The Secret Sauce that Magnifies the Power of any NLP Technique

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Yesterday I gave you an article about a powerful self coaching concept. In the article today we will examine what else you need to make that concept create dramatic results with others.

To get the best from this article you may want to read the previous connected article if you have not done so already. The previous article was about a one sentence self coaching concept that often leads to great results along with one woman’s personal account of how she let go of some horrible stuff she had kept for three years in just a few seconds of using the technique. You can click through and read the article here: 

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Can I let you in to a secret?

This pattern doesn’t always work straight away. Sometimes people need a little more help. But for at least ten years I have been using tweaked and tested versions of this on hundreds, possibly thousands of people in impromptu situations.

It doesn’t always work but it works often enough for me to have almost completely destroyed my coaching business. What happened was I went through a phase of using that pattern and some stuff that super powers the phrase. I will get to it in a moment. But I was on the phone with a prospective client discussing my coaching service. And the vast majority of them would have the problem blown out before we had even got close to booking a coaching session.

There is one little thing that we have not discussed properly yet that makes this pattern really work. And that is the preframes that exist before you use the pattern. My worst case scenario for example, would be someone that believes that words are just words and that they don’t have any impact on your feelings or beliefs.

Imagine coaching someone like that…if they had had that pre-existing belief then talking them out of that would have to happen before you could use an intervention based on a language pattern.

Another example might be someone that has a belief that what is in their memory is fixed, immutable and that they can’t change how they fell about it. I guess you can already see how my pattern intervention wouldn’t work in that situation and you would have to change the belief before the intervention.

But Here is the Clever Thing

Most people’s beliefs are quite malleable, especially when they are not thinking directly about them. For example you probably believe in gravity. But unless brought up in conversation or you fell off something you probably don’t think about it much. If I were to argue directly about it I imagine you would resist changing your views about gravity.

But if I were to engage you in a discussion about something else that paced a different explanation about gravity I’m in with a chance of changing your views before you even think about challenging.

Luckily most of the beliefs I am challenging are not so fantastically held with huge amounts of evidence like a belief in gravity. And often people don’t know consciously that they have them. So for example the person that doesn’t think their beliefs can be changed probably doesn’t even know that they have this running. And I get better opportunities to get them to change it, override it with something more useful or just letting it go before they realise it exists. Then I am in with a chance with my intervention.

So when people phone up and ask about my coaching service in the guise of asking them some questions I load them up with several trance inductions that preframe an empowering solution fire off a few language patterns of the sort we have just discussed bring them back out of trance and ask them what the problem was (note the tense of that question?).

Mostly they would go silent for a bit and then tell me that the issue doesn’t seem to have been as large as they had thought and perhaps they didn’t need coaching / hypnotherapy / counselling or whatever it was that they phoned for in the first place.

Preframes the Ultimate NLP Tool

Over the years I have refined and practised these preframes, developed them in to covert trance inductions and learned many tips and tricks to be able to install them. I have frames for installing empowering beliefs, creating authority getting your clients to be more responsive to your suggestions whether that is selling your services or for fast change work.

If you would like to see my favourite ones demonstrated and deconstructed in front of a live audience I am having a limited release of Trancey Coaching Conversations in the next few days. This programme contains all of my favourite inductions and preframes as well as demonstrations of how I deliver them. Keep your eyes on the website as it will be out in a few days and only for a small time.

 An Authority Preframe 

In the meantime though my publisher at 7pm BST this Tuesday (21st Oct) is co-hosting a webinar on creating authority status.

“In this fast-paced, 30-minute masterclass Joe Gregory and Nial Adams will lift the lid on what it takes to make your intangible expertise tangible, build a cult-like following, raise your fees, convert more sales and be known as a credible expert.”

It is completely free and you can book right here:


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