Getting Real Results using NLP Techniques

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Have you noticed just how much NLP stuff that is out there that is high level theoretical junk that is difficult to apply? This article is about just how easy it is to get really solid results from NLP persuasion techniques when you ground it down to a direct application. Here is the story of John and how he got some fantastic results even when dealing with adversity.

The True Meaning of Personal Development

I’ve met many personal development course junkies that keep going on courses like it is some kind of holiday but their lives never seem to change. Take this the right way I love going on courses, but I also expect to take the skills and information and apply them to something.

The following is an email I received the other day from “John”. I’ve obscured some of the details so his company, past and present can’t find out who he is. I love what John has done here because he has, in the face of adversity, taken some really simple ideas and run with them. As a result he has dramatically changed his life. Have a look at what John says and see how you feel about his change.

From: John
Sent: 06 April 10:10
To: Rintu
Subject: Persuasion Skills Achievement

Dear Rintu,

My name is John and I thought I would let you know about my persuasion experiences since I joined your (advanced persuasion patterns) course in December.

But first let me paint you a picture of how I ended up doing your course and the benefits I have already experienced since joining.

I work in research carrying out experiments in relation to (deleted for anonymity) for a well-known university and in October my life was turned upside down by the announcement that due to government funding being withdrawn I would be losing my job after a 3 month notice period. I think you will agree that any news relating to job cuts is never a good thing to hear, especially as my redundancy would happen during the Christmas period.

So I decided to update my CV and  I thought it wasn’t the best since I have no idea of how to ‘bum’ myself up (so to speak), and this is when I discovered about NLP which is how I discovered your book Job Persuasion skills. So I thought, well, NLP can do no harm as I have had not the best ‘luck’ with my CV in the past and so I bought the Job Persuasion skills book and duly digested and  followed the exercises and information provided within the book.

I followed the CV writing section to the letter, but to be honest, in my haste to remedy my impending bad situation, I only read to the CV section and sent my CV away to two companies with the hope that I might (and that is a pretty big might) hear back from one of the companies saying thanks but no thanks, let me say that this has been a pretty regular occurrence with my CV applications. You know, spending all that time and effort, building yourself up to applying and spending vast amounts of time trying to make the CV look and sound like you are the candidate to employ, ending with no response, which leaves you feeling rejected and a total failure for being so stupid to think that you might be worth at least a chat on the telephone.

Well enough of the self-pity, two weeks passed and I received nothing and by this time I had worked my way through the book, then something really amazing happened which I was totally unprepared for and something that I have never ever experienced in my working life….EVER, I not only got a reply from both the companies I wrote to, I secured not one but two interviews and have at the time of writing a third interview and three job offers to choose from, two offers of which are considerably better than that of my current salary, with better longer term prospects.

However this is not the end of the story, I also joined the advanced persuasion patterns course and I applied three techniques taught on the course and used them on the HR department (the three techniques I used were the building rapport, the redefine and agreement pattern). I only practised the three patterns for 1 week prior to having a meeting with the HR department and instead of losing my job, I have gained an extra six months employment from my current employers which has given me “breathing space” from an almost certain dole queue.

Rintu, what can I say, I am so astounded by the results of applying the techniques from your book and course, the information I have used has not only given me real options but has also saved me from certain financial hardship.

I look forward to applying yet more techniques and continue practicing the ones I have discovered, I can’t thank you enough for producing such a fantastic course, the materials should be made illegal, just because they work so well so fast.

Very best regards,

Persuasion Newbie,


Personal Development for Real

When you find yourself doing great things you start to recognise more of what you are capable of and expect more from yourself. But this really only happens when you are prepared to stop navel gazing and start doing.

I think the biggest thing John has got is nothing to do with what he has achieved and everything to do with a shift in his perception as a result of what he has achieved. As a result I would say he has completely changed his world and that is what I would call real personal development.

If you would like to quickly, easily and dramatically change your world here is a link to the same course as John is studying. And please note you are responsible for your results, so take your learning out into the real world and do something with it.

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