Covert Hypnosis, 3 trance phrases and how to use them

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Imagine the possibilities of being able to talk people quickly into trance. You might suddenly find yourself persuading people to your point of view automatically. If you were to find a simple way of doing this how much more persuasive would you be?

Three NLP Language Pattern Phrases and How to Use Them

In this article we will examine three simple phrases that are designed to quickly create hypnotic language. Consider the applications and situations you would find this useful. If you were to think about this, you might notice that you will have much greater persuasive skills. If this is something you consider useful I invite you to notice as you are reading this article  how simple it is to create persuasive trance conversations.

What is trance?

Before you learn these simple phrases we must briefly discuss what trance actually is. My simplified definition of trance is that it is just a state of consciousness. In a persuasion context, my job is to take you from whatever state you are in and place you in the state that I would like you to be in. The three phrases we will look at below set up the conversation to do exactly that.

If you were to use these phrases in your everyday conversations you would instantly find yourself becoming more persuasive. Each of these phrases are calculated to move people into a different state of consciousness as well as covertly embed commands. Think about the possibilities that open up for you if you were to use simple embedded commands all the time.

1. Imagine the possibilities

The word “imagine” is a trance phrase all on its own. As soon as you ask someone to imagine something you are altering their state of consciousness. This is because they have to go inside and imagine whatever it is that you’ve asked them to imagine. So if I were to say to you, “Imagine using persuasive phrases as part of your natural language,” you would have to start thinking about how you would be acting when using persuasive phrases. Consider how much more powerful this would be if I had said, “Imagine the result you will get when you have learnt to slip this phrase into your normal conversation.”

There are several other words that do a similar job, but the most powerful is “imagine”. Using this word is very simple all you have to do is use it as a command with people. Here are a couple of examples:

Sales – “As we talk through the benefits just imagine how much money you would make by using this product.”

Training – “Here are a list of the specific skills we will learn on this course. Imagine what you will be like tomorrow when you have put these into place with your teams .”

2. Find yourself using trance phrases naturally

Notice what happens when you start thinking about the benefits of using covert hypnosis automatically. You might find yourself going off into a dream world where you can just imagine  you are using these phrases to become more persuasive.

The phrase” find yourself”f is another one that can be used easily to take people into a trance. This phrase used in this context presupposes that you have no conscious control, you just find yourself doing something different. As you  read that sentence again  find yourself thinking about how many different ways you can use that phrase. Here are a couple of examples:

Parenting – Sit down and start concentrating on your homework and you will suddenly find yourself finishing it really quickly. Imagine how good you will feel when you have it all done.

Dating – When (If, for those that don’t take a bold approach) you consider going out on a date with me you might suddenly find yourself thinking about how much fun it will be.

3. If you were to  get results  would you  use these phrases all the time?

“If you were to,” is a great phrase to build distance for a direct command. There are two embeded commands in the subtitle above. Did you get them?

With this phrase you are not actually telling people what to do but just being hypothetical. This means that you can give people direct commands without them noticing. You can use this phrase to wrap around anything that you want people to do and then displace resistance by asking a question. Here is an example:

Imagine if you were to  use these phrases  can you  see yourself already becoming more persuasive? I don’t know if I have this right and you can  imagine a more persuasive you or if you have to  go practice  before you suddenly find yourself naturally  using these patterns.

Combination of trance phrases

You might have already noticed that I am using these phrases in combination. And that is a great thing to notice because it means that you already recognising that the power of these phrases comes from using them in combination. Here is another example:

Consider the possibilities as you imagine just what it would be likeusing  simple trance phrases in your everyday conversation. You might not already see yourself using these things fluently but if you were to  imagine just that  I guess you would suddenly  find yourself using the skills to become more persuasive very soon.

Find out More

Is this all there is to it? Actually no, an important point is tone, inflection and emphasis. When you read through the article again you will start to notice some of the places I have used italics and double spaces to embed the commands. When speaking you have to use tone and inflection to mark out your commands.

Embedded commands and trance phrases are often considered complex subjects. The reality is there is a hidden simplicity in being able to construct these phrases and to be able to use them in both spoken and written language. When you get the idea you will  automatically  start creating phrases and embedding commands to the point where it is difficult to turn them off. If you would like to be able to do that then you can learn the skills as part of the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Program. This course not only covers trance language and embedded commands but is one of the most comprehensive courses in hypnotic persuasion techniques.

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