Seizing Control of TV Studios, Baby Police Officers and Your Thinking

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The latest series of articles have been about frames, how you can take people in to trance by disrupting their frames and then lead them. This article shows is several demonstrations of the idea at work. You will learn how to steal TV sets, disrupt interviews and abuse police officers.

Bringing Home the Bacon

I intend to demonstrate rather than explain in this article. If you want to understand the intricacies of how this all works have a quick read through this sequence of articles. It all has the added benefit of showing you how you can get your bacon rolls for free.

Article One – Stealing Bacon Rolls – Where you discover how people accidentally take each other in to trance by interrupting their patterns

Article Two – Confusion over sausages – Where you discover how frames of reference can be set up to lead people in a direction

An Interlude – Turning Your Future Boss into a Mind Controlled Zombie – An interlude where you discover how I accidentally used the tools we have been discussing to be offered a job

Article Three – Turning Shop Assistants in to Hypnotic Automatons – Where you discover language is a filter and that you can guide people’s thoughts by grabbing their frames of reference

Article Four – Fruit Based Conflict Resolution – Where you will learn how to get NLP Practitioners to scratch their genitals

Frame Wars

Here is a video of Russell Brand being interviewed on a TV show. I think his initial objective was to get some publicity for his upcoming tour. As the interview progressed I think he added the objective of taking over and showing up the interviewers once he realised how obnoxious they were.

Just notice how often he completely breaks their pattern and takes them off in different directions. He does this to the point towards the end of the show where he has completely taken over. He very skilfully hits his main agenda about promoting his tour and makes the entire show just look foolish at the same time.

More Gentle Pattern Interrupts

Most of the time we are usually looking for something a little more covert and gentle. For example in my NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Package we use a process to take covert control and we are leaving the interviewer with the illusion of choice.

When I train people I have a system where I draw people in to a specific type of trance, get them to commit to the process, let go of their prejudgements about the subject, their ability to learn and their ability to use the new knowledge / skills. This can be condensed in to a set of linguistic patterns. In the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed you can see me “working” an audience with these patterns as well as read through my notes deconstructing the action and giving you hints as to how you can use the same approach for other situations.

There is a special offer on Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed until 9.30 am on Monday 24th. Click through and find out more here.

Seizing the Initiative

Most of the time people don’t like confusion and uncertainty. So even if you are the one causing it, so long as you show leadership people will just follow you because it is easier than thinking through the problem. I have two incidents in minds that illustrate the principle.

A while back I was made aware of a masterful attempt at shoplifting. The criminal of the piece entered a large supermarket wearing a suit and also carrying a pair of bolt cutters. He walks over to the range of larger TV sets and enlisted a member of staff to help cut the security chain holding the TVs down using the bolt cutter.

He then hands the cutters to the staff member and tells him to take them back to the warehouse. The criminal mastermind then picks up the TV and leaves. On the way out the assistant manager held the door open for him.

The criminal was caught because all of the crime was caught on cctv. But when the shop staff and the manager were asked why they helped such a bizarre set of actions they both said that they weren’t sure who he was and they thought he must have been “right” because he looked like he should be doing what he was doing. This is even more amazing when you realise that the member of staff had the key to the security chain on him…so they did not need to use the bolt cutters.

Manifestations of Power

The second incident involved my desire to teach some baby police officer something about manifestations of power. If a police officer in uniform came over to you and demanded to go through your pockets the vast majority of people would comply. The may grumble and complain, but most people would comply. If you took the semblance of power i.e. the uniform away I think the reaction would be totally different. I doubt many people would acquiesce if a random stranger asked to go through their pockets.

Some police officers need to recognise that just wearing the uniform preframes the situation for both them and the public that they are dealing with. And in fact it almost always means that people do not react normally.

For example imagine driving along in your car and when you glance in the rear view mirror and you see a police car following you. Most people automatically either feel guilty, start thinking about their driving manoeuvres over the last few minutes or checking through the car systems for faulty brakes and lights.

car window

Often police officers don’t realise that this manifestation of power gives you compliance but really breeds resentment. Some, often inexperienced officers don’t see the problem and say trite things like, “If they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear.”

A trainer of my acquaintance was complaining about a class of baby police officers that he was training were having this problem. Unfortunately it was a day when I was wearing a suit. I can be a little dangerous on suit wearing days. I decided that I would like to help. I should point out this class had never seen me and did not know who I was.

Grabbing the Bigger Frames

batmanI walked in to the class and in an authoritative voice told them to grab their jackets, helmets and gloves (it was a warm summer morning) and follow me outside. I then walked out slow enough for them to grab their gear and follow me.

My basic ploy here is that the police are a hierarchical organisation. Because I was not wearing a uniform and I was being authoritative. The chances are they will comply with my request because they don’t know where in the hierarchy I fit. And if I keep them off balance enough they won’t challenge me. I had planned for answering questions about where their trainer was, but as it was, no one questioned me.

The great thing for me was I knew if I could get them responding on my orders then there would be a lot of pressure for them to continue doing so. Once you accept a set of frames it becomes more difficult to move against them. I rebuked a couple of them for not putting their helmets and gloves on just to reassert my authority and I quickly got them stood around a tree in the field outside.

I had expected to have been challenged by this point and since I hadn’t I wanted to see how far I could push it before anyone said anything. I had them holding hands and chanting “ohm” for a minute or two before one of the officers decided in a meek voice to ask me why they were doing this. I had thought about stamping my authority over him and getting them to continue but even I was starting to feel sorry for them. I told them we were learning about manifestations of power and that we should now go back to class room and debrief what had happened.

Developing a Persuasive Personality

I am often asked where I get the courage to do things like this. The truth is I don’t. Often I only realise I am doing something strange when someone tells me. The reality is if I thought it was strange, difficult or dangerous I probably wouldn’t do it.

But the flip side is I am a hypnotist that specialises in installing new behaviours. I have just applied that to myself and developed this persuasive persona that loves to come out and play…just for the joy of it.


In the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed Course you get an electronic copy of the book. In it we deconstruct how to practice, play and develop the skills with only ten minutes a day. You also get the Master Persuader’s Package as a bonus on this course. In that you will discover a step by step exercise that you can use to immediately create and install a persuasive persona that has the:

  1. Authority
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Light-heartedness
  4. Excited Expectation

As well as the relaxed confidence to just go and play with this material.

In the actual Persuasion Skills on Steroids Videos you will see me working with an individual to do this exercise to overtly install this persona as well covertly installing it in the audience as well. But most importantly you get the transcription and the notes deconstructing exactly why I am using the patterns that I am and why they are working (or not…there are a couple of places where I get it really wrong).

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The Story Untold

I am conscious of the fact that I promised you pattern interrupts to deal with telemarketers and racists. The reason they are not in this article is because the Russell Brand one came up and it is such a great example I thought we can leave the other two for the next article. Watch out for it because in the next article we are going to put the fun right back in to fundamental.

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