Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Deconstructed

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This article deconstructs one of my most favourite patterns. The presuppositions inherent in the pattern mean that if the recipient takes on board the statement they will accept everything you have to say as the absolute truth. The pattern is flexible enough for you to use in any situation where you want an audience to totally accept what you have … Read More

Creating Models using NLP Techniques

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Following on from the last article The Real Secret to NLP Mastery where we discussed how some NLPer’s think that a big book of NLP Techniques is useful this article is about using NLP as it was intended to model and replicate success, results and excellence.

How to Use Metaphor as a Persuasion Technique

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Using Story Telling to Embed Commands The following story is an example of how you can use your persuasion skills in a very covert way. The example itself demonstrates how you can pre-teach a process. In this particular case we are pre-teaching a process to change someone’s mind set using their imagination.

Effective Learning using NLP

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Book steps leading to door on sky

Accelerated Learning involves three key parts. The first is emotional or state control, secondly, there are beliefs and the third is the tools and techniques. Mostly accelerated learning concentrates on tools and techniques. NLP is great with changing beliefs and controlling emotions for you and your students.