The One NLP Technique that lets you win EVERY Time

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You might find the head line a bit fanciful and I would suggest that the idea that we will discuss in this article will work every time and in every situation. I will suggest that sometimes it is not easy to do. But imagine having a technique that lets you win just one percent more than you normally do just how different would your life be. If you have not already got the idea I think this is the most powerful concept NLP.

Getting the Edge

Some poker players have a very mathematical way of playing the game. They work the probabilities and they will make the bet every time so long as they have an edge. In the long game they will always win. Here is a simple version of what I mean:

Let’s say we bet on a coin flip, so we both have a 50% chance of winning. But let us also say that somehow you have got me to agree that every time I win you will pay me £1.00 but every time you win I will pay you £1.01. Over time we will both win and lose the same amount of times, but over time you will become considerably richer I would become considerably poorer. A poker player works on the same basis and looks for that edge on each play. So long as you can do this correctly over time you will always eventually win. You may not win every hand, the rules of probability won’t allow that, but in the long game you will always come out ahead.

The concept I am about to share with you gives you that edge over life, the universe and everything. I am even going to show you examples demonstrating how people are putting this into action and winning in the most fun and fraught ways. But take this the right way though you will see in one of these videos that the game being played was dangerous to the point where people were possibly going to be murdered. The man using this strategy was exceptionally brave and I don’t know if I would have had the courage to have done the things you will hear about in the video.

NLP Presuppositions – Behavioural Flexibility is the Key

Dependant on the whims of your NLP Trainer there are a random number between nine and sixteen presuppositions of NLP. At least I have not seen any more or any less. If anyone has please feel free to leave a comment about their “find” with someone that cares. One presupposition that is usually quoted is something like, “The person with the most flexibility in the system has the most influence.” This idea will give you an edge each and every time. And that means over time you will get what you want. All you need to do is learn to develop the concept.

So far all we have done is look at this conceptually so let us ground this into the real world and look at a few examples:

Deep Meaningless Sex

When I was at university I met a guy who seemed to be able to pick up women non-stop. He was the king of the one night stand and being young, packed full of teenaged angst and hormones I desperately wanted to know how he did it. Eventually I asked him and he said that he just walks up to women and very politely he just tells them that he finds them attractive and would they like no strings attached sex tonight. I was amazed. He told me he occasionally got slapped or a drink poured over him, most of the time he got a no, but EVERY night he eventually got a yes. As I have gotten older I have found lots of ideas and strategies that make this approach much more successful but even at this level this guy had the gumption to just do what no one else would and he was getting the results he wanted.

The Heart of Religion

A person very close to me has a great frame on her religion, Hinduism. Her basic idea is that people should be the best they can be at whatever they are doing. And if they fulfil that criteria then they are being a good Hindu. So, for example you are fully immersed reading this article, understanding concepts and working out how you are going to use these ideas. This would make you, in the moment a good article reading Hindu. It would not matter what your beliefs and faiths are. If you are adamant that you are an atheist, this would just make you a good Hindu atheist.

Perhaps you can imagine the fun and jolly japes that happen when the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses or any other religious conversation brigade came to the door. My friend would be one of the only people in the neighbourhood that would invite them in. She didn’t actually try to convert them to Hinduism as in her eyes they already were and because they had such strong faith they were very good practicing Hindus. They just practised their Hinduism in a Mormon / Jehovah’s Witness / Christian way.

She would listen to them, ask questions, point out the connections with the Hindu faith and how they are being great Hindus. She would take on their religious observances and point out that she does them as a practicing Hindu. She would bless them for trying to save her soul. She tell them they will be reincarnated into a higher plane for their actions and that they may well consider this heaven. And as they became better Hindu Mormons that they will discover heaven on earth and quote passages from the bible alluding to that concept. She would let them know the more strongly they held to their religious faith, the solidly they held to their Christian beliefs the better a Hindu they were becoming.

It didn’t matter what anyone would say my friend had a bigger Hindu frame to place round it. I was amazed with just how often people entered her house with an agenda and left wanting to explore more about the Hindu faith.

Avoiding People Talking to You

Here is one young woman that has really got this behavioural flexibility thing totally worked out. As soon as you see her technique you know it will work in hundreds of different circumstances.

One Man Fights the Klan with Love and Wins

This video is an amazing story. This is the ultimate in behavioural flexibility. I had never heard of the Reverend Wade Watts until I saw this video and now that I have he has become a real inspiration for me. This is an incredibly powerful example of what you can do when you have the behavioural flexibility.

Developing the Attitude

One thing I think helps developing behavioural flexibility is in any given situation asking yourself, “How else can I interpret this situation?” If you spend a few minutes daily reframing what people say, finding alternative meanings and interpretations to situations you will suddenly find yourself doing this as a natural ability. From there your behavioural flexibility is just based on how prepared you are to use these alternative frames.

On the Advance Persuasion Patterns Programme I show you the exact process you can use to install a persuasive personality that has the authority, the agility, humour and skill to use spur of the moment behavioural flexibility. And I also give you detail instruction on how you can do this for yourself and for others. You can  find out more when you  click through the picture below:


8 Comments on “The One NLP Technique that lets you win EVERY Time”

  1. rick

    Rintu,i always love your simple to the point examples,none more so than your Red traffic light example with the police.Life is about persuasion and exaggeration.Sort those 2 things and you win

  2. Chris Orr

    I know this will sound quite crass and shallow but I’m sure I’m not the only guy who is a little intrigued with the concept of a more successful strategy for asking a girl for no strings attached sex. I mean one can only imagine the possibilities of being able to frame such a proposition so as to make her not only feel happy you would ask but also to have her feel like it was a win for her if she were to accept the offer. I’m sure many of us would like to hear more about this in a future article.

    1. Rintu Basu

      Okay Chris,

      I will see what I can do and for the moment try some stuff out and see what results you get. Often the act of just trying stuff out is enough to not only get results but to start refining your own technique.

    1. Rintu Basu

      Well they found their way into the book. I have had several new stories about pattern interupts (not mine, just told to me) that were really funny, so perhaps there is an article in the making here.

  3. Rintu Basu

    You have just reminded me of all the fun I used to have with this sort of thing. Right from, “I know how uniquely difficult your problem is because this is the third one I’ve dealt with this week.” All the way to, “I respect that it is a complex problem but it is also a Burgers and Babylon 5 night so can we just talk about the one simple issue that blows all the other stuff out?”

    And my personal favourite, “Yes I know how hard this is going to be. It took me almost 15 minutes to blow this problem out for myself. I never take that long to deal with an issue. That is why I am prepared to work for the full ninety minutes with you. That is how seriously we are going to have to take it. I hope you are prepared to work that hard to let this problem go as I am not sure you really have the gravitas of the situation yet. Are you prepared to let it go?”

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