NLP Modelling, Finding a Role Model of Excellence

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Wouldn’t you be impressed if you knew you had the ability to spring back from any disaster, however bad?  If you knew inside yourself however bad the situation got you could always come back and improve. 

NLP Model of Success, Tom Paterson

This is the story of a man that can do just that and even better can show you how.

NLP Basics

The foundations of NLP are about creating models of success.  The big thing is finding role models that would allow you to create success.  This could be anything from a very small slice of behaviour such as a sales person who is exceptionally good at opening a sales conversation.  A more powerful direction might be about finding people that truly live their lives in an exceptional way and getting to understand how they do that.

Imagine a situation where you can find, sit down and talk to a true role model of success.  Then look at exactly how it is they run their brains to create that success.  How about then being able to take that information and install it in yourself and others.  This is what NLP is really about.

NLP Leadership and Role Modelling

littletomLet me tell you about an individual I consider a true role model of success.  Tom Paterson, I believe is a true hero, a real inspiration and someone we can all learn a lot from.  He is an excellent NLPer and whenever the opportunity permits I ask Tom to sit in on my NLP Practitioner Courses so my graduates can learn from him.  This is part of his story and what I think you can learn from him.

A few years ago Tom was in a serious car crash, or had a little bump as he now defines it.  He suffered broken ribs, a head injury and was in a coma to six weeks.  When he woke he found that his speech was poor and he was told he would never walk properly again.  Not willing to accept this, 10 months later Tom was walking again and several years later he has come back to a passion of his public speaking.  True he doesn’t quite sound the way he used to and sometimes for a joke he tells people he is from Iceland and that is where the accent is from.

If you think this was trouble enough then think again.  After such a serious injury Tom was unable to return to his former occupation as a training director.  He lost his house, his wife and could no longer drive. He had to find new purpose, new goals and direction in life.

Using NLP to Succeed through Adversity

Tom has acquired the skills and experience and knowledge to start his own business as an coach, therapist and trainer. He has a new flat, has relearned to drive, goes on hiking holidays is using NLP Flirting Techniques for new relationships and has done this all after he was told he would never walk again.

Using NLP Techniques to Run Your Thoughts

I first met Tom when he attended an NLP Practitioner Course that I was co-running.  Since that time we have become firm friends, I occasionally helping with business advice and support the NLP elements of his work whilst he provides me a constant source of inspiration about what people are truly capable of.  Particularly when using the power of tools such as NLP.

Tom has used NLP under the most difficult of circumstances and risen to the biggest challenges.  He is a living testament to how much can be achieved through this technology.  Here are a few of the things that I have learned from Tom.

Learning from Real NLP Heroes

Tom has this incredible ability to stay positive under any circumstances.  One of the ways I think Tom does this is by continually looking at the end result and what that would do for him.  I believe he has an unshakeable faith that tells him he will reach there and all he has to do is keep moving in the right direction.

Learning is a great thing for Tom.  I met Tom when he attended an NLP practitioner course.  One of his big aims to that course was to learn how to manage his thoughts and his mind in a more productive way.  He made sure through his questions, active participation and pestering of the trainers that he got exactly what he needed.  Over the years I have seen Tom obtain qualifications in various complementary therapies, coaching techniques and he regularly practices Tai Chi .  He is currently learning huge amounts about business and marketing.  He attends, when he can, a NLP practice group and is always eager to help me out with any training courses that I am running.

I often give Tom the opportunity to speak to my delegates because he has so much to offer and I can coach and mentor him in training and public speaking.  Tom is always eager for new learning opportunities.

Something else I have noticed about Tom is his very generous heart and genuinely wanting others to succeed.  Part of Tom’s purpose in life is to help others and he knows this.  I believe part of what makes Tom is so successful despite the setbacks he has had is all about the fact that he lives for his purpose in life.

I haven’t yet started talking about Tom’s sense of humour or his creativity, both of which have a significant impact. Nor have I mentioned his two sons or the passion he has for life generally. All of these things have a big impact. If Tom is willing we will do some explicit modelling for how he runs his mind.

NLP Coaching from Tom

Tom is a very unique, special individual that I’ve learnt a lot from.  He is a living testament to the power of NLP Techniques.  As an NLP coach I believe Tom is one of the best in the world simply because he already has the structures to make a great success out of any challenge and has that totally integrated into his own life.

If you would like the ability to be able to model exceptional individuals like Tom and then to be able to install your findings into yourself or others than a NLP Practitioner Course is the first steps to learning these skills.

4 Comments on “NLP Modelling, Finding a Role Model of Excellence”

  1. Rintu Basu

    Thanks for saying, I agree with you and if we are talking about tangential ways of learning the original Karate Kid (probably the remake as well but as of writing I have not seen it yet) has some great ideas about accelerated learning that you can apply to any field of learning.


  2. Rintu Basu

    Thanks for saying Tom,
    I would like to think I am good at both the language end of NLP and Training but the reality is what I think is not the issue. The issue is what my audience thinks, so it is nice to know someone like yourself appreicates what I do.

  3. Tom Paterson

    I learned lots from Rintu and seeing myself from his eyes, has brought on my training and language skills which is his specialty. He has great skill in directing the most suitable NLP technique to use on specific situations. How trance has greatly helped me with athletics, study and exams, my career in coaching, client’s health difficulties and dating.
    My business has taken off with determination and visions of great clarity. Thanks Rintu

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