Opportunities to Practice Your NLP Persuasion Skills

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Many persuasion students say to me that they struggle to find opportunities to practice their skills. So this article is about Ade who has found an absolutely genius way of practicing that is not only fun but may well become profitable for him.

Practice without Performance

Even if there is no-one about you could have a conversation in your own head and use these Hypnotic Language Patterns on yourself. But the reality is it is much more fun if you have people to practice with. Here is an email from Ade who has found a terrific way of practicing:

Sent: Tue 09:44

To: Rintu

From: Ade

Dear Rintu,

Here is a positive and truly constructive reframing exercise for dealing with cold calls and marketing.

I sent you the below email about half an hour ago in response to the emails telling me of your brilliant course.

I would now like to give you my strategy for reframing cold callers and marketing.

Most people I know get annoyed when the phone rings, you stop what you’re doing and answer the phone only to have someone start asking you questions in order to sell you something you usually don’t want.

I see this as a wonderful and welcome opportunity.

I ask them ‘Bottom line are you trying to sell me something?’ I usually get some more sales talk. I then reply with something like ‘ so you are trying to sell me something – what is it?’ I listen and then decide whether I want to hear more.

Now here is the truly amazing way of reframing it.

I’m self-employed and work is thin on the ground. I then ask them where are they calling from.

If they are UK based I then start selling them my products and services. I ask them if they have any friends or family in my area who may be interested in my services.

I give them my website details: www.forestfarming.co.uk and tell them of the wonderful bespoke wood products I make or sustainable land management services and consultancy I can provide.

I might not get any jobs or sales but I certainly feel better and I make a point of leaving the conversation on a positive note so that they will remember me.

People might not be self-employed but they can use this reframing technique to sell products/ services for work or even on behalf of friends or family.

They don’t even have to be UK based if you can sell products over the internet or through the post. Target non-UK based cold callers in your business.

P.S. I’ve attached my recent marketing flyers. Please take a look at them. I can travel anywhere in the UK – even Glasgow! If you would like to help inspire and have bespoke wooden features and structures for your home and garden then please call me now 07967 888980. Take a moment to enjoy my website – the products page has some great pictures: www.forestfarming.co.uk/Forest_Farming/products.html

Many thanks,


Attitude is Everything, Almost

Having the right attitude doesn’t mean you will get the result, but without it you won’t get anything. What Ade is seriously demonstrating here is an attitude that has to stand him in really good stead to just get results. I think he has taken his really neat idea and built on it to pit me in a position where I am happy to advertise his website for him. Some people get stroppy, claiming they are manipulated in to the situation and the usual boring rhetoric.

Personally I am really pleased when people do this sort of thing and I get really proud of people that take my material and fold it back on me in such a great way. Ade has created a win / win situation. He gets his advert on my page and I get a great example of persuasion techniques and attitude to show the rest of my student.

Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

There is one concept that when you grasp it you will increase your skills phenomenally.

To explain let me switch context to music. Oversimplifying  the world for a moment, I am going to suggest there are four core states for a musician, Learning, Practising, Playing and Performing. Each has different outcomes, a different attitude and thought process. When a musician is performing in front of an audience that is not the time to be learning or practising. Performing to an audience includes but requires much more than just being able to play your instrument. And in the same way lots of musicians mix up the difference between playing and practising with their instrument.

Professional musicians learn and then practice so they can just focus on the performance when they are in front of an audience. In fact they invariable practice their performance skills as well as their music skills. People that really learn fast recognise the difference between these various aspects and treat them all differently.

In terms of practising hypnotic language patterns, when you can let go of outcomes and can just focus on playing a few patterns and seeing what impact they have all of a sudden you start to learn how the patterns work, what impact they have and what you can do with them. Once you start integrating that you will suddenly discover yourself using these patterns instinctively i.e. performing.

If you want to find out how you can develop these patterns quickly and in a way where you just use them automatically then you might want to check out this course.


8 Comments on “Opportunities to Practice Your NLP Persuasion Skills”

  1. Marcus

    Here is a fun game. I have 3 phrases I say to marketers and robotically cycle them… until they hang up.

    1.) I don’t know
    2.) Tell me more
    3.) Are you shitting me?

    You can keep the script kiddies on the phone for ages…

  2. learn hypnosis

    That is certainly an interesting way to turnaround a telemarketing call. Testing out your persuasion skills is much better than hanging up the phone or saying something inappropriate. I think a telemarketer would also be surprised to hear the person who answers the phone start talking about their business and selling themselves. It is a genius idea.

  3. Marty

    That is a greta re-frame with regard to cold callers. I used the same sort of technique yesterday when approached by a well known charity in the street. They can be annoying when I’m focused on getting my lunch!. This one in particular was politely persistant, so I took the opportunity to practice some of my own skills on her as well as spot her techniques. After a 10 minute chat about general chit chat, I spotted an attempt at an agreement loop. I made sure that the girl knew she would not get a “sale” froom me, but spent time affirming her, feeding back how friendly she was and also helping her to focus on her life goals. I’m going to do this more often in future. What starts off as annoyance results in me getting something out of the interaction.
    p.s. You are dead right about performing in music. I see so many musicians in bands that have practiced, know how to get the right notes, then forget to perform and interact with their audience.

    1. Rintu Basu

      The place where it is the most obvious to me is the buskers in Glasgow. There are a few who don’t make eye contact and just stare at their guitar like a petrified deer caught in headlights. And there are some that are right in the middle of their audience laughing, dancing and making people feel special. I wonder which makes the most money.

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