What Motivates you to Learn Persuasion Skills?

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This article is a brilliant little story about what developing these persuasion skills are actually about. There are several little motivation ideas that you can use both on yourself and others.

 Why Find Your Purpose?

If you have read many of my articles you might have picked up the fact that I don’t do tree hugging, lentil sandwich eating woolly minded new age concepts. One thing that is passed round these circles is about finding your mission in life, fulfilling your higher purpose and generally working towards your destiny.

You might be surprised that I fully subscribe to the idea of doing some navel gazing and finding your purpose in life and obviously developing the communications skills to explore this with others. Exploring this with others really gives people a sense of worth and you will make them feel great having these conversations. Also linking your objectives to fulfilling their purpose makes them achieve your goals quicker, better and they will definitely thank you for the opportunity. Some might think this overly exploitative, but let me explain how I love applying this to myself.

Why Do What You Do?

I am a trainer by qualifications, experience and choice. I do it because I love watching people grow, develop and do great things. Nothing fulfils me than knowing that people use my material to achieve great things. I don’t need people to tell me that I do a good job…and when it happens I get a great boost to do more.

When I started writing the Persuasion Skills Black Book, delivering the courses putting the website together I already knew I would get great results in business, sales and management. I also knew that many people would get good results with parenting, dating and flirting. But here is the real reason I do what I do. Every now and again someone writes in with a story like the one below and it reconfirms to me that I am on the right track.


From: Kevin
Sent: 18 October   22:58
Subject: New Message from Free NLP Techniques, Persuasion Techniques, Conversational Hypnosis
FAO: Rintu Basu.

Hello Rintu.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for all the material you provide on this site, as well as the Persuasion Skills Black Book.

I bought the Black book last week, as I thought it would add to my basic knowledge on NLP, help me in business and any other social interaction. It’s bringing in some powerful results already.

You see, almost 1 year ago, my mother passed away at only the age of 51, I’m 28, and have two brothers at the ages of 25 and 12. Obviously everyone handles these things differently, and my littlest brother, although the school have been amazing, still has periods at school where he struggles. An incident happened today where he wasn’t feeling great (maybe because of the 1 year anniversary coming up), and we have been thinking that he should start his counselling again at school, which helped him a lot earlier in the year. But for some reason, he was adamant he didn’t want to re-start them, although we thought, as well as the teachers that it would help him. So we had a meeting with my dad, and a teacher with my brother today, and I used the following pattern:

Me: “Gary, I agree with you that you may be reluctant on counselling, but the issue isn’t having counselling just for the sake of counselling, but to help you talk to someone so you stop having a hard time at school and avoid the headaches you get due to the memories of what happened to mum. So what would you like to do so you have an easier time at school? Would you try counselling again?

My brother: “Ok that sounds good, I’ll do it.”

Simply brilliant. Your knowledge has already helped heaps, so I just thought I’d let you know this little story. It’s helped my brother, and the counselling will definitely help him further.

Thank you again




Obviously I sought permission and the names have been changed. This story touched me really deeply and it rammed home to me why I sit at my desk and push out all the content that I do. How motivated do you think I can get when I start thinking that my material is helping people like Kevin and Gary in situations like this?

The thing is the content of this article might me about me, Kevin and Gary, but the metaphor is really about you. The question I would ask you is do you know your purpose? The challenge I would throw down for you is what are you doing to move towards it today? And finally, what legacy are you leaving behind as a result?

Learning to Use Metaphor

This article was constructed using a real email, with my real feelings and it is still delivered for certain results from the reader. Imagine you had the models, concepts and processes to be able to construct metaphors from any event that lead to specific results. Not only this but also be able to blend all you hypnotic language patterns, embedded commands and NLP persuasion skills into the metaphors that you are weaving.

If you want to learn how to do this then the place you need to look is Advanced Persuasion Skills, the most comprehensive Hypnotic Persuasion Skills course on the internet.


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