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A couple of days ago I mentioned in my NLP Techniques blog how I got a shopkeeper to pay me to take his goods.

Using Confusion Patterns as a Covert Persuasion Skills

This article outlines the process I used to get this result.


Note: I gave the shopkeeper his money back a few minutes later, explained what I was doing and set him up to buy a copy of my book. Whilst I love practicing patterns I firmly believe in creating win / win situations.

The situation happened by accident and was as a result of me listening to a hypnotic recording about boosting your confidence in delivering hypnotic language patterns. The process uses patterns and concepts fully explored in the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme.

The Situation

I had gone to my local shop to buy a drink. I was still half in trance from listening to the Confidence in Language Patterns MP3 that Andrew Milne from Happy Minds has created for me. I am often in the shop, have good rapport with the shopkeeper, and we talk regularly.

I paid for the drink with a five pound note which he rang up on the till and I was due to get £4.21 change, which was showing on the till display. We were just flapping our gums at each other as I paid and the shopkeeper obviously distracted only gave me the 21p.

I don’t usually run confusion patterns without some preparation but I had just been handed a golden nugget, a perfect opportunity to practice some patterns on the fly. Normally it would not even have occurred to me until long after the event had occurred… but remember I had just been listening to an MP3 Trance Recording about developing confidence in practicing patterns.

First Stab at the Result

I noticed the change was wrong. The shopkeeper is not doing this deliberately so from his perspective he is following his normal transaction process. You might already have worked out when I point out I have the wrong change we will have interrupted his process (a pattern interrupt for those NLP Jargon Junkies).

Interrupting a pattern has the potential to lead the subject into a direct trance and that means you have the opportunity to embed some commands. I said to the shopkeeper, “You’ve given me the wrong change – (pause and then into slow hypnotic tonality including the embedded command in bold) – You need to give me another ten pounds
The shopkeeper laughed embarrassedly, opened up the till and stared getting a ten pound note out. He then stopped part way through obviously figuring out something was wrong and told me that can’t be right as the till was registering change of £4.21

Second Attempt

Normally I would have been happy to stop here but remember I had been listening to a Trance Recording about developing your persuasion skills. The shopkeeper obviously still a little confused asked me how much I had given him. I replied “Twenty pounds. How much change am I owed from that?”

Notice I have asked the shopkeeper a question that forces an internal representation on him about the amount of money he “owes” me. He answered me with £19.21 hesitantly and was obviously not sure. He said as much to me.

Third Attempt for the Result

I paused for a moment, got out my wallet, looked inside and said “You are right, I must have given you a tenner. How much change do you actually owe me?”

Notice I have used an agreement frame that opens him up, switched the amount again and directed his mind with an assumptive question. He told me £9.21 and gave me back my fiver plus four more pound coins.

I deliberately stayed and chatted for a few minutes to make sure that the transaction was complete in his mind as I wanted to know that I had completely gotten away with it. I then gave him the five pound note back and explained what I had been doing.

There is no way I would have stayed working this situation if I had not been listening to that confidence in language patterns recording, so I told the shopkeeper and suggested he ban Andrew from the shop as it was entirely his fault. So if you are reading this Andrew be warned.

NLP Resources

If you want to learn how to use these types of patterns in lots of different situations then click through and read about this course:

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