’re sitting down for a course of study and perhaps you don’t feel great you can use all sorts of tools to simply put down the unwanted emotions. You can also put yourself in the perfect state for learning the material that you need. For instance, you might not feel excited, but you do need to practice your high energy stage act…then Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques can change your emotional state to get the job done.

NLP Modelling for Accelerated Learning

NLP is based on modelling how people use their minds and process information. On a good NLP Course you will learn the tools to build your own learning system so you can learn faster than you ever have before. For instance using NLP Techniques such as anchoring, you can build the right learning state for any particular subject.

The next step is changing limiting beliefs for more empowering ones. NLP has a number of techniques to help with this. Accelerated Learning tools only come into their own when you have dealt with unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs. Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training Courses are about how we process information and use our thoughts. By looking at this area, you will automatically gain a whole range of accelerated learning tools. Anyone who is serious about embarking on a course of learning, or is serious about making the best use of their study time, will benefit from an NLP based Learning and Modelling Course. Click and find out about a comprehensive NLP Learning to Learn Course right here:

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    Yup..Its good to know the three techniques about NLP training and few more tools about accelerated learning. Great Post.

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    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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    I adore this site! I can stay up all night just to have fun and see new posts. I love to spend my free time this way

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    Hi Wayne,
    You can find write ups for all the courses under the NLP Training Course Tab. That should give you all the information on the courses that you need. Any specific information about a particular course feel free to email me.
    I take payment for all the courses in UK Stirling so I don’t advertise prices in US Dollars. All the prices are advertised on the course calendar. You can use one of the many currency convertors on the internet to find a dollar price. I take international payments via bank transfer or credit card so it is quite simple to find the dollar amount you will be paying for a course.

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    Hi, I would like to know more about your courses and if you have the amount available in U.S. dollars ($).

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