Using Post Hypnotic Suggestions on Police Officers

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A few nights ago I was rushing to get to a poker game and I ran a red light. I was seen and stopped bang to rights by the police and was almost certainly going to get a ticket. This is the first in a short series of articles showing how you can use NLP skills to take a police officer into trance, shovel in a load of post-hypnotic suggestions to let you go.

Setting the Scene

I was driving to a casino for a poker game and I was late for registration so was in a hurry. The map will give you my exact location. I came up North Street and turned right onto Sauchiehall Street. The traffic light on that corner were just turning from amber to red. I got through those, but the lights at the junction of Sauchiehall Street and A804 had turned red before I had crossed them.

The police car had been at the other arm of the junction and were in clear line of sight of the traffic light. It was a dry, cold and dark night. But the area is well lit, traffic was light and the visibility was good.

police map

As I continued down Sauchiehall Street I saw the police car in my rearview mirror and realised that they must have seen me run the red light.

Define your Outcomes

I made a quick decision to turn right into Elmbank Street. I was just looking for information. If they turned with me I knew I would be stopped and it would give me a few moments to set some objectives for the encounter. They did follow me onto Elmbank Street and almost immediately signalled me to pull over, which I did.

I decided my overall objectives for this encounter were just to get away from the situation as quick as possible without a ticket. Sadly that was not how the police were looking at it.

Getting into a Persuasive State

police pursuit

I don’t know how much you have noticed but when you experience negative emotions your communication skills get worse. This is true of almost all skills but is most noticeable with communications. You tend to be able to perform better when you are in a relaxed, happy and usually slightly detached state.

I teach my students to develop a persuasion state that has certain elements built into it. First you should be relaxed, having fun and confident in your ability to react to an on-going situation on multiple levels. And just as importantly I teach them to have their attention outside of themselves and on the person that they are speaking with.

The problem with most persuasion contexts is that there are emotions, usually negative ones involved such as the desperation of “needing” the result, the fear of the consequences not achieving and anger at being caught out. I pick these three as examples because I was feeling these as pulled over to speak to the police. The reality is these emotions can be the very thing that stops you achieving the result.

Luckily you can learn to develop this persuasive state so it kicks in automatically when you need it. I fully explain the process and how you can develop it for yourself as part of several of my courses. But in simple terms once you have built the state and can access it you just anchor it to something that happens automatically when you need your persuasive state.

As I watched the police car pull over and an officer gets out carrying his clipboard and ticket book. His intentions were clear. It looked like I would need all my persuasive ability to get out of this one. I let myself breathe deeply, went into my persuasion state and started to relish the challenge of convincing this officer that letting me go was a better option for everyone.

In the next article we will discuss different forms of rapport, how to subtly undermine your opponent’s argument and how to shovel post-hypnotic commands into the heads of police officers.

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