Hypnotic Future Pace in Real Life

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What would you do if you could get people to imagine feeling good about doing the things that you want them to do? This article will show you how you can do that easily. 

The Future hasn’t Happened Yet so Let’s Make it a Good One


I recently received an email from Barry (name changed for anonymity) that will demonstrate this idea of a hypnotic future pace. But before we look at that email let’s just spend a few minutes discussing what a future pace is and why it is useful.

Imagine you had the skill to get people to look beyond their current situation, see the results of having overcome a particular issue and are living the benefits of the results. Here are a few applications:

  • In a job interview getting the recruiter to imagine you being successful in the role
  • As a trainer getting your delegates to imagine the results of successfully using the skills you are teaching
  • A sales professional might take a prospect beyond the objections to the returns from using the product

I once ran a self hypnosis weekend workshop where I started with a hypnotic future pace. I put the delegates nicely in to trance and got them to imagine leaving at the end of the second day packed full of skills having had great fun and knowing they were going to have a great time using their new skills. When I brought them out of trance two people tried to leave. They had done such a good job with their imagination that they thought they were at the end of the course instead of the beginning. I tired to charge them double on the basis that they were going through the course twice but sadly my conscience kicked in.

Hypnotising Hypnotists and Training Trances

Some hypnotists like to imagine themselves having great and complex skills. The reality is some hypnotists have great skills at applying their material and a lot of that material is easy to use. By the end of this article you will have understand the basics of how you have been using hypnotic future pacing most of your life…and more importantly how you can get others to do the same. Since this is a powerful and useful skill, before we move on give a little thought to what situations you would like to use this in and the results you will get when you have mastered it.

My straightforward way of doing this is to imagine the end result that I want my subject to be thinking about. I then just work out what question, statement or thought I have to give my subject to get them there. You may not have already grasped the idea yet but that is only because we have not yet tied it down with a concrete example. Imagine you have that example (we will look at one below anyway) and you are now ready to practice this skill.

With that in mind here is the email I received and my response:

Subject: Hypnotic Future Pace for Job Interviews
Date: Monday 13:00
From: Barry

Hi Rintu,

 …[Deleted for clarity]…

BTW, I am preparing for an interview for a job. One of my ending questions is stuffed to the rim with embedded commands. It goes like this:

“Imagine this… I am doing the perfect job…

You might even already see the smile on the CEO’s face.

Maybe you hear in your imagination the compliment from end-users because you make the right choice by employing me.

You feel good… with me… in this job.

What do I do while I work in this position to make this happen?”

 Comments are welcome…


You can see that Barry has the idea. But for me this is a little too blatant. So this was my response:

Hi Barry,

 Nice idea and it is a little too much. Makes it shorter and more natural. My version would be something like:

“Imagine a year down the line and I am doing a great job <pause, cheeky smile> perhaps you are getting all the credit for making a good hiring decision, If I were doing so well that the CEO, our customers and my boss are all grinning about the results I am creating for them, what exactly can you see me doing that will create that?”

Hope that makes sense.

Finding Out More

The NLP CV Writing and Interview Skills Course will give you lots of ideas on how to control the interview, give them answers that force them to see you as the perfect candidate and future pace the recruiters in to imagining you doing the perfect job. Click through and find out more here:


If you want to know more about how you can use embedded commands, future pacing and hypnotic language in a wider setting then have a look at this course.


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