Part 2 Using Imagination for Accelerated Learning

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This is a continuation of an article about role models, imagination and accelerated learning. If you have not seen the first part you can click through and read it here. It is worth having a read of the initial article , it will make more sense when reading this one and it has fighter pilots, artificial legs and Colditz in it.

We spend a lot of our time as children responding to role models. It is a valuable part of the learning experience and it serves us well. For many people, including myself, real people make the best role models. But they don’t realise that real people are only as real as your imagination of them. I found that out when I met the real Douglas Bader.

Reality is Only What You Think it is

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It was only after years of studying that I discovered that all of our models are fiction. I have an image in my head of my heroes and role models. That is what I respond to, not what they really are. If you follow this to its logical extreme you could construct entirely fictional role models and use them in a modelling process.

Let me give you a simple idea of how this works. One of the things I used to do as a child when faced with a decision would be to compare myself to one of my role models and ask myself what would they say or do under the circumstances.

What Would Douglas Do?

baderSo for a Douglas Bader example many times when I was faced by what looked like an overwhelmingly aggressive encounter with a bully I would think to myself how would Bader respond in these circumstances? And then that is what I would do.

The young me was thinking I was thinking through how the real Douglas Bader would react not realising that all I was doing was thinking through how the imaginary Douglas Bader that lived in my head would react.

Once you have this basic idea of how our role models work you can start to construct some fascinating models to live in your head and help you with life, the universe and everything. Here is an example with some of the pitfalls, traps and also the startling benefits of this approach to modelling.

Making a Start Up Business Success

I think probably everyone that is interested in making money would love to have what Richard Branson has in his head. Now the technical aspects of what he does is extremely valuable and the only way you can get those is to learn them either through experience or some course of study.

But often the issue isn’t the technical issues but how you relate to them that makes the difference. Richard Branson doesn’t do anything that is big, clever or not known. It is easy to see the strategies he uses and how he structures his business. Anyone can do this sort of thing.

The Big Question

The real issue is this question, “If it is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

And the answer to that lies with the bits inside Richard Branson’s head that you can’t see that easily. It is everything to do with his relationship to the technical stuff, or even his relationship to gaining the experience or studying the technical stuff.

But, even if you could find out what this relationship stuff is you still have a problem. How Branson relates to this material is not the same and nor would it have the same impact on you as it does him.

I found the real Douglas Bader a grumpy arrogant pig headed stubborn and faintly bigotted (to be fair he was not having a good day and the thought of meeting a bunch of teenaged boys who in the main didn’t know who he was and were likely to try and steal his legs probably didn’t help his mood).

If you think about it this is exactly the type of personality that could create the astounding results that he created in his life. But in my head he was the fictionalised film version that was working from inner strength, a clear sense of knowing right from wrong and standing in harm’s way to defend those that need the help.

pills blue or redThe Red or the Blue Pill?

My version of Bader is entirely made up in my head based on the film version of him and yet it informed me of many of the decisions I made based upon it. Would I have ever have created the same results as the real version? Who knows, but what I can say is my fictionalised version of him would get me results whereas the real version I would more likely fight tooth and nail with.

Real is Only as Real as You Decide

Please note neither my “fictional” version or my “real” version of Douglas Bader is real, they both only live as constructs in my head. And this is the key point. If all the models you use are made up in your head would it be a great idea to make up some that can make a dramatic difference to your life? If this sound like a good idea then feel free to:

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