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This is really two questions in one. The first is why train in NLP and the second is why go on one of our NLP training courses. There are a lot of good articles on what NLP is and why people should train in it. To really know how a course would benefit you I would need to know something about your needs – so further down you will find a variety of applications and how NLP best benefits each.

Finding the Right NLP Trainer

With that in mind I am just going to focus on what makes what makes my NLP Practitioner Course unique.

The reality is that you should find a trainer that you have good rapport with and matches your learning style and your needs. I don’t suit everyone. The philosophy behind my courses is about attracting customers that are intelligent, ambitious and want results unreasonably fast. We have a lot of fun on our courses and expect people to leave packed full of the warm, fuzzy feel good factor you get from most courses but this is all secondary to the following questions:

  • Can I get the results I want?
  • Can I get results faster and with less effort than before?
  • Am I prepared to do what it takes?
  • Do I have the knowledge, understanding and skills?

Our expectations are that you will finish the course answering yes to all of these questions.

If you have a vision of where you want to get to, can talk about the benefits you will get and can already feel good about knowing these skills will help you get there…then you would be a great candidate for my courses.

What Really Makes my Practitioner Course Different?

When you look around you will find lots of people talking about the power of NLP and why you should grab the opportunity to train in it. There are a lot of NLP Practitioner Courses that can easily give you a huge range of great tools. NLP content is great and has a massive amount of applications. The tools alone are worth studying.

But just because you now have a screwdriver, it doesn’t mean you know how to put up shelves.

How would you feel if you had been given some amazing machine that you know solves all your problems, but you didn’t have the manual to tell you how to use it?

NLP Applications

Having been involved with hundreds of standard NLP Courses I could see the problem. Some delegates would stumble onto some great answers for themselves, others would find themselves floundering with a huge amount of information and no understanding of how to use it.

That is why I have dedicated the last eleven years to developing a course that breaks the boundaries of traditional NLP and integrates it into specific applications — not just counselling and therapy.

“The first NLP Practitioner course I went on was fine, but it felt like a lot of tricks and effects that I had no use for. Going on Rintu’s Practitioner Course a few years later gave me a completely different perspective and I had direct applications that I could take and use straight away.”

Dave Ross
SEO Scotland

For example, you learnt your alphabet in school and later how to make up sentences and the rules of grammar. This means you have all the tools for creating a great piece of literature. But, until you learn the process of taking these great tools and using them as sentences and paragraphs all you have are some great tools. You then need to go into perfecting the craft of writing to reach the hearts and minds of your readers. This is both an art and a science. You need the structure, the process to pour your talent in to…

…to learn to put up shelves you need a little more than to be given a screwdriver.

I have dedicated years of my life to developing the one course that goes beyond the bounds of a standard NLP and delivers not only the range of great tools that NLP has to offer but also gives you the process, methodology and framework to use these tools in a way that is more powerful than you can probably imagine.

NLP Course Content

Reading People

With groups or individuals you will notice the small unconscious movements and changes they go through as they are thinking. Having this deep insight allows you to predict their behaviour and move them in the direction of your outcomes.

Building Relationships

Create charisma patterns that will get people to automatically accept you as a leader. Using verbal and nonverbal behaviour that will automatically develop feelings of liking, trust and rapport. How well will you get your message across if you are seen as a huge charismatic leader?

Conversation Management

Having three different ways to capture and lead the imagination so people are begging to hear more. The key to embedding hypnotic commands into your language that then leads them to deciding in your favour.

Psychological Influence

The six psychological influencing patterns that, if you use them, will drive individuals and groups to your goals bypassing all objections. How to build states of compulsion and desire in any individual or group.

Hypnotic Learning

Learn the secret to embedding new habits deep into your mind quickly and easily. The route to mastering any new skill without the usual blood, sweat and tears of the standard learning curve. For example you will leave the course being able to read at least twice as fast as your current rate and with a little practice could increase that up to five times.

Hypnotic Language

What every master hypnotist knows about speaking directly to your unconscious mind avoiding all critical faculties and any conscious resistance. All this without having to use the word Sleep, swing a watch on a chain at anyone or even get them to look into your eyes.

Presupositional Questioning

Not only the questions but the process of asking them that will blow out unhelpful beliefs, stuck ways of thinking and allow you to gain you deep insights into how people think.

If you could ask questions that always drive you towards the decisions you want people to make; how many different ways could you use that in your life?

Emotion Control

How to stay calm, focused and relaxed no matter what is going on around you.

Think about your nightmare scenario at work. Then imagine that despite this happening – you stayed calm, focused and got the result. This is about developing the skill of getting results even though everything seems to be going wrong. How empowered will you feel when you have developed this skill?

Mind Management

Three different ways of installing empowering beliefs into yourself and others. How to conversationally destroy negative habits, thoughts and emotions.

Would you be interested in being able to conversationally change the beliefs of the people around you? Imagine blowing out negative and unhelpful beliefs to ones that support and create the results that you want?

I don’t know how much value you are putting on a course like this, but any good NLP Practitioner Course will give you this.

“Hi Rintu,

Just thought I would drop you a line about something amazing that has just happened to me.

 As you know I loved every minute of the course and had a great time. It was only a couple of days later that I started review all the material. When I looked through your marketing literature I was astounded to discover that everything you promised you delivered.

I went through it point by point realising you had not only delivered it all but that I could remember each point specifically. And then I suddenly realised that actually you have gone way beyond the basics. I don’t just fire off language patterns I have a process I use automatically where I look for patterns and reflect back …(technical content edited)

Finally, already reading at almost 1000 words a minute before going on the course I really didn’t think I could get much faster…but I checked this morning and I now read at 2500 naturally and can get even faster if I want to read at pace.

Thanks for an excellent course.

John Middleton
Project Manager


These are all tools that I would expect to see on any standard NLP Practitioner Course. If you have a look on the web and manage to wade through all the jargon and waffle you will find that some practitioner courses state they give you these tools specifically. But as you already know having a screwdriver doesn’t mean you can put up shelves.

The key here is not just learning the tools but how to use them in a fluent, flexible process that means you are always driving toward your outcomes.

Some people when they read through a list of skills like this start to worry about how they are going to learn, assimilate and integrate it all. And then panic because we are offering even more than just this list of skills.

Integrating NLP Skills

The course that you attend should not only teach you these skills but integrated them on an unconscious level and then show you the processes to use them to create great results. In blunt terms, give you a screwdriver, make sure you can use it, give you the step by step instruction on how to put up shelves and finally the thought processes to go and do even greater things.

“…my level of confidence and ‘can do attitude’ towards accelerating my business has significantly increased. This is due to you helping me internalize belief in my abilities as a coach and the extra edge NLP gives me…”


David Pike,
Executive Coach
First Eclipse


That would be a course worth going on, wouldn’t it? That is the course that has taken me years to design, develop and refine.

My philosophy is I want to give you more than just a screwdriver…

As you are probably starting to suspect, this is an expensive course both in terms of time and money. Therefore I want you to be totally confident that you will get back at least a minimum of ten times your investment.

Consider the results you are looking for and work out how much value you place on those results. Before you decide to book on my course I would suggest that you have a look at some of the other NLP companies on the internet. It only makes sense to book the one course that really meets your needs.

Have a look at course outcomes and the content and compare it against the results you are looking for. Only when you have fully decided that this is the one course that will meet your needs would you want to make contact. Feel free to phone or email to clarify any points before booking.

We ran one NLP Practitioner Course last year. So far there is only one course this year. I want this to be an exclusive and rare event so I don’t plan to do many. So once you have decided that you want this course click through, get the detail and book now.






PS: You can get more detail about the course here.

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