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The Persuasion Skills Black Book has been on sale for less than a month, but it is already generating a huge amount of feedback.

  Persuasive Techniques Feedback

You can read about the feedback on the support materials you get with the book here.

You can read more testimonials here.

Below is a sample of the emails I have received that allow me to comment and give you a few free Persuasion Hints and Tips.

From: Liu Yui Kai

Received: 7th Jan 2009

This is the only testimonial that I have ever written for material that I have bought through the internet. I love your e-book persuasion skills black book before I have gone through 1/4th of the book.

You are a real master. The first pattern actually means more than redefining is an extension/expansion of the mind or sleight of mouth. One has to know what one is really talking and thinking. The first 24 pages already worth the price of the whole book.

I love your book even more than those written by Joe Vitale (of course his books are brilliant).

The other thing being that I have no chance to meet you in person (I have been to Glasgow last year attaching to the Royal infirmary’s stroke unit). What a shame! I would go through the whole book again and again hoping that I would be a very persuasive physician.

Thank you for your good work.

Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Liu Yui is right when he says the first pattern is sleight of mouth pattern and I deliberately don’t give out the jargon in the book because the issue is not the label but the use you can put the pattern to.

This sleight of mouth pattern is an NLP Language Pattern that has the potential to drive belief changes, change people’s perceptions and potentially redefine your perceptions of reality. Of course it is the first pattern in the book so we just start by discovering how you can use it to change the direction of a conversation and thought process.

When Liu Yui reads the rest of the book he will find the pattern expanded along with many other patterns to include how to use them to change beliefs, perceptions and even sometimes ways of thinking.

From: Gareth

Received: 5th Jan 2009

Hey Rintu,

Just need to tell you about an incredible result yesterday. I bought your book last week and was doing the exercise about using the patterns on myself. There is a girl at work that used to frighten me a lot. I was using the patterns on myself to stop me acting like an idiot every time she came anywhere near me.

I went back to work yesterday and the first thing that happened was she came up and asked about my holidays. In the next few minutes I used hundreds of things from the book and asked her out on a date. I’m now taking her out for a meal on Friday night. The old me couldn’t have done that. Thanks, the book is brilliant.


Persuasion Techniques for Personal Development

The Persuasion Skills Black Book is a book of persuasion patterns for you to use with others. But what works on other people also works with you. So you can use all the patterns on yourself to motivate you, change your beliefs about yourself and develop in the ways you want to develop. The great thing about this is that whilst you are using these patterns in this way you are also learning and practicing these patterns. The end result is you get the types of results that Gareth is getting.

Being the nosey parker that I am I have asked Gareth for a field report on both the patterns he used to get the date and an update on Friday. I’ll pot the results up here.

From: James

Received: 6th Jan 2009


I read the whole book in one go. I am writing this because I want you to know it is the most entertaining and informative book I’ve ever read and I feel different for reading it. I feel like I can take on the world and want to crack on with playing with these patterns. I will seriously mess with heads of the people at work tomorrow.


How to Practice Dangerous Language Patterns

The patterns in The Persuasion Skills Black Book are incredibly powerful. For that reason there is a point that needs to be taken up with James’ email.

As a working rule of thumb I think it is important to have good intent for people and a desire to leave them in a better place than when you first started talking to them. I think this is good operating policy for life generally but think it should apply strongly when you are out practicing your language patterns.

I really think you should go out having fun when you practice patterns and check out how many strange and bizarre conversations you can get into, but leave people in a better place than you found them. That way they will want you to talk to them and you get even more practice.

Covert Persuasion

And finally, I’ve been caught out massively using covert language patterns. Here is the email.

Received: 4th Jan 2009

From: Carole

Hi Rintu,

I bought your book to read over Christmas and can’t say I have laughed so much at a book for a long time.

I have been a Master Prac of NLP for five years so many of the patterns and ideas I have seen before. What got me was the clever (and sometimes not so clever ways you covertly demonstrate all of the patterns several times before telling anyone what you are doing.

I went through the book three or four times just catching all the language you were using. I have to say I learnt a lot just from watching how you keep setting up each pattern before teaching it.

Thanks for a great read that has obviously been very skilfully put together.


The Hardest thing About Using NLP Language Patterns

The Persuasion Skills Black Book was over a year in the making and there are still revisions, updates and modifications to be made. One of the things I intended from the book was to make sure I demonstrated all the patterns overtly, covertly as well as practical situations and examples. This all adds up to building your familiarity and confidence with all of the patterns even before you read about it overtly.

When you start understanding and using language in this way you will never have a normal conversation again. The hardest thing you will have to contend with is not laughing out loud as you are shot gunning language patterns out in all directions.

Find out more about The Persuasion Skills Black Book here.

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