Jedi Questions and NLP Poker Playing

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As you may have read I have been practicing with some really cool new persuasion ideas from Judy Rees. Last night I took the opportunity to try out Judy’s Lazy Jedi Questions in one of the most difficult persuasion environments I can think of, namely a poker table.

Using Intelligent Influencing for Poker

The result was nothing short of miraculous. Here is the report.

NLP Persuasion Skills in a Poker Room

I have written a few articles on NLP Poker Techniques. I think this is a great place to practice and sharpen up your persuasion skills because of the competitive and adversarial environment. It is also an easy place to practice hypnotic patterns, sensory acuity, calibration, anchoring, state management…in fact any NLP Jargon Technique you can think of.

I had gone to play poker for the pure joy of playing poker there was no intention to actually practice my skills other than my normal play. I am a better poker player if I just focus on playing the game instead of trying out new hypnotic persuasion techniques. Here is what happened.

Heads Up – A Perfect Practice Opportunity

I was playing the game in peripheral vision. This is an up time trance state that gives you much greater sensory acuity, keeps you balanced and in a relaxed state. You can build these extremely powerful states for lots of different contexts and access them instantly when you need them. For example I have different states I access when I want to write creatively, when I am training people and obviously when I am playing poker. The Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course will show you how you can start developing these state management tools including a complete description, exercises and tips on how to develop these for any situation.

I managed to get myself into a hand with another player who I will call Craig. I know Craig to be a solid, sensible and good poker player. After two rounds of betting all the other players had folded and I am left in the hand with Craig. For me this is perfect NLP Practice time as the whole of my focus can be on just the one player.

Crucial Hands

In any game of poker there are hands that are critical in your game. In essence some hands are infinitely more important than others. For both Craig and myself this was one of those hands. There were a huge number of chips in the pot and we were both critically low. This hand would see one of us go on to the final table and the other busted out of the game.

As the hand developed I found myself sitting with the second best possible hand. This is a very dangerous position because obviously the best possible hand could be out there, it would obviously beat yours but there is a compulsion to continue playing because you almost have the best hand possible. The way Craig had been betting and what I know of him would lead me to think that he had the best hand possible.

In the last round of betting Craig did what a good poker player would do regardless of his hand. He bet big. This puts the whole decision on me. If I fold I am left in a weak position with few chips left for the rest of the game, if I call the bet and lose I would almost certainly be out within a couple of hands. And in all this I have the second best possible hand, the chance that Craig has the best hand are small…but he has played it exactly as you would if that had been your hand.

NLP Sensory Acuity and Calibration Issues

As you will find out on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme the biggest issue with sensory acuity is calibration. I could see Craig’s hands shaking when he placed his big bet. When playing poker people let out non verbal cues at the point of decision and the point of action.

When Craig had decided to bet and he placed lots of chips into the middle of the table, his hands were shaking. This is a typical stress response at the point of action. The trouble is I didn’t know what it meant. Most of my observations and research suggests that for most people in this situation their hands will shake because they are in a strong position not a weak one. The best thing for me to do would be to accept that Craig has the best hand, fold my second best hand and salvage what I could from the situation. I didn’t like it but it seemed like the best option available and then an idea occurred to me.

Lazy Jedi Questions to the Rescue

I looked Craig in the eye and said something like, “Your hands shook when you placed that bet, what kind of shake is that shake?” There was a pregnant pause as Craig thought about it and then he suddenly blurted out, “It’s the sort of shake you get when you’re at it.” He then looked at me in shock, went bright red and could no longer make eye contact with me.

I had my information, I pushed all my chips in Craig folded and I won a massive pot. Craig got busted out the game a few hands later. The large amount of chips I had gained in that hand meant I easily made it onto the final table and into the money. Unfortunately I didn’t get to speak to Craig last night, but I will ask him what it was that made him give the entire game away when he had invested so much in the bluff.

Advanced Persuasion Patterns, NLP Persuasion Skills for the Real World

I recommend every NLP practitioner should play some poker. It is such a great environment to practice your skills and get real feedback on how well you are doing with them. But even if poker is not your thing consider the value of being able to develop your sensory acuity and calibration skills to a point where you are seeing the world through the eyes of your client, customer or partner. Would that help you develop win / win situations? If it would then consider Advanced Persuasion Patterns as the most comprehensive Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Programme on the internet.

Intelligent Influence

The surprising results achieved from that question are interesting. The question is not one that I would have normally have asked and I would not have expected any answer let alone a completely and obviously truthful one. There is much more work to be done until I am completely comfortable knowing the implications of this question in a card room…but I can certainly tell you it has impact. Find out more about Intelligent Influence and the Lazy Jedi Questions here.

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