How to Make Money from Hypnotic Persuasion Skills

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This article is about an approach to business that is results focused and will guarantee that you make the most from your products, services and often from your clients, customers and even suppliers.

Results Focused Selling

I was sent an email recently from a subscriber on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns that I want to show you. Steve has just used a process that has saved him some money, time and grief. The interesting thing is that you could flip the process round to create more and better business. Let’s start with the email. 

From: Steve
Sent: 21 December 10:40
To: Rintu
Subject: Metaphor Demonstration Critique

Hi Rintu,

 I hope you are well and I have to say Im enjoying your weekly lessons I am quite enamoured with this material! 🙂

Recently I was in contact with a coach about getting some help with another area of my life. We discussed what I wanted and she came up with the price of £150 an hour for three hours. I personally thought this was very high and the next time we talked I came out with this:

You know the issue isn’t whether I am prepared to pay this amount ….., the issue is Im worried you are putting yourself under too much pressure to meet the expectations of results I will expect from paying this amount of money.

It reminds me of a story about Richard Bandler and a very famous unnamed actor in the 80s. This actor calls Bandler and says “Richard you got to help me quit smoking, Ive tried everything! Nicotine replacement, will power, yoga, even some vodoo ritual my great auntie recommended me – nothing works! Richard says “sure I can help you,” the actors is so relieved and asks Bandler how much he will charge. Bandler says plainly “10,000 bucks.” The actor is suprised at the amount but he agrees and asks Bandler “so will this be weekly, hour long sessions for a few months?” Bandler interrupts him and tells him that he doesn’t charge by time spent, he charges by the change made. The actor is a little confused by this but agrees to the treatment as he is desperate.

So the actor meets Bandler and Bandler works on him for 15 minutes!, after which he blows smoke in his face which the actor is physically repulsed by. Bandler then says “right that will be 10,000 bucks.” The actor is outraged, calling Bandler a con man, a cheat, a low down sonofabitch! That he’s been there barely a quarter of an hour and he has the cheek to ask for 10,000 bucks. Bandler says “listen I told you I charge by the change made, call back next week and Ill blow smoke in your face again, if you arn’t repulsed by the smell, I’ll give you your money back. Call back in a month, in 6 months I’ll do the same! If you have the slightest craving for a cigerrette I’ll refund you all of your money!”

I then said to this trainer that Bandler had no problem charging this amount for a short period of time because he was supremely confident he could make a lasting change in this actors life in that time. I then asked are you as confident you can make the change I am looking for in 3 hours for 450 pounds? If so that’s great 🙂

We discussed what I would expect (which I regard as resonable for that money) and she basically made her excuses and cut off contact with me! Which I think shows she couldn’t deliver on her promises and high fees.

Now I don’t know if this is persuasion and I am also not sure if this was a metaphor/story as i made no concious effort to include language techniques etc, but I think it is definately a result and it certainly saved me alot of money and disappointment getting personal tuition from this person.

I love your take on this Rintu and look foward to hearing from you.


P.S And before you ask I’m not telling you my problem ha! Unless you are very skilled at getting rid of unwanted behaviours and addictions in people….


Just to clear the behaviours and addictions issue up, I rarely do this sort of work anymore. I keep a handful of exclusive clients. The criteria I use to choose one on one coaching type work is that the work they want has to interest me whether that is the individual, the intervention or the result. So for Steve if you want to discuss some sort of intervention call me and you can present you argument for why I should work with you.

What is the result worth to you?

One of the biggest problems in business is that people focus on activity rather than results. Steve’s experience demonstrates this perfectly. When I used to work as a training consultant one of the ways I would differentiate myself in the market would be to look at the results rather than the intervention. Here is a simple example. Often companies would phone and ask me if I would do some sales training for them.

My usual answer would be to ask, “For what purpose?” After some gum flapping and redirection I would eventually get them to explain the issue was not training but the results they wanted from their sales teams.

The value of values

When I was working well I would get the bottom line cash figure of how more much money they would make if their sales teams hit their expectations. I would then also get the values of the people I was meeting and the company values. I would present back to them how we could reach the targets and fulfil company and individual values. I would then give them a price that was obviously substantially lower than the profit they would make if I accepted working with them.

I imagine that you can see how irresistible this offer would be. The only reason anyone would refuse this is either outside factors or they didn’t have the confidence in me to deliver the result. But most of the time getting the work in this way is easy.

One final idea around this for you is that I also want to appear as an authority and stay in a leading role through the discussion. There are a number of ways of doing this and I have covertly demonstrated at least two ways in this article, have a reread and I am sure you will spot them.

Meanwhile back at the point

In Steve’s email he actually took over the role of the coach (that’s okay, not many of them know enough about selling) and managed to take them through the process they should have been leading their client through. Here is a summation of the process:

  1. Find out what result your client wants
  2. Check you can facilitate your client to that result
  3. Discover how much value your client places on this result
  4. Check you are charging them less than the value they place on the result
  5. Present your solutions in the best possible light comparing the price against the value

If you take this out of a sales context you can use this concept in almost any situation. If you started finding out what people want and contract people to do things for you as you help them achieve their goals you can trust me that you will win friends, influence people and be exceptionally successful. If that is something you are interested in then the Advanced Persuasion Patterns programme is a great place to start looking.


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