More Clues on How to Practice Hypnotic Language Patterns

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One of the reasons I am so effective in teaching NLP persuasion techniques is because I apply accelerated and hypnotic learning principles to these patterns. This article will give you some more ideas about how to develop your persuasion skills.

What Pattern Should I use here?

Open_Envelope_at_SymbolI often get emails saying something like, “I am going in to the most important meeting in my life. What patterns should I use?”

Whenever I get one of these emails I am forever reminded of my old pure maths lecturer at university. On the night before his exam he would take his class out to the pub for the evening. Take this the right way it wasn’t a wild night of drinking just a couple of pints and some social chat.

My lecturer’s point was that if you have done the work during the term you won’t need to cram for the night and if you haven’t done the work then going out for a pint will be better for you than trying to spend the night cramming.

Applying Key Persuasion Skills

Hypnotic language and NLP based persuasion skills are incredibly powerful once you get the basics down. If you are not listening and responding to your audience then it doesn’t matter what great patterns you have… They won’t work.3dspeech

The key to learning great hypnotic language patterns is to practice them, over learn them, make them your own instinctive phrases that you use naturally all the time. The secret is to use them and continue to use them whenever it doesn’t matter so that when it does matter you can just focus on the conversation and trust that the patterns will come out as natural speech.

Conversation Management

When I first started learning NLP and Hypnosis I learnt large hypnotic scripts. These were great because they had a load of patterns and structure to them. They were awful because when I had my nose in the script I wasn’t looking at what was happening to my client or my audience.

One thing that makes a lot of my material different is that I break patterns into small discrete chunks so you can just use a little bit, see what happens, learn to use it and then build the next bit on to it. I also show you a conversation management model so you can steer the patterns in the direction you want to go. And we start with a super pattern that you can hijack any conversation and move it directly towards your goals.

In the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Course you can watch me using these skills directly with an audience as I teach them some hypnotic persuasion skills and then you can go through my notes that deconstruct the patterns as well as learn how you can use them for yourself in different contexts. Click through to find out more here.



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