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I recently recorded a video training two NLP Master Practitioners on various techniques from The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Exclusive Persuasion Skills Video Competition

It contains me overtly and covertly demonstrating many techniques as well as explaining some key distinctions, patterns and ways of making NLP Language Patterns work. You can see the beginning of this video on my You Tube with other Persuasion Techniques.

I am still editing the video at the moment and once it is complete it will be a bonus product for those people that have subscribed to the Advanced Persuasion Patterns programme. The only other way of getting hold of a copy of this video is to win the competition below.

Persuasion Techniques in a Sales Environment

I have been sent a brilliant email from Julian. This email demonstrates how Julian got a great result and demonstrates lots of ideas, concepts and patterns from The Persuasion Skills Black Book. Here is the email in full:

Received: Friday 22nd May 10:09

From: Julian


Dear Rintu,

thank you so much for your book ‘Persuasion Skills black book’ ! I just called a prospect and tried the following. It worked out really well, the reaction of my prospect was very positive and I have the feeling that my chances to win the deal doubled because I followed some of your advice. I know that you are a busy man and would understand if you don’t have the time to answer to my mail but I have the feeling that I might be of use to you some time in the future. I’m wondering what I could have done better with the following lines. Maybe, this could serve as an example for others to analyse as well.

Here is what I said.

“You’ve seen us several times now and you’ve seen a live demo (pause) and up until now we were very flexible concerning the technical aspects and the price of the solution, is that true ? You are right that you might be able to get a better deal somewhere else and I suppose that you were mainly referring to the price of the solution BUT have you thought about how much better you will feel once you’ve taken a decision and your head will be free for other things?

Why do you think that X (our product) is the leader in Y ? (reaction) And why do you think they sold more X-solutions than any other company? (reaction) You might know that our competitor was recently sold to Z… (pause) and you also remember our local competitor who went bankrupt a few months ago ? What happens if company X will stop producing certain parts of the solution proposed to you by company Y ?

While we are talking to each other and it is no nice outside, I ask myself on this Friday which elements are missing to that you come to the conclusion that X is the right solution for you ?

: ) Amazing stuff, did I do this right ? I really felt like I lead the conversation in my favour. And when he told me that in deed he is worried about the fact that the competitor was sold to another company I was really happy. He also agreed that we have been very flexible with our solution so far. Result: I got him nailed down for another appointment in one week from now.

Have a great day and thanks again for your practical advice,


Analysis of Persuasive Techniques in Action

There is so much in terms of patterns from The Persuasion Skills Black Book here that it deserves a good analysis. I originally set out to write it up myself but then realised that would not give you the opportunity to get the best learning from Julian’s skilful work.

As such the best analysis of Julian’s work will not only be published on this blog but the writer will win a free copy of the video once I have finished editing it. The closing date will be the end of June.

And in case anyone is wondering, of course Julian has won himself a copy of the video for doing such a brilliant job.

Just to kick start you on the analysis have a look at some John’s analysis of an email I sent that demonstrates many different persuasion techniques. You can see the analysis in full in The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

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